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source: this is the google page login, today while I made the screenshot
while I watched Pamela after I paused for dinner,


Today I saw a post by Gordon Heukeroth, a Dutch artist I follow on Instagram. He posted the documentary poster for the Netflix docu : PAMELA a lovestory
He said wonderful and what a power woman she is..
That for me was the trigger to go and watch and use my subscription on this Saturday and put it to good use, me time use.

screenshot : reels from instagram , source the account by gordonheuckeroth,
poster is by

I sended it to a girlfriend of mine, and she said , like gorden on insta , its a must see. Nice is that the docu is ( only ) 1h 53 minutes, so when you want to relax and have two hours to spare do go and see or download this sweet, sour, adoring, naïeve and loveable two hour life drama and happiness about the blond in the red bathing suit.

I did have two hours to spare and I agree with both my friend and Gordon, go invest two hours, she , Pamela , deserves it!

C127962B-E505-40C0-98C4-A354D5D90548.jpegthese screenshots I made with my phone while watching Pam talk and tell all, source

In Holland it’s in the top 3 off Netflix best watched and it is only on since 31 January so that’s a record on its self.
I love the close up honesty and a sweet lady who is hurt through things that happend in her life. A life that is some what sad behind the scenes, and nothing glamorous after the sex tape was stolen.
I also saw an hardworking woman and a lovely mum. The two boys have a great mum and the love is huge, I liked that. No matter what happens the love of kids in limitless.
I was saddened by the moments when she talks about the post video theft, she felt she had to become a different person. All do to people wanting to earn money what was not theirs.
I also feel that she overcame all and now hopefully has a new future on broadway or maybe in film again.

I was a fan of the beach babe, and now I still like the woman she became due to life.

Netflix did a great job , showed her at her most vonurable and honest. I hope she made some money and I hear nothing than good reviews, so go invest 2 hours she is lovely.

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Date : 4 february 2023


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 141 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

hey Britt! now that you're talking about it, I might also watch it!

She is a sweet exploded blond and just didn’t know some decisions were because she was abused. Thank good for two lovely sons, and a new carreer now. Go see it
Hope you are doing good and not working too hard

I know nothing about her, But you always recommend good stuff! I'll probably watch.

I was surprised to see a little hurt bird while we all saw a blond in a red hot bathing suit and a giant bumper on the front. It ain’t all that glitter now when you look back.
Hahah we recommended eachother ladies on screen untill March 5 !
Happy Sunday dear