Are You That Girl?

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That girl and It girl are two modern culture phenomena and trends that have attracted my attention for a while. That girl essentially is the epitome of an alpha female who has it all. Although that standard seems to be rather unachievable, people have their own ways to manifest themselves to be "that girl". If you have tiktok or instagram, you can see some of these trends circulating where young women showcase how they try to elevate their life through self-care, being productive, and wellness. Seems pretty reasonable, right? However, like many other modern trends, it has its positives and negatives.

To me, the idea of being " that girl" isn't that bad but the specific curated to-do and the images shown on the internet creates an illusion that we're only "that girl" if we do specific things or routine. Often in this trend, they showcase expensive food, apartments, etc. While it's not attainable for many, I am not going to lie, the lifestyle is quite dreamy.

According to dozens of montages I watched, that girl wakes up early, workout, eats well, excels in her job, relationship, and takes care of herself. It seems good, right? but there are arguments out there that think this trend is toxic even someone wrote the trend is quite sinister. Also, a blogger on Hercampus said that this trend also lack of underrepresentation and only done by specific economy class.

Do I want to be "that girl"?


I mean who doesn't? Especially if the idea is all about personal development. But compared to those people, I have a slightly messier life and operate in my own way. So, by a rigid definition, lifestyle, and routine of "that girl", I don't think I fit the bill.

I also find the demographic that watches those trends and it's often teenage females or someone in her 20's. What I found is that, by age, I find many women just don't do something like that. Many older females I know in my life aren't "that girl" in a rigid sense but they are all independent, productive, and doing well. You know, maybe it's just a phase and It's cute to do while we're young but once other things hit like children and more responsibilities, it's not going to be easy to maintain that specific curated lifestyle.

There are also counter-culture of this trend. More so, as an older Gen-Z, I think that people in my generation and below, care about aesthetics, trend hopping, and live off curated lifestyles as many of them are also often content creators on social media. I guess I am no exception since I blog on hive too.

What do you think of this trend? Have you come across this trend in your life?

If you are older, what advice would you give to me and these young women?

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Lo malo es verdaderamente creer que esta clase de vidas en apariencia perfectas son tal como se muestran en las redes sociales, porque la mayoría deja por fuera del libreto los inconvenientes que se les presentan en su día a día. Aparte, están aquellos que no usan estas tendencias para visualizarse teniendo una mejor calidad de vida sino para compararse con los demás, terminando tristes porque desearían estar en el puesto de la otra persona, lo cual me parece terrible.
The bad thing is to truly believe that this kind of seemingly perfect lives are just as they are shown on social networks, because most of them leave out of the script the inconveniences they face in their daily lives. Besides, there are those who do not use these trends to visualize themselves having a better quality of life but to compare themselves with others, ending up sad because they wish they were in the other person's position, which seems terrible to me.

Yeah, just as I mentioned in the other comment that these people often shy away from showing the reality and the struggles. It's also terrible when we compare ourselves to their curated perfect lifestyle when rarely people can stay perfect 24/7.

In Thailand we have 'Hi-So' who are mainly upper middle class or at least aspirants to that level who live the magazine dream. Of course in Thailand, they are sometimes 'supported' by older, wealthy males. The whole gender dynamic here is very businesslike!

they are sometimes 'supported' by older, wealthy males.

Guess now I know, partly how these women can afford such dreamy lifestyle 😁

Are they supported by a sugar daddy? 🤣

you never know haha but I guess some 😂

Basically yes. That's quite common. Some are 'sponsored' if they don't come from a reasonably wealthy background.

That's exactly the reason! These behviours are ingrained into the culture going way back through time.

That girl is very admirable. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and vlogs about such women that I enjoy but I'm fully convinced they're not always prim and proper or have it all together. It looks good from the outside, but I feel they're all regular people that don't live a 24 hr curated lifestyle.

Same! even now, when I am bored I enjoy watching them on youtube and their vlogs. Imagine if we have that curated 24th life, it seems pretty exhausting. That girl also often shy away of sharing how they deal with struggles and normal people's live problem.

I think you are an exception since HIVE is never aiming for mainstream. "It girl" and "that girl" normally have a tendency to flood Instagram or other mainstream social media platforms. Besides, there are no additional gaming layers on other social media 😂

hahaha. I honestly would be curious if there are people who are going to post something of "that girl" or "it girl" content over hive haha.

This has become a trend of women in the modern generation as it is today, nothing can change this habit. @macchiata

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Ahhh... sure, that girl! Hahaha... not all girls are that!
Find them on Hive!
Excellent article, @macchiata !
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😃 hahaha yeah, I bet there are many that girl around here!

According to dozens of montages I watched, that girl wakes up early, workout, eats well, excels in her job, relationship, and takes care of herself. It seems good, right?

It's good but people don't just wake up and start excelling in jobs, relationships and life in general.

Honestly, I think no one has it "all together", no one is perfect so while we dream about that beautiful lifestyle and work towards it, we should also have in mind that we're not perfect and we shouldn't be hard on ourselves trying to achieve what the people that set the trend don't even have. Life is for living and living should be fun (our personal definition of fun).

Yeah, it's just unfortunate that there are people still not understanding that we get to decide how we want our live to be and crate our own definition of it.

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If I could switch bodies with a woman, I would totally be that girl. I'd dance on tik tok all day long 😆

can we switch hahaha if I were a boy, it seems way easier to solo travel and build connections 😂

Good point!

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I don't know about pictures on Instagram or TikTok, they are usually faking and trends are pretty bleak.