Savitri - the most empowered mythical women

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Who brought her husband back from death


Women are empowered by God - that is what our culture teaches us. They have power to achieve new highs any time they wish and I would like to present the story of a mythical women Savitri from our culture who is believed to be existed. This is in response to the Ladies of Hive Community Contest #87 - "What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?" This mythical creature is believed to be actually existed and is worshiped by all married Hindu women for their husband's long life. I wish, she inspires all the women to have that kind of love and dedication for her family.

Savitri was the daughter of King Aswapati of ancient Madra Kingdom and is believed to be pure,beautiful and very truthful. Her father could not find out a groom for her and asked her to find on her own. She choose Satyavan, the son of a blind king, after finding him in a forest and went back to her father telling him about her choice. Her father counseled Sage Narada and comes to know that Satyavan will die within a year. He tried to convince Savitri to choose another groom but she insisted and married Satyavan and goes with him to live in the forest. She follows all the religious discipline taking care of her husband and parents-in-law making them very happy. Three days before the death of her husband, she does fasting and on the particular day takes her husband to forest. When Satyavan was splitting wood, he became weak and fell into her lap and died. The servants of god of Death came to collect the soul but could not touch it because of Savitri's holiness. Seeing his servants return empty handed, the god of Death came himself to claim the soul but then Savitri follows him insisting she would live where her husband would go. Impressed by her dedication and love, the god of death wishes her three wishes, except the life of her husband, asking her to return from there. She was very clever and she asked to restore the kingdom and eyesight of her father-in-law, hundred children to her father, and then hundred children for herself. The God granted her wishes, without realizing the clever dilemma - her husband needs to be alive for her to have hundred children. Finally he returns the life of her husband and blesses her to live a long life and happy family.


Savitri 1.jpg


All the married women observe Savitri Puja on the new moon day of the Jyeshtha month in Hindu calendar, by fasting, praying for long life of their husband. The images above are from one of my friend living at Bangalore - all the families observing the day together in their apartment. And this is my Savitri - who did fasting praying for my long life.

I am not sure, if I should write to the ladies community, but I wanted to tell about this tradition that is being practiced for ages where a woman is believed to be the architect behind a successful family and has power to get anything done.









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Such a sweet and inspiring story! We love our women and when they love us like Savitri, we are blessed. The story of Savitri, reminds my a fairy tale my grandmother used to told, when i was kid! Its wuit impressive if you wonder about the similarities between an oral tradition in Greece and religious worship in India! Namaste

True, they are the secret behind success.

WOW... This is such a beautiful and heart warming story.
That kind of Love and sacriface is one of a kind, she is an inspiration and ofcourse the God wished her a long happy life.

Really Beautiful and Thank you for sharing this with us.
Have a wonderful weekend and good luck.

Thank you a lot, have a good weekend.

It's nice to see gentleman writing about women empowerment.

gentleman also need woman power to succeed:)

I have never heard about Savitri's story before. But now I could get some knowledge about it. Eventually, through Savitri's love and dedication, she was able to fulfill her prayers to the dying God.

All the married women observe Savitri Puja on the new moon day of the Jyeshtha month in Hindu calendar, by fasting, praying for long life of their husband.

This custom of many married Hindu women fasting and honoring their masters is truly important today. It also enhances family unity and love. Wishing the husband a long life is an expression of the true love in a woman's heart.

Yes the love and dedication for husband and family is the most important factor for a family, unfortunately, its fading slowly.

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A emotional story. Giving women equal rights is so inspiring !

Actually women are always more powerful, unfortunately, we are talking about giving them equal rights, which we never can. Just see the roles they play vs men - they are always more capable.

Thanks for sharing ir here I have read this story years back. Thanks a lot womens are really great indeed and the story is the best example to show that.
Thanks for sharing.

Really amazing photo shoots, beautiful women and environment on your home

Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good morning
You have a beautiful culture, I am always surprised by your ancestral experiences. I loved knowing about Savitri and all that she can do for men
Thank you very much for sharing these stories of your culture
enjoy the beginning of the week

Very interesting story of this mythical woman, Savitri.

I love this so much. Women are the beauty of the World. No doubt. Its real.

Women are the beauty of the World

The source of all energy - and we are talking to empower them. They are already empowered.

I was not familiar with Savitri until I read this, very interesting. You have a beautiful life and family my friend.

Thank you so much.

I enjoyed reading your post, really wise and interesting legend. It is a pity that in our time few people are interested in ancient legends and epics, if we looked back at world history more often, the world would be better

if we looked back at world history more often, the world would be better

200% - they found out everything from experience and were much better than us.

This is really nice in appreciating such women around the world.

wow what an interesting story, I'm glad to know about that mythical creature of your culture. thanks for sharing 😊


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:) How very clever she was..

All women are just beautliful. Your model in the pics is one of them!


The model is my wife :)

Guao que historia más hermosa y que magia tiene el amor verdadero y la astucia de las mujeres, aquí en Venezuela siempre dicen que el diablo no pudo con la mujer y ese refrán va bien con la astucia de Savitri Gracias por compartir esta hermosa historia de tu raíces, además tienes una linda esposa y me encanto cada planta que tienen, son hermosas, Dios los bendiga 🙏🏼🤗💐♥☮

Wow, what a beautiful story and what magic true love and the cunning of women have, here in Venezuela they always say that the devil could not with women and that saying goes well with the cunning of Savitri Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of your roots, you also have a beautiful wife and I love every plant they have, they are beautiful,
God bless you 🙏🏼🤗💐♥☮

Women are the source of all energy in this universe.

That´s a very interesting legend. You have so many of them in Hinduism. Btw what does the red color on the feet of your wife symbolize?

It's a red dye that symbolizes auspiciousness.

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Being able to bring him back was amazing, but the fact that she embodies the belief of a woman is believed to be the architect behind a successful family and has power to get anything done This I find it to be real, at least in my Latin American context, but I find it to be a truth, no questions asked.

Loved this part of culture and tradition you shared, big hug and thank you for it, it enlightened a lot about feminine power and my future wife and mother of my child loved it.