Ladies of Hive Community Contest #65

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Authored by @saffisara

TO THE 65th EDITION of the

This is a contest from our community to you, women empowering each other both on the blockchain and in Discord! A place we love and where Hive is alive. If you haven't joined our discord yet, an invite can be found by clicking on the first banner under this post!

We will award 3 HIVE to the best entry.

¡Este es un concurso de nuestra comunidad para ustedes, mujeres que se empoderan unas a otras tanto en blockchain como en Discord! Un lugar que amamos y donde Hive está presente. Si aún no se ha unido a nuestra discordia, puede encontrar una invitación haciendo clic en el primer aviso publicitario debajo de esta publicación.

Regalaremos 3 HIVE a la mejor entrada.

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For this week we want to know:

1️⃣ What is your most embarrassing moment that you can't forget?


2️⃣ What is the story behind your Hive username?

The Hive blockchain uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
The contest ends each Saturday at 11:59 PM (23:59) UTC.
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  • Blog must answer at least one of the questions(or more, if you wish!)
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  • Blog must be submitted before the end of day Saturday, January 15, 2021
  • El blog debe enviarse antes del final del día Sábado, 15 de Enero, 2021
  • Blog must be published in 'Ladies of Hive' community
  • El blog debe publicarse en la comunidad 'Ladies of Hive' (Damas de Hive)
  • Blog must be linked in a comment to this post
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  • Blog must be original in order to win
  • El blog debe ser original para poder ganar       
  • Blog must be 200+ words (word count must be met before any translation of your blog!)
  • El blog debe tener más de 200 palabras (el recuento de palabras debe efectuarse antes de cualquier traducción de tu blog!)
  • Blog must invite another woman to the community
  • El blog debe invitar a otra mujer a la comunidad

Good luck, Ladies!

Questions this week by: @saffisara
Judging will be by: @saffisara

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I am really excited to see how this plays out, and to read all posts 😉
Good luck everyone ❤️

Mi entrada:
Gracias a tod@s me encanta estas iniciativas para compartir y escribir! suerte a tod@s

OPS!!!! mil disculpa comunidad @ladiesofhive publique mal, :( soy nueva y me equivoque lo colgue donde no debia, no se si no entro en la participacion, mil disculpas pero aca les dejo el link para que disfruten de una breve historia gracias a todos

Hmmm,... what is the most embarrassing moment? Hahaha...
I recall a time... hehehe! It is funny and embarrassing at the same time!
I can't wait to read you're articles!

Je je je seguro lo disfrutarás!!

I would be waiting to read your article 😃😃

I can't wait to write on the first question, a day I can never forget though its embarrassing but I learnt a huge lesson from it

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Uuuuuu…question two pick my interest! I can’t wait to read the stories from other ladies here, either your sharing on your embarrassing moment or your user name, OR BOTH!!

Side tracking here: would it be possible to get feedback on what I could have improve or correct from my previous post oh LOH ? As I am still new on Ecency, I am humbly welcoming any and all advices.

Hope you ladies have a wonderful start of the week!

Here my participation. It will be fun to read everyone's articles hahaha

@ladiesofhive nice contest!!! I'll send mine soon😃

Really interesting questions this week🤣
I'd be posting soon and then take out time to enjoy reading from others.
Good luck dear Sisters and brothers🎉🎉

Your comment make me think... are "brothers" eligible for #ladiesofhive community? :D :D :D

😂I guess they're being a brother keeper, looking out for is and supporting out brother m.

Oh my goodness! This should be good! I might have to share mine this time........maybe. I can't wait to read the responses.😁😎👍🤗💜

Brilliant set of topics for the week! And here is my entry :)

Thank you and have a great week ahead!

Another great questions for this week. I enjoyed writing mine.

This week's questions are quite interesting. I have an embarrassing moment that I will never forget but it is very short and I don't think it will leave any lessons so I will write the story of my user who does have a lot to say.
I look forward to reading your stories and as always hope to learn something new.

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Me encanta esta dinámica, participaré 😊

Hey ladies, I'm just joining the community activities after the holidays 😄 I hope all your wishes come true in this new year 💕. Here is my entry for this week's contest.

Interesting question
I would be posting my entry soon on my most embarrassing moment

Hola mis queridas chicas! aquí les dejo el enlace de mi publicación. Espero lo disfruten! // Ahora seguiré disfrutando de sus respuestas! un abrazo para todas.

Hi, everyone. Here is my participation. Good luck ladies

Ja ja ja es muy chistiso pero a la vez da pena... depende que tipo de vergüenza se a pasado en la vida ....pero bueno hay que hacerlo de forma divertida ...suerte a todas con sus historias amigas 🥰

I did it. I did a thing. I published a blogpost to LOH - yay 😁

Hello friends, happy to be here again. I'm dropping you my #65 contest entry 🤗😊much success to all 🌿🌺.

Una historia detrás de mi nombre de usurero aquí en hive.

Hola amigas, me d...

Hello Friends, this Is my participation i hope you like 💟🤗

Good job @saffisara in coming up with these two prompts! Can't wait to read some embarrassing stories - I know we all have one!

My hive user name isn't hard to figure out, not much of a story there, lol.

Well since my name is so explanatory, I'll share my embarrassing moment - it was along time before I could laugh about it!
Embarassing?!? You Bet! - Ladies of Hive Contest #65

In my whole life experience I rather played it safe depending on the context of my situation which can only mean that I am far overdue for an embarrassing moment so I must read others instead.
Good Writing everyone!

Hello @ladiesofhive, here is the link to my post for the Contest #65. Regards Angie

Now there's 2 great questions to answer.

The second one is very easy and the first- may be too embarrassing to answer...🤣😂😅😆😁😄😀😅😅

Dear @saffisara, your question made me writing my entry right away!! :D :D

Here is it:

Hola hermosas mujeres aquí mi participación...

Hello beautiful women here my participation ...

Hey lovely women,
Kindly see my Entry for this contest.

Let's have fun engaging.

Wow another contest alert.........let's get started my entry is on the way 50% loading!

Hi! Here is my entry for this contest: If someone has a more embarassement moment than mine, I don't mind 😅😅 If not, I am happy to win 😂😂

Great and interesting question this week, will be posting my entry soon.🥰

Thanks once again for the opportunity to reflect.
Here's my response ...

nice contest! will publish mine soonest!

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hola que tal me gustaria saber que es eso de tokens ARCHON

Dear Judge @saffisara. This is a short story about the origin of the name callmenana as an account name on the Hive platform. Hope you like it and wish me luck!

Feliz día, hermosas mujeres, les comparto mi participación.

Happy day, beautiful women, I share with you my participation.

lol, this was very joyful to write about.
this is my participation :

I hope you like it

Están muy buenas las preguntas en esta edición, qué divertido. Gracias, chicas.

Very nice questions in this issue, what fun. Thanks, girls.

LOH #65

Embarrassing, to be sure, (not the funny haha kind of embarrassing).

Thank you💗

Very nice questions @saffisara! I leaned towards the second question, but that would feel like writing the same content over and over again. So I answered the first question.

Curious? Go read it in my blog ... 😌

Hello, here I leave my entry to my participation in this week's contest. Gracias #LadiesfHive

I can't stop laughing from the post i have read, fun and hilarious. Here is my entry to the contest #65

Hello beautiful ladies of hive, i have been following this great community fo...

Ahh why did you make me remember all of that! I picked just one memory that is harmless but still makes me hide under the pillow when I remember, but I remember a lot... I'm going for some comfort chocolate right now.

Child memory that hunts me / Ladies of Hive Community Contest 65

Hello ! I wrote from the heart hope you enjoy it :) this is my post for the contest ;

Hola, saludos a todas, por acá les comparto mi publicación para participar en el concurso de esta semana. Gracias por leer.

Good evening everyone, hope am not too late, my contest post here , thank you.

Esta es mi entrada al concurso amigas. Muchas gracias y mucha suerte para todas.

Here is my entry! I did enjoy doing this :). I had fun mesmerizing.

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