🦕 Driving to DRUMNADROCHIT 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 - PART 5 of 6 ~ “ROAD TRIP NORTH - 85 km further” let’s move countries 📦🚛✈️

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Hi all 👋🏻

With this post in our lovely #community I will show you our FIFTH PART of our long #Journey of moving countries a totally different way. 😎

FINALLY you must think… believe me, I think the same. 🫣😆 I wanted to share so badly the next parts and tell you where I am now, but you know, having no internet is such a struggle. This is luckily resolved now and I can post my updates 🎉🥳 and catch up on everything…. I am so happy about that.

So a quick recap… we drove through the Cairngorms and encountered some snow. ☃️☃️☃️ We stayed in Grantown on Spey 3 nights in a cottage right next to the forest. 🌲🌲🌲With no internet… but the little squirrels on the terrace made up for it. 🥰 We explored the area while we were there and I will show you all the walks and adventures later.

We start our next road trip in GRANTOWN ON SPEY, in the CAIRNGORMS in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and we drove about 85 km / 53 Miles again further WEST. We didn’t stop much for “sightseeing” this time, but we drove into INVERNESS for some food and drinks. ☕️🥪🥗 What was about half way.

We reached DRUMNADROCHIT in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 actually a little place a bit further that is called BUNLOIT. This is in the mountains 🏔️ above the large lake: LOCH NESS.
We stayed 2 nights.

Our stay ended there 16 January when we traveled further… much further again hehehe 🤭
I will show you the next and LAST trip soon 😁 so stay tuned for the last part in the following dayssss.
As some unpacking from the boxes still has to be done too 📦📦📦📦

The 82 photographs in this post are all taken with my #iPhone 🤓 14 January 2023 📱and I will follow the time stamps so it looks like you are coming along with me on my #journey further and see what I saw… 😎

Some of you already know what I was doing during the last weeks… since 19 December 2022, if you missed it;
We are moving countries.
We left Spain 🇪🇸 see this post: ✈️ Our flight out of Spain 🇪🇸 ~ 📦🚛✈️
I made an update in this post: Update, Things are not always going as planned ~ “Market Friday in Stamford UK” 📦🚛✈️
We started our next adventures on 5 January 2023, our journey towards our final destination after we visited the in-laws and friends in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 for the holidays.

Part 1 of my adventures you find here: PART 1 of 6 ~ “ROAD TRIP NORTH - 305 km” 📦🚛✈️
Part 2 of my adventures you find here:
PART 2 of 6 ~ “ROAD TRIP NORTH - 304 km” Visit to the KELPIES close to Falkirk 📦🚛✈️
Part 3 of my adventures you find here: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 - PART 3 of 6 ~ “ROAD TRIP NORTH - 200 more km” 📦🚛✈️
Part 4 of my adventures you find here: Driving through the ❄️ CAIRNGORMS national park 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 - PART 4 of 6 ~ “ROAD TRIP NORTH - 120 km further” let’s move countries 📦🚛✈️

I have counted the DISTANCE again that we traveled until DRUMNADROCHIT.
Last total from part 4 was 2972km/ 1846.7 Miles.

🚗✈️🚗✈️🚗 So we have traveled now 3057 km/ 1899.7 Miles and we are still not done yet 😎 let’s travel a bit further…. 🚗✈️🚗✈️🚗

(Our adventures out locally around the stays are not counted in the total distance)

Will we continue over the road? Or do we get on a boat… or a plane again…. Nope… I’m still not telling you, you have to have a little bit more patience and find out soon 😉😎 very soon you will know where I ended up 🗺 I PROMISE

Let’s go…. Here is PART 5 of our journey from 14 January 2023 🚗🚗

We took the following route west (kinda…) with a stop for lunch in INVERNESS and drove many smaller country back roads but also some main roads this time.

Leaving the little cottage… our road out of the town of Grantown on Spey it was 10:47h in the morning.

Not much later we saw these views 🤩 Look at the snowy mountains in the distance 😁 WOW so beautiful.

Zoomed out a bit for you. Can you imagine, we are heading straight towards those snowy mountains? 🏔️

Yep… I’m excited and looking forward to the mountains.
The roads are rather empty. We don’t mind 😊

The hills are covered in forests here 🌲🌲🌲🌲

Some farms amongst them.

It’s a pretty sight when we drive through the forests… the trees bare no leaves at the moment as it’s still winter.

