OH WOW! This is amazing news @d-vine

Woohooo! I can't believe I will get to dish out huggins to all of you wonderfullies in real time, yay! I am so excited!! The best thing is, my family will be able to come & watch me too, woohoo ❤️

Can't believe it either!!! So exciting

Sounds like I should pack my dancing shoes...


Yep, you should!!


Wow. Another amazing addition to the action.

I ordered a trailer hitch (and wiring) for my Goldwing yesterday. I'll have a trailer in time to head to my ancestral homeland (Eastern Washington) mid summer. I should have the whole set up nicely broken in and tuned up by the time Labor Day rolls around. I'm really looking forward to meeting you'all AND camping in some new places. WooooHooooo.

Today's plan would have me leaving on Labor Day. I'm pumped.

Yay, that sounds awesome!! Can't wait to meet you 😄

have a nice day, I like this post, how are you guys

Thank you so much @thealliance @enginewitty, I am ultra excited to meet my blockchain family ❤️