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What is the story behind your Hive username?

The Ladies Of Hive want to know it.

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Well, let me tell you a little story. It all began about 15 years ago in a mid-sized town in Germany called Mannheim.

I had just moved there to live with my then-boyfriend, now-hubby. We were are busy worker bees, all day we'd be out and about to only get home late to cook, play a game, watch a film, etc. Anything but cleaning, we both hated cleaning(and still do).

'Whaa...? Cleaning, what's that got to do with anything?'. Glad you asked!

A friend living a couple of blocks away recommended a housekeeper, a cleaning lady who had been helping him for a few months already. Her name was: Mrs. Grumbach.

'I'm still not getting it.' Just be patient, young padawan, and listen.

Hubby, being American, didn't particularly like the 'ch' at the end of her name, it also helped that she didn't appear to be outgoingly friendly, to the uninitiated. Long story short(er), when among ourselves we called her: Mrs. Grumble.

'Right, that doesn't seem to be any closer to OceanBee, honestly.' True, but...

I think I mentioned that we liked to play video games. For every video game you need an IGN, right? Well, at the time I actually wasn't too big on games, heck, I still am not but I do play video games together with my hubby. I am not good at them. Nope. I grumble - a lot! Get it? 'Grumble'.

'Okay, got that but - still not much if any closer to OceanBee.' Hold the thought...

Not too many years later hubby got into playing an MMO with another friend and he introduced me to it. Of course, I needed a new IGN for it. Coming up with a 'good' IGN can be really tough. I mean if you have your brand as a gamer it's a no-brainer but me?

So I sat there staring at the opening screen... grumble grumble grumble ... hubby waiting for me ... grumble grumble grumble Okay, okay I got it! I am going to be a


Grummelbiene - grumpy bee was born. 'Yay, we finally got a 'bee' in there, now we are truly getting closer, but still no OceanBee'.

True. A few years later we moved to the US and guess what? To play the same game on the NA server... I needed to make a new profile i.e. a new IGN. Arrrrgh!!!

To keep it somewhat connected, I created 'OceanGrumble'. Why? Well, of course, because I love the ocean! 99% of our vacations are spent by or on or in the ocean.

Needless to say, people got confused. Hubby got confused. I did not get confused.

Still, I wanted to be helpful, so when I started streaming on Twitch and got my own Discord server I incorporated all my IGNs into one:

OceanGrumbleBee was born!

And fairly quickly it was put down again. The name was too long, who can remember that?!

To be honest, I also didn't like it very much when all the other (mostly male) guild/clan members called me 'Grumble'. Come on, I didn't grumble nearly as often anymore. Really, I didn't. Grrrrh - who hates losing? Not me! cough cough

Then when I joined the legacy chain back in 2019 I again needed a new name. Naturally, I decided on a mix or abbreviation of my IGNs


And there you have it. That's the story behind my username. Nothing to do with bees, although I like them and their honey, and quite a bit to do with the ocean.

To be honest, though, I have been thinking of just using my real name. I am not one for hiding on the interwebs and if you follow any of my social links or such you'll find my real name anyway.

The thing is though, I don't particularly like my first name - sorry, mom, dad. I know you named me after the beautiful Italian 60s, 70s actress Claudia Cardinale buuuut I'm not feeling it. I prefer to be called 'Ocean' or 'Bee' - like the ol' hippie that I am (not).

Hahaha - this got a wee bit out of hand but - I had a ton of fun writing this. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Here are couple a of beautiful ocean pictures from my 'island in the sun' to go along with it.


p.s. I'm supposed to invite another lady but I don't know very many peeps here (yet). Hey @beeber - I know you're in LOH already but what's the story behind your Hive name?





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we both hated cleaning(and still do)

Hahah the only motivation for me cleaning is I can't wait for when I'm done - seeing all the things clean and organized. But I also kinda hate the process lol

Hahaha so cute from Grumbach to Grumble. Did she know that you call her that? Also cute how you carried that name and made it an inspiration lol.

Also love how you narrated it, was fun reading!

That is a good motivation I have to say and like you, I totally dig it when everything is neat and tidy, but... getting there takes some serious ooomph - LOL

Oh no, she didn't know otherwise she would have grumbled for real - lol. Yeah, it kinda just evolved into a name that I now really like.

It makes me very happy that you enjoyed reading my writing 😍. Thank you so much!!