In a moment I saw next to me the light of the sun shining through these trees, and capture against the sun the following photo. The #shadow play is amazing… 😎

We reached the town of Carrbridge. (Of course we stopped here for some sightseeing… a famous bridge… I will show you another time 😁)

Driving out of the town we follow the road… I love empty roads that seem to go on and on…

Going under a train track…

And we go right here to Inverness further. Of course I had to try and capture this photo against the bright sun… see the sheep 🐑 😉 they are still cute and everywhere.

Inverness 23 Miles

And we continue… 😊🚗

Closer to Inverness the landscape is changing again. It’s a beautiful crisp day with clear skies… (at the moment 😉)

The road becomes double lanes… and more cars appear now.

We pass by this sign that tells us we are at : SLOCHD SUMMIT 1328 feet (405 meters) above sea level.

Suddenly road works appear and we have to slow down and only one lane is free to continue… this goes on for a while 🤓

I capture a bridge through the trees, do you see it?

Crossing the river FINDHORN

And we see this long bridge next to us.

Zooming out, we see the valley is beautiful and so green 😊

The end of the roadworks.

Let’s go to Inverness… it’s not much further. Looking forward to stretching our legs a bit. 😎

The scenery is stunning…

Going downhill…. Wwooohhhooooo 🎢 hahaha 🤣

8 miles left…

Passing by this beautiful church that pops out off it’s surroundings 🤩

As we are very close by the famous LOCH NESS… it is sign posted already. 🦕

In the distance… snowy mountains 🏔️ do you see them? Yep… it’s exciting to see snow after having lived in Spain 🇪🇸 the last 7 years.

Going down the valley… darker clouds covering the right side.

Entering Inverness.

After parking the car 🚗 we start walking a bit. Stretching the legs and in search of a nice restaurant.
We stumble upon this beautiful bridge.

Look at it! It’s stunning and goes all the way over the large river. Let’s check it out:

WHAT A MOMENT, don’t you think?

Dark clouds on the right, the bridge… stunning 🤩

We walk onto it and it wobbles… hahaha 🤣 Oh my…

The views around us are stunning…
It’s a suspension bridge.
I see the castle of Inverness in the middle of the photo.

I’m not a fan of wobbly bridges… but it is worth it going on to this one.
See the city of Inverness… 🥰

Walking back I capture this shot 📸

Walking through the centre we pass by stunning architecture and old buildings.

I won’t show you too much now… as we still have some km‘s to drive. We had lunch and walked back to the car… 🚗

On this square we find this statue with an unicorn 🦄

A beauty 🦄😎

In the car we leave Inverness…

The clouds are getting darker and heavier 🌧️⛈️🌨️ we go straight on here and follow the Fort William sign.


Here we go…

Drumnadrochit 13 Miles… so a bit further…

We start to see empty roads again…

Passing by forests… 🌳🌳🌳🌳

Loch Ness is starting on the left…

We see some pretty houses on the other side from it.

Suddenly water on both sides.

Don’t mind the blurry trees… I was capturing the boats ⛵️⛵️⛵️ in the water. They somehow stayed in focus while we passed the trees… very arty I think 😁📸

Official sign: WELCOME TO LOCH NESS 🦕🦕🦕🦕

Of course we got out of the car in a parking 🅿️ and captured the setting sun 🌅 and the large Lake: LOCH NESS…

Looking to the right… all grey and foggy 🌫️

One more capture of the #sunset!

And here we go… of course it starts raining the last Km’s… somehow it is doing that most of the time when we are driving to the next stay.

Sign Glen Urquhart.

The scenery… I try to capture it before we can’t see through the rain 🌧️

Entering Drumnadrochit.

If you remember… there is no mobile reception here. So our Google maps didn’t work. We thought our next stay was along the main road and we follow the lake for a little bit further after the town.
So we did… 🤔🫣

We see now everywhere… Loch Ness advertising.

The museum of it is just on the right… sadly closed this winter for refurbishment.

We drive through the town further.

We go left….

A bit further… until we are next to the lake again.

We pass by these signs on the right… SOMETHING FUNNY IS HAPPENING HERE… do follow along 😋🫣 I didn’t know I had a photo of it at the time.

We see the lake on the left and follow the road along it until we find a road up the mountain… our view along the way.

Beautiful 🤩

We drive and drive… the rain gets worse. And suddenly we reach Urquhart castle on the left. We stop on the parking 🅿️ We can’t see the castle from here.
I think… the road should be here somewhere. But… it’s not. We drive a little bit further and give up. We are heading back to the town and turn around.

