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I am happy and honored. Developments are great and we have to say when it comes unexpected, it makes it interesting and welcoming. The whole idea of the ecency trading exchange marveled me and I am glad I am getting the opportunity to review and test its usability today.

Before I go into the review, after opening the exchange I saw something that I didn’t even need a review to talk about how much I love the site. Seeing it along was a great one. The HBD/HIVE pair in the exchange. From other exchanges, we get to see the Hive/USDT pair. But having to see this gives me the hope and zeal to keep being a member of the growing family, hive.

Now to my review, I will break it into three parts, the first part being Advance(the reviewing the interface), the next being reviewing the swap and lastly reviewing the limit. These key things make up the token exchange and having a great long into them will do great as a review.

Advanced review (Interface)

The interface is detailed as I wanted it. It shows the key things I will look to see on the homepage of any interface. form the price of our coin to how well it’s doing. It is great. The way the interfaces show the price of HBD, the increase and decrease within 24HR, and the history of whatever is happening to the price at each time of the day. it makes it look wonderfully presented. The portioning of the interface into three cases. One is the price of HBD and its volume, the next is the chart of the token and the last is HBD’s history as in its prices to when they changed to that. It is great, especially the chart part of it. I won’t forget about the part I love most, the HBD/HIVE pair. It looks great there. it is well represented.

Swap Review

I used the swap side of the exchange. I love it. It’s very simple and convenient. The one I use to use to do this swap will always log me out every time I refreshed the site. This is not the same. It makes everything simple. After you entered everything inside, click on proceed, use your keys, and boom, you are good to go.

What displays after everything is done is on another level. Successfully swapped! A great one there. Tops up to this part of the swap site of it.

Limit Review

I won’t say much about how it appears. It’s great. I tried it and also just great and simple as the Swap. I tried a transaction and it worked great. After entering everything they wanted me to confirm to see if it was correct.

The message after it made my day. I loved it. Mostly, other exchanges won’t pop on the screen. It will just appear and within some minutes will disappear but here. It remains on the screen until you click on finish.


Overall, this exchange is ready to go. We will use it as and when it launches. It will be a great one. My highlight on the exchange is the swap side of it. It makes everything so simple. Thumbs up to the developers. They did great. We love their work and effort.

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