Feel like you're getting nowhere with Hive? Here are 10 tips to help you make progress faster. (#117)

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Dear Fellow Hiver,

I heard on the grapevine that you feel like you're getting nowhere with Hive. But you liked the sound of Hive. When you created an account you loved the look and feel of it. You saw the potential and you were excited. I get it! I felt the same way.

But now I understand that you're feeling a little flat, a little deflated, a little discouraged.

You've been trying to do all the things you were taught or that you've seen others do and you're getting very few upvotes, very little Hive coming into your account, and the Hive price is nowhere near what it was when you started. Boo!


I hear you. Yep! That sucks and I totally get why you're feeling unmotivated and might want to leave.

So that's why I'm writing you this love letter, to see if I can offer some helpful tips to get you moving and grooving here on Hive. Because it is, as you saw, an awesome place with incredible potential and I'd hate for you to miss out on this opportunity if there was a simple way I could help.

So, you ready? Let's do this!


10 tips to make Hive work better for you

1️⃣ Know your strengths (and play to them)

In the 15 months I've been on Hive so far I've seen soooo many different strategies for growing a following and a healthy bank account on Hive. So many!

And what I've noticed is that the people who have been on here a long time and have a much higher reputation than me and way bigger Hive accounts than me have all found their groove. That is, they've found their way of being on Hive.

  • Those who are good at writing, write a lot.
  • Those who are good at speaking to a camera do videos.
  • Those who are good at reading, consume and curate a lot of content.

Consider what you naturally like to do and are good at and play to those strengths. There is no one way to do Hive. Yes, there are some rules to follow but while one person is podcasting another is sharing their incredible photos with short captions and another still is running contests so others on Hive can create new content.


2️⃣ Create and consume content on topics that you love.

Love gaming? Focus on that. On a mission to teach people about vegan cooking? Do that. Obsessed with mushrooms and know more about fungi than almost anyone you know? Tell us about it.

Everyone has one or more things they totally love to talk about with their friends or family or anyone who will listen. Everyone has one or more things that that occupy their thoughts every day. Whatever those one or two or ten things are for you, create, consume and/or curate content about them.

You're allowed to ignore all the things on Hive that don't interest you and simply focus on the things that do. And it's so much easier to ride the times when HIVE drops low (or even lower again) when you are busy writing, reading, speaking, photographing and/or sharing about stuff you love talking about anyway.

And while we're on the topic, please show your fellow Hivers respect by creating something good. Make your post good enough that you're proud of it. Make it good enough that it's worth someone else's time to consume it. It doesn't have to be perfect; sometimes I spend more than an hour on a single long teaching post like this and they're never perfect, but they're good and I'm proud of them. So aim for good. Make yourself proud. Then there's a good chance others will be impressed when they consume what you created... and upvote you.


3️⃣ Find your rhythm and honour it

Some people like the routine and consistency of posting every day. My partner posts twice every day and he can do that sustainably and enjoys it. He's found his rhythm. If I thought that what it took to be successful on Hive I would have before I'd even really begun.

I ignored what he does and I worked out what works for me.

It seems that what works best for me is to write posts on a wide range of topics. I'm often sharing much longer teaching posts (like this one), or telling stories from my day and I very rarely write every single day.

Instead, I'm aiming for 2-3 posts per week and I do them when I feel like, "Oooh! I could write about that!". And then I go do it. That is, I'm following my inspiration, my intuition, my flow and I'm far less structured and routine in my writing than my partner is.

Two different people, two different rhythms. We're both honouring what feels true for us and that's what's made Hive feel both sustainable and enjoyable so far and we've both made more progress than we were expecting when we started.


4️⃣ Find someone to do Hive with you

This could be a neighbour, a university friend, a family member or anyone who is (ideally) physically close to you and is enthusiastic about the possibilities that Hive provides.

I've said to Brad (my partner) several times over the last year that if it wasn't for him working on Hive every day then I'm not sure I would have done much with this platform. But because there's two of us and we're both into it it's something that we get to work on together. It's another thing for us to play with and bond over as we grow together.

It also means when we have any challenges we can tackle them together. I'm not alone in this. And while I reckon he would have done alright on Hive without my company, maybe you're more like me? Maybe you need a buddy who is also on Hive so you can do it together.

And if there's really no-one close to you that is interested in Hive or crypto or blockchain then the next best workaround is to make friends on Hive that you don't have any other way of connecting with except through Hive. Which brings me to #5.