So with the limited maps we have… I try to see if there are other roads leading up the mountain and discover a small back road.
It leads up from the town Drumnadrochit. So back we go… and imagine this… it’s a road up from that sign we missed before hahaha 🤣

So passing the sign, going up a very small back road… we continue our trip.

Next to us some sheep 🐑

The road is more a small track and there are passing places if there would be another car.

The road is long… and we just follow and follow. Nothing around us anymore.

We go fully remote here. No signals on our phones. The sky is getting darker and the rain heavier…

But… we made it. In the middle of nowhere. We found the location. With some wooden cabins. The crew wasn’t there anymore and the key we found in a lockbox. First thing we did was light a fire… as the temperatures are around freezing 🥶 so it was cold inside.

It took a while for the cabin to warm up…

But we made it. And our adventures continue.

The next morning I take some photographs of the cabin (s)

Here they are @jacoalberts 😊 the wooden cabins on a remote mountain.

I will post the cabins in the snow in another post, otherwise this one would be wayyyyy too long. 😉

The views the next morning were stunning as when we arrived it was dark already. So a nice surprise.

Only 1 other cabin was occupied… who would go into the mountains in the winter into a remote log cabin… hahaha 🤣
YEP… I DO… 😎

Walking around I discover the window of the car… all frozen 🥶

It was a stunning location. Even in the winter.
While we were there the weather turned fully…… we were surprised with this… snow… and truly freezing temperature.

That day even more snow would fall and would make our next trip on the 16th a true adventure… 😳 do look out for it… if you don’t want to miss it.
It will be winter wonderland

My next update @wrestlingdesires and @joetunex

And that’s all for today’s post. Hope you enjoyed reading up and seeing another update of the road trip that is part of our transit between moving countries 🗺 Spain 🇪🇸 and …?
Not many parts left now 😇 the excitement 🤩

Until my next Post! 👋🏻😎 are you joining me again soon?
Thank you for looking and reading 😊 🙏🏻

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Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a great Thursday all 😎
Grtz Jackie


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The photos are stunning Jackie, it must be a beautiful experience that you have been having on your adventurous travels, I had a feel of it this week and was great.

The bridges looks beautiful and nicely photographed 👌.

Thank you so much Joe 👋🏻😊 and for your time to check out my post 🙏🏻

It was an epic journey… truly, and I am happy you got a feel for it this week.
Are you reconsidering? Maybe a drive up. Or is it logistically better to fly, I know you bought the tickets already. Maybe next time, or just a road trip somewhere…

That bridge was a great find, it looks stunning especially when the dark sky showed up.
Have a wonderful Friday evening 👋🏻 it’s weekend!

Time to rest up for you…
Take care.

What a trip you have made! The wooden cabins are beautiful. It must be very peaceful this place. Cool to see all these photos of this part of world 😀
Have a great friday

Thanks a lot @heroldius 👋🏻😊 it was epic… in the next weeks I will share more from our adventures and walks along the road trip.
The cabins were so remote, the only thing one could hear were the birds… the wind and nothingness hehehe 🤭
You could recharge fully there.
Have a great Friday too 👋🏻

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Thanks so much @hivebuzz team 👋🏻😊💃🏻💃🏻 that’s great! Much appreciated.
Have an awesome day further ☀️🐝

You're welcome @littlebee4, it's well deserved! Congrats on your constant involvement on Hive 😊👍🌹

Thank you kindly @hivebuzz team 👋🏻😊🌹 happy to be here.
Have a lovely day!

Amazing and stunning sceneries captured perfectly!It seems to me you had the best trip on that day!
Enjoy and have fun!!@littlebee

I truly had so much fun on this part of the trip, happy to hear it shows in my photos and story 👋🏻😊
Thank you so much @missjoycee 👋🏻😊 have a wonderful new week ☀️🌺

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very beautiful pictures. WELL DONE

Thank you kindly @tornado96 👋🏻😊 much appreciated!


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I'm afraid to ask what is your "final" destination... The North Pole? 😂
I like how that road is narrowing and in the end, disappears around the cottage... Scotland looks great and would like to visit it once... But, I would pick summer to do it... :)

Wish you a pleasant (and warm) night! :)

Hahaha I won’t answer yet… but it is a possibility hahaha 😎
The roads are cool, especially when they disappear like that.
Scotland is a beautiful country and so much to see… don’t think a lifetime is enough to see it all. The nature is stunning.
You know… the summer has the worst weather, “they say”

Thanks a lot @ph1102 👋🏻😊 happy I could share this part with you.
Have an awesome evening!

