The 3 exceptional Ecency app features that I really love!

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A few days ago, I made a post about my strategy for earning Ecency points, and its utility of it, and I also gave some thoughts on how to use it well for any user's growth in the Hive ecosystem.

For today, I want to talk about the other features that made use of the Ecency app throughout my journey here in the Hive ecosystem.


In my opinion, the Ecency app has the best Notifications among all other frontends here in the Hive ecosystem. That applies to both the web app and the mobile app. It works well with other features like:

  • Favorite Authors
  • Hive Engine token transfers
  • HP Delegations
  • Bookmarks
  • and the usual Votes, Follow, Reblogs, & Replies

There's a lot going on with the notifications but the good thing is that you may customize the experience that you want to have while navigating through the notifications. You may modify your experience through the Settings button.

Here's what it show when you receive a Hive-Engine token:

The Ecency app notifications provides you a complete experience for your Hive & HE tokens at the same time.

Feel connected with everyone like Aquaman.



Recently, a massive improvement was made with the Ecency Mobile app; the Wallet has become customizable for the Hive-Engine tokens. HE tokens is a big part of our Hive experience and so putting such importance on the user experience is something the I really appreciate. Let's face it, there are probably hundreds of HE tokens created and you may only be involved or invested into a few of them. The imrpovements on the Ecency Wallet made it easy for to manage my tokens, claiming rewards has never been easy and I'm really loving this part of my experience.

Using the Ecency mobile app, I'm able to add or remove tokens from the display. Take note, it only remove the token from the display, the HE tokens still reside on your HE account, nothing will lost during the process.

All of the tokens at your finger tips.


3) $Hive-$HBD Instant Swap

This is something that I discovered a few days ago...

A Trade Token button in my Ecency wep app wallet!!!

What it does is to allow you to instantly swap $Hive to $HBD and vice versa. And it does so beautifully...

A few clicks of buttons and you can successfully trade your Hive tokens. The experience is far better than using a 3-day conversion through the Hive wallet. The Ecency Trade Token feature also works better than exchanging your tokens through the Internal Market.

Trade like the Flash


This feature is a very efficient way of trading $Hive & $HBD between each other and on top of that... it's also a Free service!!!

I can talk all day about the things I love about the Ecency app but I'd rather ask you to experience these features and see for yourself.


I encourage you to give it a try and feel a different kind of breeze on your Hive experience.

It's important to point out that the current update on the Ecency mobile app is for IOS users while the updatefor Android users is already on its way.

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ECency together with PeakD is definitely one of the best apps around and has the advantage of being used on mobile!

I divide my use between both, because I believe that by crossing them you can make the most of both the potential of both ECency and PeakD... obviously I use ECency almost exclusively from my mobile phone heh heh!

Same here, but I will also add DBuzz & Threads ;)

Ecency has a really good notification that applies to how I do my thing here in Hive. While PeakD has a good Wallet design which makes it easier for me to manage HP & RC delegations.

Both frontend have useful features.

Thanks for this post, it's really helpful.

I wasn't aware of the swap feature. Thank you.

You're welcome, I was hesitant to use it at first but it does work really well, I use it on daily basis now... it works better compared to the Hive Internal Market where it usually takes several "smaller" trades in order to complete my order.