5️⃣ Make friends with people on Hive

I've heard it said before and I totally feel the same way:

"I came for the coin but I've stayed for the community."

If I was just here for the money I would be missing out on all the other incredible things that Hive offers. I've shared before that the connections I've been able to make on Hive have made my life so much richer. I have Hive friends in more countries now than I've ever been able to visit. I've found meaningful connections with people I simply couldn't find with the Web 2.0 althorigms controlling what I see.

So make the most of the wide array of friends you can make on here. While I'm lucky that my posts are now attract quite a lot of reads, regular upvotes and reblogs, if it wasn't for the richness of connections I've made through Hive I'm not sure I'd care much about staying on here. It's the people and the relationships that make the accumulating of HIVE and HBD so much more fun.


6️⃣ Choose communities that feel good to you and follow their rules

Creating content and only putting it on your blog won't get you a lot of views or upvotes on your content. What works way better is to find communities where the theme or focus of the group is something that genuinely interests you and participate in whatever happens in that group. Participating is the keyword here.

I see people posting their content in communities but never commenting on other people's stuff or actively engaging with others or encouraging them. A community isn't a space to just dump and run, it's a community: a group of people with whom you can engage, grow with, learn from, be with.

So spend a bit of time consuming other people's content in communities you like. You might be surprised by how many friends you make in the process.


7️⃣ Reply to the comments people make on your posts.

Another behaviour I see regularly on here is that people spend a lot of time on creating their posts but then don't allocate time or energy to reply to comments. If someone has taken the time to say something on your post then it's a really good idea to reply.

Sure, sometimes people write "throw away" comments that don't say that much. When that's the case I usually just acknowledge the comment with an emoji.

If someone has asked a question then can you answer it? If someone has said something kind it's a great idea to thank them! You will be amazed how much your Hive account will grow over time if you treat the people who comment on your posts (and reblog your posts) like human beings who deserve your attention and thanks.


8️⃣ Be open to learning. The more you learn--and apply--the more your Hive account will grow.

We're all new here. All of us. Even those with reputations over 80 and accounts with hundreds of thousands of Hive. Because the world of crypto and Web 3.0 is new for all of us. None of us grew up with this (if you're an adult reading this, that is!). We all had to learn from scratch.

So be willing to learn. The more you realise that we're all new and we're all in this together, the faster your account will grow. Why? Because the only way to spot your mistakes (or be open to feedback when you make a mistake) is to be actively learning.

You can do that through joining a community focused on learning about Hive or through joining the Discord server of your favourite community, or both.

You can also learn a lot by noticing what other people who have been on Hive longer than you, who run communities, who are Dolphins or Orcas (or perhaps Whales if you can understand what the heck they're talking about 🤣) or anyone you can identify clearly knows a lot more than you do.

Find your role models--the people who are more successful than you so far on Hive, who demonstrate really good, ethical, kind behaviour on Hive, who talk about things that interest you--and model off them. That is, copy their (good) behaviours in whatever way makes sense for you and your life.


9️⃣ Remember that what goes around comes around.

Find people you actually like and upvote their stuff if you think they've created something great. Help them if you think you can. Give them tokens in the comments if you have any to give.

If you can think about the ways you can give to others then before long people will be giving to you too. But if you can, give in order to help other people because it feels good to help people not to rack up favours or expect things in return.

Give when you want to. Help the people you like. Encourage the people who create content you adore. Be a cheerleader, if that's your thing. If it's not, then do whatever feels naturally and authentically true for you.

But if you never give to anyone else, if you're only thinking about what you can get you've missed the point of this entire platform which is for all of us to help all of us. Together, we are better.


🔟 Be grateful for what you do get instead of focusing on what you think you should have by now.

This one is less strategic than the other tips but possibly more important than almost any of the others. Being grateful is a practice, it's a practice of remembering and realising what we already have. I'm better at doing this in some areas of my life than others and it shows. The places where I have the most growth and the best results are the places in my life where I remember to focus on what I already have.

Yes, I have a vision of where it is I want to go. So maybe you have a goal to accumulate 1,000 HP or become a Minnow or see your posts receive more than $10 in upvotes. Goals are great! And the things that will help you get there, other than the tips I've previously mentioned, are being able to simulateously know where you're going and appreciate where you are right now.

