😝Chitty Chatty Fambalam Time!😎

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Family Time!


Well hey there, did ya miss us? We missed you! So much, in fact, that we are having our 'Family Time' on Friday (and every Friday after) and we hope to see you there! Join our lovely band of outcasts, normies, goofballs, pimps, degenerates, professionals and all things within and without and betwixt and between starting 6 pm CST/ 12 am UTC. We always try to have a little fun and and if you're paying attention, a few smiles might just be shared. We like to smile. We like to laugh. We realize that life isn't all about the important things like #politics, #religion and #sex, no, it's about the time spent, the experiences had and memories made. Memories get passed on, experiences are shared and time - time is the currency we spend to acquire them.

It just may be worth your time to visit the Castle and come check us out. Unlike the 'Addams Family' shows, all of this is live, unrehearsed and not recorded before any audience. Funny things happen. Sad things happen. Smiles and tears get shared. Worries and hopes are passed around. Sometimes, we even eat #pizza, cake and ice cream. Sometimes, we watch movies. Sometimes, giant insects attack the microphones and we have to get out our silly swatters and smack 'em up so we have something to snack on because the popcorn got eaten already by little slugs that left slimy trails everywhere and made the sidewalks slippery so that the pancakes didn't get enough traction on our canoes to steer the spaceships. Exactly.

Hashtag - #thealliance

We try #honor those that are using our #family tag - #thealliance. Aside from hitting our delegators with a growing vote trail, we feel it nice to spotlight them and help to get them a little more attention when we can. The three creators are beneficiaries of these following posts. What would be a good percentage for these lovely humans - er - #Hiveminds?


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Thanks for your love and your support, my dear family! Love You! 😘

I love you, family. Thank you for your love and unconditional support! 😘


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I missed my mom, and whole family

Thanks for the mention, much appreciated! 😄

Hello @thealliance.I've been out of pocket with an offline emergency. