Finding new "Me" - Hello HIVE!

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Hello HIVE!

Writing is something which I am not good at, I think. And after reading through some posts my suspicion has been confirmed!

I have found a bunch of amazing writers and to me it seems my writing skills are not really up to that mark yet! But we all start somewhere, so why not starting it with a short introduction!

I am a recently graduated doctor and currently pursuing a career in internal medicine! But contrary to the common prejudice against medical students and doctors, I am nowhere near being nerdy enough to bore you guys with academics in my introduction post!

My husband and I recently shifted to a new city for his post graduation _(he too is a doctor, duh!) and where I plan to restart my post graduation too. Hold on! I guess I am more nerdy than I thought! Oh well!

We are exploring this city everyday with some new discoveries! Sometimes it is fun, sometimes the going gets tough, but the fighter in me wakes up and I try to take things slow and go with the flow.

The area we live in is the hub, the center, the life of "Old Dhakayia" food! It's a food festival on a daily basis. Biryani, beef/chicken tikka, fish barbeque, seafood by the road, kebabs, chotpoti/fuchka with different varieties of "tok," bhelpuri, chana muri mix, liver fry, fruits mixed with kashundi - you name it, we have it!

Fuchka needs no introduction I guess!

Tea with nuts - "Teanuts!" Get it? 😜

Being a foodie myself, this should have been heaven and frankly I was quite excited when I used to hear about all the varieties of street food we could get here from my husband, who had shifted here well before we got hitched!

But you know how the saying goes - too much of even a good thing can be bad! I am tired of this food extravaganza, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Anywhoo, I don't want my intro post to be a memorial of "All the things I hate about...." 😂

I am neither an avid reader nor a writer. But I still try to read a few pages everyday (Not textbooks of course! Remember how I'm not too much of a nerd?!).

Currently I am reading the Harry Potter series. This really is not my kind of book, but I like to try out new experiences quite often. Keeps life colourful, don't you think! And surprisingly enough, I am quite enjoying this read! Hopefully I can finish the set as early as possible and be finally allowed to watch the movies with my husband who is a Potterhead! And apparently it's a crime to watch the movies without reading the books if you have a potterhead for a husband! But what do I know! 🤷‍♀

I have always found extremely innovative ways to avoid the kitchen whenever possible. So it is no real surprise I am struggling with cooking and everything! But as I said, I like new experiences, I like experiments. Almost everyday I try something new calling up my sister over phone or my mom or from YouTube. I have a pretty tolerant "guinea pig," my husband - who seems to know his way around spices! 😉

I am not a quitter! I understand it will take me a while to become a fluent writer - but the whole point is to have fun and meet new people! As long as I am doing that, the rest will fall into place!

Until next time, Adieu!


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Welcome to hive.

I know your husband so well that either of us care to admit. Without meeting him in real life of course. However, if you manage to stay here (and that could be a long shot) you will see that not meeting in real life doesn’t matter much to many of us.

You can ask about me from your husband who we call doc; so it is unlikely that you will be called the same. It is a shame but there it is, first come, first serve.

Not everything is good about hive. Everything that is bad, I live there.

Welcome to hive

I have already heard a lot about you (dada) and sakib long before I even considered joining hive and created a mental picture about you both.Thank you for your warm welcome dada 😊

I welcome you to the crazy world of Hive. ☕️

I know you'll get along just fine, because you have the OG, the Doc, by your side. 🔥

True!! I consider myself lucky in that case.Thank you so much😊

You are welcome. ✨


Yummy 😋🤤

Thank you 😊

Please check out my let's Post and give me feedback because I am new here

So it is no real surprise I am struggling with cooking and everything!

A foodie who doesn't like cooking 😅 that's rather vary classy.

It's good to have you around and I'd be looking forward to all the amazing things you have to offer✨

Thanks for appreciating 😊
I am also excited to share more about my experiences in future.😊

I'd look forward to it then✨. Do have fun in hive.

Welcome to #ladiesofhive @docineffable

Not a Quitter?, Then you'll do fine.
Wishing you Success on our Social Blockchain.

Thank you so much.I think I am quite enjoying this thing now😊

Welcome, @docineffable ! You made me smile quite a bit! Thank you for sharing and enjoy the sisterhood of Ladies of Hive! Take care and have a lovely day! !LADY

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome.😊 Glad to know you liked it.Looking forward to make some good friends here😊

Hello @docineffable
Welcome to Ladies of Hive.
Ladies of Hive is here for you.
This is where we can exchange ideas and be inspired by the stories of others.
Perhaps we have the knowledge to share or perhaps we need to learn from others.
No matter what it is ... do it on Ladies of Hive.
You are not here just for yourself.
We are here for each other.
Meet other women in the community!
Get others involved!
Support each other!
Thank you for introducing yourself!
!LADY 😍🌺🤙

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I have been overwhelmed by the warm welcome I have already received from this community! I am really looking forward to meeting more users here and making more connections. I thank you for the kind words and a warm welcome ☺️

Hello fellow Potterhead @docineffable! This is @indayclara from the @ocd team. Congratulations and welcome to Hive!

So which Hogwarts House do you belong? 😉 I think you will love Hive Book Club. If you are interested about sharing your food extravaganza (please do!), head on to Foodies Bee Hive.

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Some things to remember here on Hive:

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We wish you all the best in your Hive journey!

So which Hogwarts House do you belong?

I think I'd be a gryffindor 😝

Getting used to this platform as I am a slow learner 😊
I will definitely check out the communities you have mentioned.I think I will enjoy the foodies community.😊 I will go through the article.Thanks for your suggestions😊


Sorry it took me this long to welcome you Vabi. But in any case, welcome to this glorious place that is full of very interesting people all over the world.

I know @simplifylife bro already filled your ears with a lot of bad stuff about me. Well I should return some of it perhaps. He is not what he seems really:3 If you want to know more, just let me know. Ill tell you everything in details XD.

Jokes aside, give it sometimes here vabi. Youll feel right at home here and that is a promise:))

Nice to hear "bhabi"from you.So your my "devar"ji from today.😊

He has told all good things about you.You are really a nice person I must mention.😊 Now it seems like I have met you in person.I am sure you are very mature dt you handle him smartly..he sometimes gets into my nerves 😝@simplifylife
So nice of you.I am trying my best to participate in more activities.😊

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Oh man. So you were the poor lady that drew that short straw and ended up with simplifylife!! Haha.

I joke of course, one of the nicest people I've ever had the fortune to meet. I hope your stay on hive is good :)

Haha..poor me 😛
Yeah.i am enjoying this platform 😊

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= } Welcome

Welcome to Hive. It is great that you have the patience to read the Harry Potter books before watching the movies. It is worth the wait. You write well, btw.