That might be the most photos I've seen on a post all year. Of people driving on the wrong side of the road. = }

Hahahaha 🤣 hi you 👋🏻
I was thinking… should I break it up… but then people had to wait even longer for all the updates. I didn’t want to break it up much further.
I haven’t been around much lately due to no internet. Very remote here. We got Tuesday Starlink… so I am on-line again and wanted to make up for it and show all 😁 from part 5.
Next week the last part comes 😎

How are you? Hope all well.
Have an awesome day further 😊

That is really out in the wilds of scotland, looking forward to the next episode, you must be running out of land soon?

It is @grindle and I loved every moment of it 😊

Maybe I did run out of land space hahaha 😂🤣
Have a great weekend!

A dated a ghoul once but I had to break up with her.
She had a mean spirit

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Wow! I have never been there, but your photos help me to go! How exciting for you (and us). Looking forward to more. Take care and safe travels my friend! !LADY

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Thank you so much @elizabethbit 👋🏻😊 so happy I could share the photos with you so it looked like you traveled with me. And saw this beautiful part of the world.
Oh it has been sooooo exciting for so longgg now. The journey is truly epic 🤩
Thanks 🙏🏻
!LADY 🤗🌺

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You are very welcome! Take care and enjoy the journey!🤗💜🤗💜

Thanks a lot, I will @elizabethbit 👋🏻😊 enjoy your weekend ☀️🌺


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What a trip! 👀

It's amazing how a post like this can make a person feel "there".

Haven't been to Scotland but I felt the North of England again in the photos. If that makes sense. As in it took me back there for a while again.

It's really gorgeous up there, huh?!

Inverness looks so quaint. Want!

You too? My first thought when you said who would be in a cabin up there in the woods on their own in winter?

I would too! 😆❤️👣

Where are you taking us next?

It surely is an epic trip 😎
Happy it makes you “feel” the journey 😊

Driven through the north of England up I do know what you mean. Although the scenery changes around every corner in Scotland. Depending what direction one goes.

Inverness is a place I would love to explore a bit more / visit again. It used to be the capital of Scotland.

Hahaha… I would love it. Cosy in front of the fire place… cuddled up. Yep… magical 🥰

Somewhere more stunning. In a few days I post it. Making a selection out of 400 photos (that I took on the last trip hehehe ) and editing them a little. Will get it down to the highlights, don’t want to post tooooo much photos or more parts 🤓

Enjoy your evening and weekend further 🤗🤗🥰🌺

400, huh? Okay. 👀

I'll leave you to it and look forward to the post 💥

Hahaha, I love taking photos 😎😉🤓 !LOL

Thank you dear. Hope your weekend is going well.
Bigg huggss

What’s Forest Gump’s password?

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The LOZBOT though 😆

Thanks darling. I will! It requires some automation as I don't wanna do a gazillion gifs one by one. Have a possible solution... maybe. But now means I have to learn After Effects and am so busy right now.

It will happen as it does. As art does!

Beautiful days! 🌸

Sometimes they are funny sometimes… 😂🤔 hahaha

You are welcome dear 👋🏻😊 yep I fully understand.
Have worked with it a few times… not enough to fully understand.
Ooowww sweet time, yes I wished all of us had more hours in a day 😎

Art does happen indeed.
Thanks a lot, you too have wonderful days 👋🏻☀️🌺🌸

Omg cabin in the woods! Yes, pls!!!

Right? They are AMAZING!

oh absolutely, amiga 😍😍😍


I did absolutely enjoy catching up on this even though it took me 2 days 😅. Not literally of course. Stumbled on the post yesterday evening and kept getting my attention called to work/school stuff up until I slept off. I'd usually move on to the next available post the next day or the next hour in which I'm free but I was glued.
It's so cool to catch even if glimpses of Inverness in these times. Not that I saw it in the olden days haha, but I saw what it looked like from the series Outlander. Have you seen it?

Such beautiful "arty" photos BTW 😉. Kudos!


I know what you mean… couldn’t do it with just a few photos 😉
Thanks for getting through the entire post in parts 😎 and it made you glued to the story and photos 😊 that makes me so happy to hear. You made my day 🤩

Nope haven’t seen the series, but cool you did and did recognise it as being in the series and my photos. Will check the series out, thanks for that 🤓

Thank you so much, have an awesome weekend further @uchelee 👋🏻😊

Xoxoxoxoxoxo 😅

You're most welcome ❤️.

Thanks a lot.

