Batch 64 Finished, Super Sore, House Cleaning, Squash Plant Culling, Seed Squash Opening, Harvests, Grilling - Sunday

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I woke up super sore yesterday morning. I spent about an hour soaking and crunching my knotted muscles with the Theracane. It helped but only so much. My hip and knee were really sore as well and I ended up limping around the house over the morning.


I made the freeze dryer go over night so it was done yesterday morning after I was up. The cycle shouldn't stop overnight and just sit there so I make sure it runs till I am awake and can take the trays out. I have left trays in before and when I went to take them out they had rehydrated a good bit.


All the spears were well good and crispy and I bagged them by their coating. I have to go through and bag them up in mylar for longer term storage. It will be nice to have cucumber mid winter.


The turkeys all came up to the house for a visit and out to the tub to see @stryeyz as she soaked. One of the teens saw something by the gate and was all kinds of curious with some intense pipping and all the other gathered around to see what he was looking at. I have no clue what they saw but soon they were on their way back out into the farm.


The half of the living room floor is cleaned up at least. The boys managed to kind of clean in their rooms with the constant reminding. I got much of the floor cleaned while the Seahawks game was one then I headed out the garden.


My squash plants have been going south for a couple weeks now and I had to go do a bunch of culling of the plants. I started with all the smallest worst growing and all the white mold covered. I tried not to dust the other plants with the mold as I went past but it did spread some.


The plants got chucked over the fence where the turkeys and chickens all milled about them until I piled them in the cart to haul to the sheep.


The sheep were quite interested in the mass of greenery.


It may not look like it but I pulled out over 40 plants which opens up the middle of the patch a good bit. It makes it a lot easier for me to tromp through them as well.


The second cart load I just filled as I went since I parked it next tot the fence. It got hauled to the sheep as well.


This time the turkeys all followed me into the pen and they roamed all the strewn plants amongst the sheep.


Mid afternoon I took my big Chiffon squash out to the yard and hacked it open with the hatchet.


I got a nice load of well formed seeds which I separated from the squash and after washing them got them on paper towels under a fan to dry. Squash 1 of 10 this year for seeds.


The grapes needed to get harvested and I overfilled the little tub with 8 pounds that got put to the cooler.


I grabbed 3 peppers, a sweet Italian and two Pizza peppers to grill.


Steaks went on the grill along with the peppers and we had our cabbage and squash with dinner. Everything but the beef is from our farm and the beef is from 5 miles north.


I was out from soaking early as my body was still super sore. I knocked out early but did not sleep that great from the soreness.


My back is still trashed this morning and my left elbow hurts from the tightness in my shoulder. I am going to try to get as much accomplished today as I can. I have to pick a little bit for orders to deliver tomorrow but it is a minimal order and potentially my last if I can't get the acorn squash sold. I still have trees to cut down, more hay to get, dump run to do, and a slew of other projects around the farm.

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Sorry to hear you were so achey, and with so much to do on the farm. Nice seed haul from the squash.