It's hard to believe we are in the age of desk top manufacturing. What a time to be alive.

I continue to wonder if a market could be built on Hive like thingaverse or whatever where people could get free or premium files to use.

Now this is what I am talking about~~ :)

Yes its definitely a crazy thing to think that it is possible to print a prototype without using a mold. and the best part is... you can do it from your own home. I never thought it would progress this fast.... and this is why I had to jump in the band wagon. If you like to build stuff, then 3D printing brings a whole lot of different ammunition to the table. :)

As for market, I do think a Hive platform can encourage creators to get incentivized for their ideas. And just like our Hive platform, let the market judge if its a good quality file or not.. just like how we vote good content and down vote the bad. The market can be the judge.... right? Thingiverse is all free.... and when things are too free, then there will be times we get some sketchy build quality files. I like where this is heading. :)

I was interested in a 3d printer for a while. I was almost going to buy one, but there was a big inflation at that time and where did the prices go up 2-3 times. So I gave up. The fingers you made look really perfect. I'm sure your child feels like Wolverine 😂.

Yes, the feeling of being like wolverine ~~ I can relate to that. hahahaha.
What I suggest if you want to hop on board you can start with the cheaper and smaller versions first... and get your hand dirty.
These machines are known to fail often and you will be hands on in repairing them half the time. When you understand how to fix the cheaper on... later when the price starts to go down and when you get it...... your are MASTER LEVEL 9999 from the start!!! :)

Hahahaha thanks for the advice but I don't want to start with the worst. The others are quite expensive. I'll skip this for now and just read your posts 😂.

Yes your right, its either concerningly cheap or its extremely expensive. Since you will wait then I will try to provide you with some good information knowledgebase on 3D printing at the same time entertain you by printing some projects that might want you to get into it. :) This is what Hive is for right? :) Thanks!~

Yes, that's exactly what the hive is for. I will continue to follow your adventures with the 3d printer 😂.

¡Que genial! Me ha pasado que mi padre compre cosas para mi y termine Sanddollars mas el que yo. Es un gran trabajo y se nota que tu hijo esta súper concentrado yc contento de lo que esta haciendo. Estas herramientas van a ayudar a que tenga muchísimas más oportunidades a futuro, es una gran oportunidad para ambos primero para pasar tiempo y segundo para aprender.

Muchas gracias por el amable comentario. Usando herramientas junto con mi hijo, trato de darle los mejores consejos de seguridad, pero termino hablando demasiado. jajajaja Me siento bien cuando veo que el proyecto está terminado en equipo... y él juega con nuestra creación.

I translated though google. :)

I have no words to express this cool work in my words. Just speechless.

It's a digital world and how much you are attached to it I got to know by reading this article of yours.
The fingers you made I remember i used to make them out of paper when I was a child😅. But today you turned it into real (marvellous) And I am delighted with the friendly bonding between you and your son. A father should promote his child in this way.

How hardworking you are.... Just amazing.💕

Wow... thanks!! 😆

There is some passion in the work yes... I mean its better to work on something with some positive energy right?
Even though it might not progress as smoothly or in the end something did work out... it is still better than starting anything up with a negative attitude.

For children I do think its even more important because through out the year during covid, its the young kids who needs social interaction the most.
If it aint gonna happen then I will make it happen. Simple.... just act pretty silly or dumb. hahahahah.

I still have a long long way to go... and to be honest I am no different than another father with a son.
Maybe it looks better cause my blogs includes my kid. 😂😂😂

Thanks for your comment its very encouraging.

Indeed, if work is done with passion, it is more fun to do.

Right!! Due to covid, children have really suffered a lot, they were left in a kind of prison. Outdoor activities were completely missed but we should not leave the children alone at all, we should continue to teach them something or the other.

Haha yeah of course because of your blogs, your bonding with your son is visible @whangster79

Wow! You both are amazing!It feels good when father and son work together to make wolverine's finger.
And the printer is awesome, I have seen how it works in last video ; solominers' name plate.👌👌

Yes it definitely does feels good when its finished. However not every time is happy happy joy joy. 😂😂😂
With kids tables can turn 180 degrees very very quickly when they cross the line... ahahahaha.
But I do try to make the most out of it~

Yea... when I first saw it in action... Even I felt like a kid again... just keep looking at it. hehehehe


Yeah Inside a man there always be a kid🤠

This is a real father and son moment, it is great how to are bringing him to learn and know a lot about the things you do. Many might think he is young but the knowledge is acquiring at this age would give him an edge over his peers.

I know printing is not easy but you are doing a great job with it.

Father and son moment sometimes yes... most of the time its just trying to get it done.
Because one thing about kids is that you consistently have to train them to try and finish off what you started.
This my friend... sometimes become a REAL Father and Son Moment of me staring into his eyes.. hahahahaha!!!

But I realize its both training... being a dad there is one thing I learn to train... PATIENCE.
and I am not a guy who has that at all... but my son trains me on that part. :)


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he is really focusing👍 the fingers look amusing😄

Yea~~ its funny when sometimes I look at him when he focusing too much... it looks like he is in a different world or something. lolz

Ayeee! That gif at the end🔥🔥. This looks like a lot of fun, good idea man…


hahaha~ yea! I know how you feel. Its the same feeling I got when I tried it on.
"It works!!! It's Alive!!!!!" 😆

That’s ingenious. Your kid must adore you 🤩🥂🌿

Thanks~ They love it~ for 15 mins and does he adore me? Hmmmmm I need to check. Lolz :) I can never fully understand them~ but thats the fun. :)