what we think we know, we know them not.

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I have talked about education in my previous post before, and the system in which we learn and embrace things, and how we give back to the society what we have learnt but not in detail, only in the peripheral, my country Nigeria is a great nation, with a great mind, and passionate thinkers, I’m not in the position to talk on this, but from what I have seen we need repentance, to turn from our formal ways and embraced that which we think we know, but know not, Nigeria is a developing country I get, but to some extent, we can be a developed country if not for poor managerial skills and bad governance I think we should have been a developed country, with the number of natural resources we have.


‘Note’ I have not been to the east( China ), but I have watched documentaries read articles and papers, watched movies, the way their system is structured is completely different from us, they trained their children on what he/she loves from the level that they can reason, I read in an article that most of the mobile phone we used in Africa are made by children below the age nineteen, how exciting, i.e they are trained from age 9-20, and in they twenty they start production, but in my country it is different, they are gifted people which I won’t deny, that have done amazing things, but they is no sponsor, I do watch the NTA ( NIGERIAN TELEVISION AUTHORITY) does days, you will see different invention from different people, they are recognised and been advertise on the television, but in reality, they will not sponsor them, great innovation without sponsor dies, what am saying is that recognition is good, after that, what next? Even great minds fail without sponsors, but in the east the system is different they spot gift and sponsor it.
In the east why they are good in manufacturing hardware and mass production, is that they are taught in the early stage, and they are focused on a particular set of skills from their basic education to tertiary, learn the same thing over and over again, and what happens when one does something over and over again the result is massive success.


Down here even at the tertiary institute we are still not certain about what to do, we are confused, and the system is more confused than us, you will see a final year student still offering borrowed course, a marine engineering student still offering Mechanical and Electrical courses at his final year in school, am a final marine engineering student currently in my second semester before the suffocating strike by the academic staff union of university, at this point we are offering seven-courses, which five was our core course, and the remaining two where borrowed, they are GET 521 ENGINEERING ECONOMICS and EEE526 MECHATRONIC, GET521 it a general course, we study it to know the price of tools and equipment, the appropriate time to enter the market, how to manage funds while working, but the EEE 526, it the electrical part of the engine I need, not circuit creation and all that, this is the system that makes Nigeria be very good in theoretical aspect and not technically inclined. That is why Nigeria in the diaspora are doing well because out there they are not loaded with a lot of syllabi, so the few that they are studying they focus on that, and end up doing very well, that is why we have more professors here, and few technically inclined persons.


One of the painful things about my country is that we claim we know things, but in reality we don’t know and we don’t even create time to learn, I’m taking to a friend some month back, about development and he said, development will hardly come to Nigeria, which I agree with him, then I ask him why is that, his response was that population is one of the factor, I told him that maybe he hasn’t taken time to check the strongest economic in the world today has the largest population, their population is far greater then our country, am talking about the united state of America and China, so I don’t think that population is the reason why we are still where we are, I think that bad governance is, in a recent interview with one of the presidential candidate of the labour party PETER OBI was asked why did he travel to Egypt, and this was his respond this is a someone that don’t know but he want to learn the act of success, in other to succeed.
I hope this post shines light on what we are supposed to do that we aren't doing.


My dearest @ybdfrancis thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

I agree with many of the here exposed thoughts, yet I think that you're still being naïve when thinking one country can develop just by proper management.

My, with great sorrow I must tell you that there are countries that are meant to be undeveloped, yours is one of these, mine is another one: I come from Venezuela.

My personal experience with communism taking over my country, and many people having to flee taught me that the "poor management" is not something that just happens by itself.

Instead, it is a very structured and thoroughly planned set of social measures taken on purpose because poverty is the most profitable business both economically and socially. When people are in need you can sell them solutions that enrich you as the elite often does (may this elite be domestic governors, or even foreign "friendly" countries) and also you may appear as a savior while doing so.

Reality hurts, but the good thing about life, is that your life belongs only to yourself, and just as you are thinking way beyond the people that surrounds you (your friend is an example of these people) you also have in your hands the capability and aptitude to find a solution for yourself, for your family and for your life.

Please, be careful. Ideas are the most powerful weapons of history. Just for ideas, a lot of people have been sacrificed throughout human history.

Good luck, friend.


- EvM

thanks for your contribution, a lot of countries have their fair share of leadership and struggles time after time, but when it comes to my country since inception we haven't had good leadership.

I understand how you feel bro. A big hug, and I sincerely hope everything turns for the better. Nigeria, just as Venezuela, is a country with a lot of Web3 active users. Let's build. !PIZZA and all my affection bro.

- EvM

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thanks am very grateful, I appreciate the gesture

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