So can you practice? Can you practice being grateful when you receive $5 in upvotes on the best post you've ever written? Can you practice being grateful when someone gives you a token you weren't expecting? Can you practice being grateful when someone says something kind and encouraging on your post?

If you can get in the habit of focusing on what you already have not only do I know it will help your Hive account grow over time, it feels so much better than thinking you should be somewhere different than where you are.


And that's it, ten tips to help you grow your Hive account! I'd love to know in the comments which of these tips was your favourite and/or which one of these you know will help you to grow your account even more.


Caroline (aka consciouscat)

P.S. Thanks to kerrislravenhill from the Ladies of Hive Community for the excellent prompt this week that "prompted" this post 😉

A reputation 52 friend says that she no longer wants to be active in Hive, claiming that she can't make the time, the coin is so low valued, and only a few people ever read her posts.

What could you do to encourage and help her to keep trying? Writing tips? Time management? Other?

If you're a woman and would like to participate in the weekly contests run by the team in the Ladies of Hive Community, click here to join the group. All womxn welcome.


OMGosh, I've never had so many reblogs of a single post ever!

Thank you, @netvalar, @luchyl, @hivecluster, @hylene74, @evagavilan2, @generosesity, @missjoycee, @eeventuree, @ramindi1, @mandysmoon 😉 & @new.things 😘 plus everyone else I've already mentioned elsewhere in this thread.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm glad it's been so helpful 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤸

I look forward to hearing how your accounts grow! Please feel free to tag in future posts or comments as you implement the things you've learned 🧡

This article is very helpful. It's I who should thank you for this post!
God bless!☺️

Thank you for posting this!!🖤✨

I'm new to Hive, and this post has helped me to continue growing in the community. I will take your recommendations into account and I hope it will help me to continue growing, thanks for helping us make it a little easier🤗

You are really new to Hive! Welcome, my dear! Welcome.

I'm glad you saw this post and I'd love to see you implement the tips you loved the most. It will really help you gain momentum and grow your account here.

Do you know how to save or reblog this post so you can keep referring to it? That's what I do when I see a post that I know I want to come back to again and again while I'm learning something new.

BTW, loved your introduction!

This is absolutely the best write up i can see for far. It's not only for newbie but people who may be struggling on hive
Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece

Oh gosh. You are so very welcome, Vicky. I hope it helps you continue to be more and more awesome in this space :)

It will
Thank you

been only three days here. i was overwhelmed by technical stuff; keys, dapps to use and bunch of similar things.

eventually i have to decide my starting point; find easiest way to get in, read. more read. and yes, point 8 is the most important thing for me. the first three hints are really good filters as a workaround.

not much i can give as a feedback but to say thank you! please nevermind about lack of capital on each sentence, i don't like caps that much :) but yeah, i know have to use it when i start my blog. anytime soon i hope.

Hi @cloverhive

Welcome to Hive! Yes, it can be so overwhelming in the beginning. It sounds like you're being really wise about reading and reading and reading!

But I also find that I learn more when I apply what I learn as soon as possible. So starting to write your own posts starts as soon as you decide to start writing! You're never going to be perfect. You're never going to know everything. As soon as you work out how to write a post and you have a community you'd like to write it in and some idea of what you want to say then I recommend that you do :)

And caps... honestly, if you don't like capital letters in your writing then why not just write without them. Sure, I write with caps, but I like them. That's my style. You could be the guy who writes all his blog posts in lowercase letters always and forever ;)

Want to tag me in your Introduction Post when you do it? I'd love to see it. (Soon :P)

certainly! that's a good motivation for me. let's see if i can come up with something :)

I just delegated some resource credits to your account so you can comment and post more often. Be sure to write an introduction post so people find you, and keep engaging with the content you like so you can find your niche on our platform!

hey there, @jacobthe :)
thank you for helping out, this is very much appreciated as i am learning how the counting works. you have a blessed, alright :)

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That's so freakin' awesome. Merci beaucoup mon cher!

Wow, two badges in a row, that's awesome @consciouscat! 🎉🌹

Feeling blessed 🙏 Thanks for reminding me how well I'm doing 😉


2000 people die at sea every year.
Let that sink in

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You are most welcome dear consciouscat. You know this content is gold to everyone. I commend you for writing the most valuable tips not only for every beginner but for everyone. Congratulations for a job well done! You did it! All the best in your Hive journey. Have a great time and take care.

Thank you!

