Mountains, airplane crashes, & political coffee

Dreams are always a little weird, aren't they? For the past year or two, however, my dreams have been much more weird than usual and I have no clue why.

Just a couple of days ago, for instance, I dreamed that I was taking a leisurely drive up a mountain with a friend. The scenery was gorgeous, nothing but lush greenery all along the way, with no houses or people in sight. Every so often as our car climbed higher up the mountain, we came upon a spot where we could look down into the valley below and there was nothing but beautiful green trees as far as the eye could see.

At one of these viewpoints, we were looking down into a deep gorge with a river at the bottom. Beside the river and slightly crumpled by the densely growing trees, we spotted a crashed airplane. We stopped the car. My friend set up a tripod beside the road and attached her cellphone to it to record what was happening. From where we were on the mountainside, it easily would have been 2000 feet (610 meters) down to the tops of the trees, but I still attempted to yell to the people in the plane, "We are sending help to you!" I called the authorities to report the crashed airplane while my friend began streaming her "live-feed" of the event to a news service.

Suddenly — and inexplicably — I realized that this was only one of three airplanes that would crash in that area today, for some unknown reason. And, just as quickly, I was no longer on the mountainside but actually aboard the second plane that was going to crash soon. I was cautioning the pilot about the impending crash and telling him about the first plane.

We decided that if he carefully brought the plane down to the level of the treetops, he could skirt the bottom of the fuselage across them to help slow the plane. It wouldn't prevent the impending crash, but at least it would allow him to crash the plane in a slightly more controlled manner, mitigate the damage to the aircraft, and reduce the risk of serious injury or death to the passengers on board.

Then, suddenly, I woke up. Seriously, WTF? This is just one of many incredibly strange dreams that I've had. In talking to a couple of friends and family on the phone, they've reported rather bizarre dreams as well.

The above photo is one of my favorite coffee mugs, and provides a nice segue into the next story. The coffee mug is a wonderful, oversized, ceramic one that I found many years ago at a Thrift store (a secondhand store that benefits a charity and offers donated items at low prices). The delightful, Bohemian design is named "Cucina" and is by artist Frances Miller. I really like the funky design, colors, oversized handle, and the weight of the mug which makes it somewhat stable against being bumped. I was thrilled to be fortunate enough to capture the steam rising from the coffee in the photo!

So, last night, I dreamed that I was in a coffee shop. A man came in and asked for a coffee. The barista asked if he wanted a "political coffee" or a "regular coffee." He asked what the difference is. The barista told him, "With a regular coffee, we put it in a nice mug and you can sit here and enjoy it while relaxing. With a 'political coffee,' we put it in a 'to-go' cup so you can run around, talk to people, and get things done." 😜

I actually dreamed that, seriously! 😂

So, have any of you dear readers had "stranger-than-usual" dreams lately, too?





This post has taught me that I drink political coffee, cause it's always on the go! haha omg Kitty those are super weird dreams, I'd like to see someone try to interpret THOSE 😂

I love that you shared a coffee mug that brings you joy- its merits sound as ideal as the fun images. It's so eclectic and wild, like someone stopped right on the edge of "too much" 😍

This was such a fun read, thank you for sharing :)

Fantastic, sis!!
It is great that you dream! I seldom dream... or I don't remember dreaming at all!
When I sleep, I'm dead asleep... I don't know if I'll wake up to burglars, hehehe.
I love your coffee mug. It's neat how you were able to capture the steam from your coffee!
With a 'political coffee,' we put it in a 'to-go' cup so you can run around, talk to people, and get things done." Well, yeah! What good is politics if you don't discuss it, hehehe! 😜
!LADY 😍🌺🤙

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Love that steamin' coffee cup. If you eat later at night you usually have more intense dreams, nightmarrres? Where can I get a mug? - the drama dreams. Love the way you caught the steammm. I dreamed i was talkin' to Alice Cooper in his back yard one time. And then another my brother & I were trying to talk to him in his dressing room & he kept lookin' at his coputer screen & my brother says, you keep watching that screen & he says yea I have to keep surveying my yard.

I was walkin' home one day & fell asleep in someones satilite dish. My dreams were being flashed around the world

Those are very strange dreams for sure. I don’t ever sleep long enough to ever dream. I haven’t slept more then 3-4 hours in over a decade now. Hopefully they stop.

So weird dreams.. But the plane crashes are worrying.. I hope no the same thing would happen in the real world

Too much to gain from just a single blog ❣️

I just realize I got bored of skimming Twitter, came to ecency to read some Hive posts and, lo' and behold! There's quality writing on Hive and it's literally jumping at you! Good for us! Because yes, this is a political coffee kinda place, but you have to bring your own coffee! 😄

Ha! Thank you for that compliment! 💜 If you ever have trouble finding good authors to follow here, let me know, as I can point you to some of them! 😊

I follow many of them. Perhaps too many, I should think of unfollowing some people to improve my timeline.

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I have always had weird dreams but no weirder than usual lately. I have had dreams like your airplane dream before but with other situations like fires and a sunken boat.

One time I was in a falling airplane and was waiting for the right moment to jump so I wouldn't get hurt. Lol

Nice dream kittttygirl. I think a dream is the reflection of thinking and it must have relation to the reality.

A few years back I used to have dream regularly. I don't know what happens ; now there is no dream for couple of years.🤣

Mixed metaphors. This is indicative to me of today's current events that disturbs my idealistic view world. Tough times ahead as our instincts try to warn us. Wild looking Coffee cup Sis, heh heh.☕️

Dreams are so strange! I wonder if you were thinking of everything you needed to do and you felt it was all out of your hands. Your brain probably said, "No, I have to fix this." I know you are such an amazing "fixer" at The Terminal.

As for the coffee dream.... yeah, you have to decide if you are going to relax and chill out or are you going to go, go, go and get things done.

I miss you sweet lady! Hope you are getting plenty of rest while you are dreaming.

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Curious if some of those people actually read or just comment based on the title and pictures. I am an avid dreamer, though can't say I've ever had any plane crashing ones and that you were in one of them? Eerie but neat you were able to get the message across to the pilots before waking. I often feel the barrier from that realm and reality is a very thin veil only masked by what our minds choose to comprehend. As for the coffee - not by choice - but would need the political cup 🤣


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Really strange dreams, sometimes dreams tell you what might happen to you or someone close. I do dream but few hours after waking up I forget everything

I love your dreams dear.

I love dreams. This sounds like an episode of Lost.