Fifth Hiversary

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Five years on the blockchain, what a wild ride! And here's to another five years, or more!

~ badge by, background by thekittygirl/Hive ~

I will dispense with the usual 'recap' style of post, so prevalent on the blockchain, where I state that I have 'x' number of followers, 'y' HivePower, and 'z%' growth on my account in the past year. Suffice it to say that I am still alive & kickin' on the blockchain. My number of posts has diminished quite a bit in this calendar year because of increased activity in answering questions about Hive in various Discords, helping people recover compromised accounts, assisting with a couple additional projects, researching plagiarized posts, challenges in my personal life, etc.

All of the changes to the Hive blockchain within the past year have been amazing and are a great testament to the vibrancy of our platform! There have been many new dapps launched, changes to the code & underlying structure of the chain to make things run smoother, additional projects begun, new Layer-2 tokens brought into existence, and quite a number of dedicated users have come on board.

BIG THANKS to the core development team and all those who develop dapps, projects, marketing strategies, and work to safeguard the security and integrity of our blockchain. The teamwork we have here is amazing!

Many thanks to @hivebuzz who helps us celebrate our accomplishments on-chain with a great collection of badges. Thanks, too, to @arcange who conceived of the HiveBuzz project.


So, have a piece of cake with me, covered with yummy honey from our Hive and celebrate the richness of our ecosystem with all the options of blogging, games, gambling, arbitrage, investing, and many more great things in our future together. Here's to great, exciting things to come! 🥂




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Congratulations on your anniversary, dear! 🥳🎉🎈

I am happy and honored to meet you here. This is an absolutely unique and fabulous community.


🎂 Happy Fifth Hiversary 🍰
Very nice, I just comming back to our platform and have to learn all the news and changing, I am happy and looking forward to 😌

Oh, how lovely to see you again! You were missed! 😊

Thank you very much for your kind words 🤗

Glad to see that you are still kicking. It's comforting to know that you are there behind the scenes and fighting the good fight.

Happy hivesary dear baby girl,

I see how your consistency and perseverance are paying off.

Here to another hearty years to come🍾🍾🎊

Congrats it is not easy spending such years in the platform

Good work kittygirl

You helped me a lot. You delegated me and there are others like me who got support from you. A hearty thanks to you.

You got a lot of followers indeed.
I always look for your post but as you said that now a days you post very less and most of time you give to prosper hive.I appreciate your work.

As I found your post today, I wanna give you a litle thanks for helping newbie..150 ecency point🙈

!giphy congrats


Aww, I always look up to you as an inspiration my dear friend kitty. That was a great milestone and more successful years ahead of you. Have a nice time and take care.

Happy anniversary friend @thekittygirl. May there be many more.

Five years is not a small journey, congratulations on your five years anniversary, and to the more fruitful years to come💃💃🥳😍

Happy anniversary ladies of hive..

Congratulations on your anniversary #5 it's easy to say but it's a lot of hours of work 🎉🎉🎉🎉.

Welcome to the 5 year club milady and Congrats!



Happy 5 years and may it be many more. You made me laugh it's been a wild 5 years. I can see myself in 3 years writing the same.

Congratulations on five years @thekittygirl! You are truly a gem on hive, always lifting others up in a variety of ways. I really admire and appreciate all of the hard work you do here to help make hive a wonderful place! As a newer Hiver, I of course have to thank you for all of the education you provide here too! I'm certainly only one of many, many people you help on discord everyday. Cheers to you 😁❤️

congrats on 5 years on the blockchain. You've helped quite a lot of people in that time, I included and im very grateful for all your help. Looking forward to seeing you for many more years


Happy 5th anniversary to one of my favorites person on the blockchain. You've been an inspiration to a lot of others like me. Keep on shining!! ❤️


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Wow! You're already 5 years old here in hive. Congrats @thekittygirl thats a great milestone you reached.

Wishing you more years to celebrate hiversary.

Happy Five Hiversary ❤ @thekittygirl! 🐱 🎂 🎊 And Many More! :-)


Oh, how the year's fly past us. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying...

The Blockchain is a better place, with you on it.

Happy 5th Hiversary my friend ❤



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Happy 5th Hive Birthday, Kitty! Keep shining ✨


Happy Hive Birthday @thekittygirl

I'm still working on my Fifth Hiversary post (as in, I opened up a new draft & have a partial, and figured yours would be along soon since we joined around the same time. Thank you for everything you do to keep our blockchain home safe, friendly, and growing, even in bear markets like this! 🥰

Can't wait to see what the next five years will bring! 🎉✨💜



You make HIVE a better place!

Congratulations, Sis!


Congratulations! YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!

Happy 5th anniversary to you @thekittygirl .. I hope I could also reach this milestone.. Hive chain is certainly better by then. have some !PIZZA !LADY 😊

Happy Hiversary Kittygirl!
Thank you for all that you do, especially to new people in the chain~
I hope you'll continue to be the knowledgeable and approachable kittypedia that we know 😍
Happy to share the cake with you! Yum!

5 years, that on the blockchain makes you a veteran, with the ability to help others, thank you for celebrating, it will be many more years.

@thekittygirl 🤗🥰

Happy Hive Birthday !LUV

Congrats on being on the platform for 5 years and still being active! I wish that we are going to continue to celebrate everyone's birthday here on Hive for many years to come!

Congratulations for that five years!! Wow, this is so much time helping people. 👏👏

You’re an example of what I want to do here. A mirror where I look at. 🥰

Happy happy birhtday dear KittyGirl 🧡 and thank you for all those things you do for the blockchain behind the scenes 🧡 without you for me this place (and probably also this beeber herself here) would not be what it is !LUV


Happy 5th Anniversary, sis!
Hahaha, wild, wild, wild for sure!!!
Congratulations @thekittygirl !
Many, many more years to come.

!LADY 😍🌺🤙

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Congratulations!!! I can’t wait for my anniversary😅

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Yay! 🤗
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Congratulations wow
I just reached my first year a couple of months ago. 5 years is amazing. Now let there be more years to come!

!gif happy anniversary

Congratulations on your anniversary @thekittygirl

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