Thanks for inviting me dear @oceanbee funny that I didnt get a notice for my mention. Landet here through LOH discord promo
Totaly secret where the bee ber comes from ;-) but wondering what became of Ms Grumble when you left Germany and who is cleaning up now?

Very strange that you didn't get the ping...Aaaah - a secret, huh? So, you're not telling anyone?

I have no idea what happened to her, as for me - I found a new helping hand - yay!!

naja es ist tatsächlich ein wenig kpmliziert ;-) aber für die die es gerne wissen wollen hatte ich es in meinem Einführungs Post erwähnt, dafür muss man aber schon ganz schön zurück scrollen mittlerweile
denke ich discorde dich ;-)

Pretty cool story, and that first picture!!! Wow! 😎


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Nice, right?! I still remember it, how could I forget? I love rainbows and the colors in the Caribbean are just awesome. Thank you!!!

I used to play games on the internet before Hive took all that time, It is still on the Steam platform as "Your Gothic Baby Sitter." a long story.

Thanks for sharing @oceanbee

Hive is definitely much more worthy of our time than playing video games. Though I will say that I enjoy gaming here and there.

So, how about a new LOH contest: The story of your Steam / IGN user name! I'd like to read yours, even if it is long.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, much appreciated!

Interesting story and decided to wander around a little bit until finally boom here is the objective.

Actually had to read twice... LoL.

Thank you very much for your content and have an amazing day from both me and puppy dog we really appreciate your hard work and we wish you a lot of success in the coming year.


Oooh, I am so glad you wandered my way AND read twice - wow - quite amazing really. Thank you very much.

I am glad you liked it. Hope you and your puppy are having a great day, too!

Absolutely I've got a great story about the famous Stone Bear.

My gamertag there was a complete joke however it ended up being a very serious affair.

And absolutely hilarious joke.

Hmm, I'd love to hear/get a hilarious joke but honestly, you lost me at 'famous Stone Bear' 🤔

😃 I enjoyed reading the story behind your Hive username...from Grumbach to GrumbleBee...then OceanGrumbleBee! It's a lovely username and I like it because I also love the ocean too!

The ocean is wonderful! Thank you very much.

A good story behind your username and fun to read. I like your username, but I also like your real name, Claudia.

And I can relate to you; I didn't like to clean and still don't like it, lol.

Glad you had fun reading my story 😀 I am not a writer, you know, so I am always happy to hear when somebody enjoyed what I wrote.

Cleaning is the worst! Along with going shopping and getting gas - LOL

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Hehe very nice
Ocean Bee 😊

Thank you very much!

What a nice story, I loved how it transformed several times and you have to thank the cleaning lady for being the way she is and because she did something you didn't like. 🌊🐝

Thank you very much. You're absolutely right, I am very grateful for our cleaning lady.

I love your username, it's chic and unique, love it 🤗💗
Interesting story leading to it aswell😂
Thanks for sharing🤗

Awwww - thank you so much! Really appreciate it.
I hoped that someone might enjoy reading it :)

Muy buena historia 👏👏👏

Muchas gracias.

Of course @oceanbee, if you enjoy reading your post. I definitely mark you Mrs. Grumbach lol. You have an excellent sense of humor, I love it, also your username on hive. Normally I use my name, but rather it is to not get too creative lol. Thank you for sharing with everyone part of you. How good to share with your husband things in common. If you don't play video games, you lose it lol 😜.

Thank you so very much! I totally love it when somebody gets my sense of humor in my writing 😍

Creativity is very important to me, as is my husband 😀

That's really nice, a big hug🤗.

Hugs back!! 😊

That thing about cleaning 🙈 eherr..
Soon.. Later...tomorrow 😁 that is me and I really don’t love cleaning Eather... But I do it anyway under grumpy mood 😜 lol

So funny story behind your username and I love @oceanbee alot ❤️

Thank you for sharing and making me smile. Good luck 🌷

OMG - isn't that the worst?!

Soon.. Later...tomorrow

And it just doesn't 'go away' - it keeps waiting there for you. The worst! LOL

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment 💜

YES... It is the worst 😁 lol
And I hear it in my head way to often when there is Something I need to do but really DON’T want to.

Have a wonderful weekend and much love 🤗❤️

Hope you're enjoying your weekend as well!

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Very cool and very well written! I like your user name! Great pics by the way. Take care and thanks for sharing!

Thank you very much. I'm glad you like the post!


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