🧡 !LUV

Welcome. Its a really great content and would be really helpful to new comers. 😁@consciouscat

🙏 Thank you. And yes, I do hope a bunch of new comers take the tips and run with them 😀

Love the tips! I especially liked your suggestion to focus on small wins and to remind ourselves of our accomplishments. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights. I will definitely be keeping these tips in mind as I continue on my Hive journey.

Yay! Excellent.

I especially liked your suggestion to focus on small wins and to remind ourselves of our accomplishments.

I have to remind myself of this one in the other areas of my life all the time !LOL And when I remember, it's gold!

I will definitely be keeping these tips in mind as I continue on my Hive journey.

I do hope so! I like to save posts with useful info otherwise I never find them again 🤣

I have an Elton John joke.
It's a little bit funny.

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I also new to hive ....this details are really valuable for us dear. Thank you so much for encourage us. 🥰🥰

Oh, you are so welcome! I'm glad you found it helpful. Which of these tips are you going to work on next?

Most of tips will use ❤️❤️

Awesome! ❤️


Those are really great suggestions. I've seen lots of Hive suggestion posts, yours has a different tack to it, and it's good. Particularly, I like #1 and #2 which both suggest doing what you're good at, what's natural. When I was young, I wanted to be a writer and went through a Hemingway phase. I read almost everything he wrote and some interviews. One bit of advice he gave was essentially, "Write what you know." Faking might work once, maybe twice, but the truth of you will show through eventually. For Hive, to me, that means being authentic both in posts and comments. I also love #10...be thankful for what you have, not envious of what you don't.

Thank you, love!

"Write what you know."

Agreed! It's so much easier and way less stressful.

being authentic both in posts and comments

Totally! Yes, yes, yes.

I also love #10

Ah, good. That was my fave too ;)


Thanks for reblogging this post, @ramindi1 🙏 I appreciate it! 💛

Thank you....I m new on hive.This detail is very valuable. You encouraging people.
That's good 👍

Oh, good! I spent a lot of time thinking about what would be most helpful so I'm delighted to read your comment, @rowela567. And, which of these tips do you think you're going to focus on doing first?

These are absolutely brilliant tips and I love them all! Hope those who are being challenged and feeling demotivated will get to read these and apply. They will surely be surprised of the results they will have if they only put a little more of themselves out there.

Thank you Caroline for this :)


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Thanks for your kind words, @ifarmgirl 🙏😊❤️

Hope those who are being challenged and feeling demotivated will get to read these and apply.

I sincerely hope so too. !LUV

You're welcome and you did really great on this ❤️

And thanks for reblogging! 😊😁😍

Very well said especially no. 10. Sometimes we forget to be grateful because we just want the rewards and sometimes we feel we deserve more. And thatvfeeling will eventually lead to frustration...

It so does! What we focus on expands. So why not focus on what's awesome and what's working, right?

Spot on! Don't expect overnight success. Find a routine that works for you, engage with other bloggers, and persevere. Some of us have been here for years of ups and downs, ebbs and flows, good times and chaos. Snapshots of disaster and the ever-present naysayers mean nothing. YouTube may demonetize you, Facebook can suspend you, and Twitter can un-person you, but HIVE is here as long as anyone runs a node and you control your keys.

I still don't know exactly what niche I fill, but I have people to follow, and people who follow me for whatever reason, and I find fulfillment in just trying to organize some of my discordant thoughts into semi-coherent posts. I like the routine, and the environment ehre is probably the healthiest I have seen aside from Ork forums for Warhammer 40K. Seriously, the Greenskin players are by far the most chill and supportive. No contest. Which reminds me, I should write more hobby stuff.

HIVE is here as long as anyone runs a node and you control your keys.

Wonderfully reassuring from someone whose been here much longer than I 🧡

I still don't know exactly what niche I fill... I find fulfillment in just trying to organize some of my discordant thoughts into semi-coherent posts.

Love this. It's a good reminder to any newbie that you don't have to own a niche on here, just be your wonderful-weird-wacky-wild self and share that authentic you regularly, over time.


I'm glad to see this post is getting the attention it deserves. Congrats on that top post award! I still have no idea what makes some of my posts succeed and others fail when it comes to upvotes and comments. The strangest musings get curated, and carefully-constructed essays get ignored.

Unlike many, I came for the idea of a blockchain, not the allure of crypto wealth, but I found community. That's why I stay here. I am intrigued by LBRY and IPFS, but HIVE has heart.

