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Happy Birthday to Our Family, friends! It's our 11th Anniversary!
11 years ago I became a wife, and in 4 years I became Mom;)

It's hard to believe that so many years passed, because I remember my wedding very well, like it was yesterday. I think all women do;)

We went to Feodosiya, a small city in the Crimea that is situated in 100 km from my native Kerch.
And there we visited a fortress of XIV cent.

I showed it in my previous posts, but I didn't show some more photos from that trip.
We went there exactly on our 11th Annniversary, and I decided to be a princess again and put my wedding dress on;)
Oh, it's an unbelievable feeling! My son was so excited, he has never seen me in this dress in real life, only in photos, and he was inspired so much;)
"Mom, you're Princess in the Fortress", - he said, and my heart melted;)❤️

it was sooo windy there!

here I am trying to climb to the Fortress on the hill:))
it isn't easy;))

but I can!:)😃

Many people were looking at me with happy smiles because they thought it was our real wedding day, though it was only a bride there, because my hubby's suit wasn't saved till these days:(

My dress is so dear to my heart, and I never had a thought to sell it, and I was very happy to try it on again!

Our anniversary was full of bright emotions from this trip, and from our rather long life together.
Was it easy to live together 11 years?
Not always. We had several crisises, when our family was about to be destroyed but we were wise enough to make it stronger.

Do we have another relationships than in the beginning?
For sure.
They are different. But they are not worse! We've become more patient, wiser, more tolerant, more understanding, less egoistic.
Our family has become "grown up". Now it has more solid basis of respect and deep love combined with friendship.
Now we feel more harmony, and I do hope it will be only better from year to year.

it's a wedding photo from our album:) I'm 23 there;)


Greetings @taliakerch, congratulations on your 11th wedding anniversary; the dress looks beautiful; the location is ideal for a family outing; thank you for sharing beautiful pictures.


thank you for sweet words!❤️

Wow congratulations !!!!!!

thank you!!

Wow... Happy 11th to you and your husband :) It's so cool that you still have your wedding dress and it still fits you perfectly. You're indeed a princess in a fortress! Many more happy years to your whole family

haha yeah, thank you for sweet words!❤️

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Time flies so fast.......I know for my husband and I just celebrated our 41st this past July! It does not seem that long! Enjoy the journey and thank you for sharing. Your dress is very pretty!

41?? wow! I respect such couples so much! my parents are married for 46 years, and I wish you to meet even 80 years together!
what's you secret of happy love?

Thank you! No secret, really; we enjoy each other's company; we talk about everything and spend time together. That doesn't mean it's all roses, but I think we've both learned that fighting gets you nowhere, and the best solution is for both of us to realize that we will not always agree. Sometimes, it calls for a compromise on both of our parts. We are true soul mates.

It's conceivable that we could see a 75th wedding anniversary, but by golly, we'd be pretty old by then, lol! Time will tell. Thank you for asking and have a lovely day! !LADY

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Congratulations on your 11th anniversary, wish you many more happy years together.

thank you for sweet words!❤️

You are most welcome

Happy anniversary pretty❤️🥺. The wedding dress looks good on you😁

thank you for sweet words!❤️
my dress was my dream, and I was so happy to wear it on again;)