My Inspiration On Hive (LOH #101)

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I have connected with so many amazing women here on Hive, women who are so strong and wise, so caring and creative. Who have inspired me and taught me so much, about the world, myself and the many skills that they have shared.


So often, I have been touched by their stories and their courage,
which has then led me, to want to share mine. We live in a world, where honesty is not always valued. A world, where we are not encouraged to be open, where being vulnerable is so often seen as a weakness.

When, in truth, it is anything but that. The more we share our stories, the more we learn about understanding and the easier it is, to break down certain stereotypes, that exist within society. At the end of the day, we are here to build one another up and not tear one another apart.

There is one warrior woman on here, that really inspires me. Who's story broke my heart, because it seems so unfair that one person should have to go through what she has. I do not wish to tell someone else's story, so instead I ask you to read this post , so that you can understand some of that story,from her own words.


That amazing woman is @tezmel. It was her poetry that first drew me in. She has such an amazing way with words, they paint the most vivid pictures and really speak from the heart.

So many times I have read and words and felt like she was speaking from my heart. She is not afraid to share her pain and suffering and in doing so, she encourages others to do the same.

That is such a powerful thing to do, using your voice to bring awareness, to invoke understanding and compassion. Her words have brought me to tears at times, the exploration of her pain so beautiful and raw. I could almost physically feel it.

Everything she writes, is poetic. This is what she has to say about her writing .....

Poetry is how I share my pain and prose is how my scribe talks. Neither can exist without the other. Poetry has been my gills when I am drowning as prose lets me fly as high as my emotions let me.

Artwork By @tezmel

It's not easy to open yourself up to others, to let them in. We are both single mama's and although our journey to solo parenting was different, we still understand what it is like to raise our children, by ourselves. How it can be so challenging and yet so beautiful at the same time.

We talk a lot via our posts and just recently, she wrote the following in response to one of mine

Parenting is a two-way act where you got to mother yourself into the most appropriate version of a parent to your children.

It really hit me, how much we actually do have to mother ourselves and how difficult that can be. I always find our interactions so inspiring and @tezmel is someone who has really encouraged me, as I continue to find my way, with writing poetry.

Getting praise from her, really means a lot to me. We see and feel things in a very similar way. And on occasion, we have written things, that the other needed to hear at that moment, which really strengthens the bond, we have made through this platform.

Artwork By @tezmel

She has also supported me, through some very difficult times, whilst I have been using hive. Soothing me with her words of wisdom and really seeing me, when I have been in pain. She has this ability to connect with my poetry and feel the pain that I sometimes try to play down. To recognise it!

It has amazed me, how strongly I feel connected to people, that I have never met . All thanks to this platform. People I hope to one day get to wrap my arms around and thank them in person for being in my life. @tezmel is definitely one of those people.

Thank you @tezmel, for sharing your wonderful gift with us, for opening yourself up and showing us the strength that comes with being vulnerable and the wisdom that rises out of our pain. I have so much love and respect for you.

This is my response to the latest Ladies Of Hive Community Contest, which asked the following question .......

Tell us about a woman you have met on Hive who has an inspiring story. Tell us why you were inspired by her story & how is it comparable to yours? Is she going through a similar experience?

I invite @millycf1976 to take part in this latest Ladies Of Hive Contest.

50% of the payout of this post, goes to you @tezmel.


Your friend's life is a great experience of resilience, I am a single mother and I also feel that Hive is a place to express yourself


We are all lucky to have Hive ain't we? Especially people like us who have so much to prove on mainstream media? Hence my love for this beloved community.

You have my love... Thank you for yours :)

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Thank you @irenenavarroart and yes Hive is a wonderful place to share your experiences xxx

Wow.. Her artworks are great and I like them too..gonna take a look at her posts.. Thanks


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Thank you so much :)

Gonna visit your posts too.

Yes please do, she is amazing xxx

I concur that about @tezmel.
I feel many emotions: pain, gratitude, strength, courage, fighter, and a whole lot more (the same with you) when I read your stories.
... and I think her art is amazing:)
Thanks for the invite. I'll check it out😊

Awww. You are always so kind my dear 😊

Thank you.

It is such a humbling thing to know that what I create can be associated with such praise 🔆

Shine on!:)


Thank you @millycf1976, I knew you would concur. Yes please do check it out xxxx

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Thanks for the support xxxx

It is almost 5 am and I am a mess. And with good reason. A whole post on a warrior that I sometimes get to be. How humbling? I can't say my inner doubts fully agree with you and your ever-so-warm thoughts but I know that I have tried to be intentional about getting better and it is such a liberating notion to know that in my looking for a remedy, I passively found yours too.

But I think we heal each other. You and your divine connection with nature, and me and my melancholic light. I owe you for being among the souls that ignited the spark that became my spiritual journey. I feel like I learn more from you than you do me especially when it comes to staying grounded 🧡

Should I go on and tell everyone that you have been there for me too? That you've shown me love and endless support? That you have inspired me to continue fighting to educate my children on how unhealthy the system is.

But like you said... One day hun 😊

Thank you for making me feel like a warrior. And now I don't who else to write about in this capacity 🙈

It is your honesty and how you express yourself wholeheartedly that inspires me, on top of that you are an amazing wordsmith and artist. I am so glad we connected on here, and yes we heal each other, that's exactly how it should be. Sending you lots of love and yes you are a warrior who is not afraid to share her doubts and insecurities, that to be is a true warrior xxxx

We all lucky to have hive just like how you friend inspires you with her writing so do I get inspired too with you writing and how you put things.
Grateful for hive who brought in all these connections

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Thank you @ladiesofhive for the support xxxx

I think the lesson still remains that wherever life challenges take you, the best thing you can do for yourself and those relying on you to pull through is to be strong. - @tezmel
Yes, indeed! Thanks for sharing @trucklife-family .
!LADY 😍🌺🤙

As life is a puzzle of trials but the fulfilment that comes with every secret battle is worth every challenge we encounter. Thank you 🔆

Ah, yes!
You have a way with words!
Thank for the inspiration, @tezmel .
!LADY 😍🌺🤙

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Thank you for sharing some more of her wisdom @silversaver888 xxxx

@trucklife-family , she has wisdom, and so have you!
Have a wonderful day!
!LADY 😍🌺🤙

She's amazing... I have only just started connecting with her! Such a beautiful wordsmith goddess!

Yes she is amazing, I have a lot of respect for her and everything she has been through. Her writing blows me away sometimes, I feel every word she writes, I get transported sometimes. I am really happy that you have connected with her too, you being another favourite writer of mine and hive person xxxxx

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Thank you!

It's done and what an exciting proposal. I have yet to watch the presentations from HiveFest. I will do soon though xx

Thank you for your support @trucklife-family, really appreciate it! 👍

Your friend is a motivator and inspirational. I wish you the best in your entry. Do have an awesome day.

Finding a woman with your same difficulties and having both of you support, read and understand each other from a distance is a great contribution you are giving each other. Thank you for sharing such a touching story @tezmel and for showing a little piece of your life and emotions. Thank you. thank you, thank you


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Thanks so much @tibaire for your wonderful feedback. One of the best things we can do, is to lift others up xxxx

If you ask me I would say she is supper talented and smart.
I like her art work they are beautiful 😍😘

She is indeed super talented and smart. Thanks @goodysam xxx

To be honest and I mean this from the depth of my heart. Women on hive are the reason why I kept writing. They inspired me, kept me going and encouraged me not just were my strengths lie, but to express them.

I am glad that you have. It has been a mixture of both women and men that have inspired and encouraged me, yourself included @yangyanje xxxxx