Thanks, Jacob. It (the top post award) was a wonderful surprise 😃

I too am sometimes thrown by what gets picked up (when I think it's not my best work ever) and what gets mostly overlooked (when I spent ages thoughtfully creating it). I treat all of this as a reinforcement that we have to like the process because if we're attached to it being reblogged and curated by well known forces then we're possibly missing out on the joy that can come from simply creating.

I am intrigued by LBRY and IPFS, but HIVE has heart.

Oooooh, never heard of these two (possibly because I'm less crypto-blockchain-tech-savvy than you), but 💙 that you feel that HIVE has a lot more heart than you're seeing elsewhere. To me that's just reinforcement that we're in the right place ❤️

LBRY is a major blockchain-based project with blogs, Odysee video hosting, and more. I don't know how the token is managed or the details of how it works. I just know a lot of people tired of YouTube censorship and demonetization have moved there, but it's less of a neo-Nazi cesspool than BitChute.

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a decentralized internet structure. I don't really understand how it works, but I think it's like old school torrents meets modern cloud computing for file hosting and verification. I could be way wrong though.

And yes, to make it here, you have to enjoy the process of writing and engaging with other writers. That is where the heart comes in. It's about connections and communication and community. Coin is just a nice bonus!

I can see, as I read this, that I'm unlikely to play with the other two platforms; HIVE already feels like a lot for me.

Meanwhile, I adored the alliteration here:

It's about connections and communication and community. Coin is just a nice bonus!


Why does Humpty Dumpty love autumn?
Because he always has a great fall!

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Yeah... Alliteration always amuses me, even if some think it's a bad writing habit.

It can certainly be a struggle not only getting started, but staying motivated at times when there is a lack of engagement across the board. it's all about finding your groove and posting about what you love. I am a diverse creator as well and that is why I have multiple accounts that I write different things under, sort of a branding thing. Everyone has to find their niche as you said, whether it is creating or curating, there is a hustle for everyone on Hive!

Great post!

Love this! Yes. I have no idea how you have the time/energy to maintain and create through multiple accounts but it just goes to show that there are, again, so many different ways to "do" Hive.


Yeah... It's a lot of work, lol


Comic Sans walks into a pub
The bartender shouts Geto out of my pub! We don’t serve your type!

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You're on target @consciouscat
Though there are various attempts to On-Board a given individual there are no cogent sure fire means to fully prepare a new Hiver to succeed. Many do not realized the amount of perseverance or need of consistency to eventually achieve good results so that is my hope that this week, the #ladiesofhive community can encourage those among us that need to understand that they are not alone in their feelings.
For the benefit of our discouraged members, the opportunity to share on what strategies work.

my hope that this week, the #ladiesofhive community can encourage those among us that need to understand that they are not alone in their feelings.

... not alone in their feelings. So important. Love it. Thank you !LADY

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This is so good to read. Honestly, I have learnt a lot reading this post. Thank you so much for these tips, @consciouscat!

Oh, you're welcome @ngwinndave! I'm so glad. Your words are powerful. I pray you take action on the tips that feel good to you and that you see your Hive account grow and grow ❤️

Thank you so much! Yes, I WILL take action on the tips you shared. They are valuable tips to me.

So far, I think this is the best list of tips for Hive newbies including me. Thank you for the letter, Caroline (aka @consciouscat)!

You are so welcome, @cloflo! I'm glad you found it helpful!
Thank you for reblogging it! !LUV and courage as you implement your favourite tips here 😉😃

Hlo...I am new to hive, I believe these tips will help me get started here...thank you very much.

Oh hi, nana! I can see you are really, really new to Hive!

I'm so glad you saw these tips! If you can deliberately start practising the things in this post you'll move ahead so much faster than most newbies.

Good luck! And welcome to Hive!

BTW, when you do your Introduction Post, nana, do you want to tag me? I'd love to see it!

All the tips are super correct, who knows who has been missing the guidelines to follow on hive, it is true, having a neighbor or a friend on Hive would helps a person alit on hive journey, Nicely said, time to put those tips into practice.

Thanks, @johnbenn, for your kind confirmation of my suggestions and for reblogging this post 😊 I hope these tips serve you well!

Yes, there are better, Thanks for sharing.

Great post!! It’s really useful for different users to know these rules that maybe many people think it doesn’t worth keeping in practice, but as you say, in the end, it’s what helps you to gain position and grow in your work quality both in your blog and in the platform!