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Sounds great! I will...
Thanks a lot @littlebee4

You are welcome 👋🏻😊 great to hear ☀️🌺

That looks like a fantastic trip. Thanks for sharing.

It truly was 😎
Happy I could share it with you.
Have a great day further.

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You have had some road trip while in Scotland ! I know all of the places from this post quite well. However, I have to say, you were very lucky indeed, as the route you took on this drive was very dangerous. Nessie mainly likes to eat tourists so you were very lucky to survive ! She said she'd get you next time !
All the best !

Which side of the chicken has more feathers?
The outside.

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Yep… the road trip all over Scotland was epic 😁😎 loved every moment off it. And we were sooo lucky with the weather.
So cool you recognise all places 🤓
Hahahaha you made me !LOL and hubby too… thanks for that. Lucky us hahaha 😜
I sure have to watch out for her when I would return one day.
Too bad I didn’t see her. I had hoped I would… now all tourists were gone 😇🦕 I thought see would come and say hi.

All the best @hoosie

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Wow! That's one hell of a trip, Jackie😍 You did enjoy your adventure through those roads and even experienced a few seasons all through your journey😁 Perfect ending with the cottage in the woods😍

It surely was @ifarmgirl and the seasons kept coming all in one day hahaha
Can you imagine we almost got snowed in ☃️☃️☃️ more about that soon, also in our last part of the journey. 😎
The cottage was just so cute… the fireplace perfect. Loved it, too bad we only stayed 2 nights.
Have a great day 👋🏻🌺

Just wow! I don't mind going on a road trip forever with this view. Hahah. Everywhere you look is a thing of beauty. So this is Scotland and it's, a real wonderland. I don't see Scottich people. Are there more sheeps than people? 😅. What a silly question. Anyhow, this is such an amazing journey for you and thank you for sharing it with us.

And I really thought there's snow in Spain. 😆. I should study geography more. 😅

Thanks a lot @bluepark 😊 me neither… I could do this forever with these kind of views 😎it’s indeed so beautiful in Scotland. There are people, but we chose the back roads… out of tourists season… so not many people around. We did meet some great Scottish people, so friendly and helpful. Very chatty too.
Loved it!

The journey is just epic and I am so happy I can share it with you. 🤗🥰

I lived in the most southern part of Spain, no snow there. Just humidity and heat ☀️
If you look at the north, next to the Pyrenees you see snow in the winter and colder month. ☃️☃️
Spain is rather large…
Have a great day my friend 👋🏻🌺

Wow! You've captured some stunning views in this post!

And those cabins! They are just beautiful! Thank you so much for tagging me, @littlebee4! I do appreciate it!

I'm still waiting for some of the images to load...yes, my computer is playing tricks on me again... The internet speed seems to be fine now, so I think it's the computer again...lol.

I'll just be patient and give it some time.

Thanks a lot @jacoalberts 👋🏻😊 the views were stunning, sometimes Breathtakingly beautiful.

The cabins were so cute, will share more from them. ☃️☃️😎 happy to, as we had discussed.

Oh sorry to hear that my friend. Hope the problems are resolved soon and the computer works like normal again.
Yep, sounds like the only way.., being patient. Have a wonderful evening 🤓

I am looking forward to see the rest of your photos of the cabins, @littlebee4😀👍!

I guess I'll have to get this computer checked out...lol.

I think it might be just a setting or something...

I fiddled a bit and I can already see an improvement. Will get it sorted out somehow...lol.

Speak to you soon, @littlebee4🙏👍!

Could well be, or just an update of some software, app or?
Good to hear you saw some improvement.

Thanks… speak soon 👋🏻

Thank you kindly @jacoalberts 👋🏻😊

Sounds like something you have to do, when it’s not working so well… let’s hope it is something really tiny 🤞🏻🍀

Beautiful, beautiful, DRUMNADROCHIT!
Your photos are amazing.
It is as if I have seen the place, although I haven't, hahaha!
!LADY 😍🌺🤙

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Thanks a lot @silversaver888 👋🏻😊
It was stunning around there, even the snow we got at the end of our stay there.
We didn’t see Nessie though in Loch Ness, I did search 😉😎
So cool it looks like you been there with me.
Have a great Friday and have fun catching up 🤗🥰🌺💃🏻

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Thanks a lot @teamuksupport 👋🏻😊 much appreciated!


Thank you so much @ladiesofhive 👋🏻😊 much appreciated!
Have a great Friday all 🌺☀️

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Thank you so much @ladytoken 👋🏻😊 much appreciated!
Have a wonderful day. 🌺💃🏻


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