Thank you!
And totally. Sometimes we don't know what we don't know and we just have to be open to see what might work better. !LUV

Proactive Engagement with an impeccable communication is the basis for all interactions to keep contact with others! Here as important as in real life!

This post is so cool, that i just added a link to it into our "Silver Bloggers Menu"!

Totally, here is just as important as in real life when it comes to communicating well.

Thanks for linking it in the SB Menu!! Stoked!! !LUV

Thank YOU... for the awesomeness you share


Hehe. !LOL 😁

My roommate keeps saying that our house is haunted.
But I've lived here for last 216 years, and haven't heard anything unusual.

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This is a great post! @juliadick - please have a read!

Thanks, Jasper! I hope it serves you both well 🙏

Great list to motivate in a variety of ways, not giving it the best you got keep trying!

@tipu curate 2

This is really such a valuable post!

I'm now about 1 year on hive, started as the classic idealist, impressed by the upvotes people get of tens of dollars.

I started my first posts on hive aswell. Result: a couple of cents (because they were trash I have to admit)

It took me some time but I tried to figure what the elements are for a qualitative post. After some time, I had some nice upvotes from splinterlands' social media challenge. Than I was a bit less active blogging since a lack of time (or maybe always finding it a hassle to open my slow laptop to create a qualitative post)

After some time I figured that I prefer to just write through my phone. So I prefer reading / answering to others posts on a variety of toppics. Somewhere, forgot who's challenge it exactly was, I saw a challenge about posting a certain amount of replies. So I'm trying to do it now.

So to reply to your question: Reply to comments | Find your rhythm | Be eager to learn are for me the most valuable tips if I had to choose a couple.

Ah! Bless! I'm so glad you found it so valuable and you've been finding your groove and your way here on Hive as you keep learning.

Thank you for replying with a thoughtful answer and telling me what stood out the most for you!


The only thing I have to add is that I liked the publication, I follow all those tips and I know that they are the ones that lead to the success of a publication. Congratulations and thanks for your 10 tips.

Excellent! Thank you for stopping by to say hello, hermosa! 😘

This is really a beautiful piece I must say...
I really want to thank you for these advices/tips you've shared so far. I'm just few months old here on hive. It can be discouraging most times, after struggling to create content, you would get little or no upvote/curation

Well I'm glad I read this article, it has really inspired me. Thank you so much @consciouscat

Ah! You are so welcome, @machalavienici! I'm glad it really inspired you. I can see you have written a lot in the last 6 months since joining Hive so I have no doubt you can be really successful on Hive.

Which of these tips do you think will make the biggest difference in growing your Hive account if you are to implement it now? (That is, which one do you think you're not doing or not doing very well?)

(And thanks for the reblog!!)

Thank you for this post! I’ve been trying to get my wife on hive but the crypto aspect makes her a bit hesitant. I’m going to share this post with her, i think this will help a lot. :)

Oh, bless. I'm glad, Jeremy.

And can I say, if someone I know is fearful about some aspect of Hive I know the best thing I can do is remind them that it's okay if they're hesitant and if they have questions or concerns, and see if I can answer their questions as promptly and honestly as possible.

The more success you can achieve on your own here, the more attractive it will probably be for her.

Send her my love!

More great advice! I am still learning about hive myself but i can teach her how to get her account set up and about her keys, etc. I will point her in the direction of all the ladies groups when that is done. Thanks again!

Hi @consciouscat, thanks for such a great and helpful post. I love all the tips, but mainly number 10 🙂.

Excellent! I'm so glad. Thanks for sharing your favourite tip, Elena 😊

Lovely guide and very encouraging for those who feel lost when they don't see the results they expect on their posts. Really useful for the newbies too!

Thanks for your kind words, Gabriela. May they help you find your way back to more success again and again and again 😊

I wasn't talking about me, but about those feeling lost 🙂

tengo ya dos años en hive y he sido muy intermitente en y aveces siento que no voy a nada pero luego me vuelvo animar y sigo jeje pero aun me falta muchisimo y tus consejos los tomare en cuenta! muchas gracias por compartir esta valiosa informacion!

y tus consejos los tomare en cuenta!

Good! Please do :)

muchas gracias por compartir esta valiosa informacion!

You're so welcome!

Nice article, I enjoyed reading it. !LUV !PGM !PIZZA

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Great tips, and I love that they're written in an encouraging way instead of "If you don't do this..." 💜

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Ah! Bless. I'm glad you spotted that I'd aimed for encouragement rather than "don't do this" type of writing. I'm glad that stood out to someone! Thank you for saying so. !LUV

thank you for this tips ma'am, it well helps a lot especially for me and to those just got started.

You are so welcome! May you use these tips well to help your Hive account grow 😀

This is one of those posts that should be shared again and again. Fantastically put together.

Oh, bless! Thank you ♥️ So much.
And that's a good reminder to me to think of it as an ongoing resource I can share with newbies.


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Nice tips for a great Hive journey, trust me, I have been here for long but with some of the tips you've shared, they are my first time learning about them. They are all really helpful and I'm glad you shared them. thank you dear 😊

Oh! Thank you, brother! I'm so glad. Thanks for the reblog and I'm delighted that some tips were helpful for you too 😃

WOW! Just wow! I am short of words. I got here through someone else's post and I am glad that I did. This is honestly a lot to take in because it's as if you were thinking about me while you wrote this; the constant confusion and misdirection I face on Hive. Not just Hive, content creating in general. This just brought so many questions to my head. So many questions that I need to answer. And maybe my answers are the solution to an easier Hive. Thank you very much. I am so grateful!

Oh good! I can feel you in this post and how much it means to you to do your content creation well @deraaa. Yes to easier. Yes to clearer direction. Yes to being able to joyfully express yourself in all the spaces. So glad you found this. Love that I was able to answer a bunch of your questions. Your comment has made my day. 🧡💙💛 Happy implementing! And if you don't know where to start (because you said it's a lot to take in, right?) then start with whichever one is easiest and build your momentum from there. !LUV

Yes. It's what I decided to do. Start with the easiest. Thank you, Good morning and have a beautiful day ❤️

Excellent! 🙌

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Honestly I tried my best to pick one that is my favourite but they are all valuable and I haven't even touched the surface of any of them in my hive journey so far.

At first I thought 2, 6,5, 7,8 and 10 where the most I need to grow my hive in that order but then realised I still need all the other 4 tips🤦🏾‍♀️.

Awesome article! Thank you for sharing your valuable tips! 🌺⭐💫😊

Haha. Love it! Your comment is gold and you made me smile. (Seems that's a talent of yours, hey? 😉😀😁)

But seriously, @humbe, I'm glad you liked these tips and found them useful. And the best one is the one you apply.

And the best one is the one you apply.

Hahaha😅 cool!

Wow, @consciouscat, you have spoken straight to my heart. I've been feeling really down in the dumps lately, not because of low votes, I truly don't let that bother me.
I love Hive, and it's people like you encouraging others in the way you do, makes me feel like writing again.
It's lovely to get nice up votes, don't get me wrong Lol.
Hive has helped me a lot in many ways, the friendships that I've built up over the years are more valuable than the big up votes.
Like you say, find your nitch, or your groove, then go with it, have fun and enjoy, engage with others, make them feel good the way they make you feel.
I just love this post, it's motivated me all over again, thank you so much for being the person you are.
Well done, we need more posts like this one.
Thank you for sharing.

Oh, thank you for saying so @artywink. And I'm so glad it could reach you across the world and pick you up out of the dumps. You kind words have gone--if I borrow your words--straight to my heart. Thank you, love. I look forward to seeing more of your creative, unique expression on here. 🤗


Hive is a whole universe, where no one can stagnate, so there are no excuses. There are many communities that we identify with to create content. All these tips are the right ones to navigate in this great ocean where our strengths have no limits because the path is full of opportunities. Nothing better than having a friend to Hive with together, talk about posts and give feedback to learn and keep moving forward. Blessings beautiful and a big virtual greeting.

🙏 Thanks, Hylene. Sounds like you are a very strong-willed person, like my partner!

For beginners like myself, all the tips you've given are really helpful. This answer a lot of questions I have and I am grateful for this.

You are so welcome, @sirj95! I can see you're really new on Hive, so... welcome!😊

When you write your Introduction Post (and apply some of the tips I've suggested here 😉) do you want to tag me? A great way to step into posting on Hive is to do your Intro Post as soon as you can. The more you post and practise what you're learning the more you'll learn. 😍

I will surely tag you 🙂

Thank you so much for providing such an amazing content I really appreciate ❣️

Oh, you are so welcome. 🙌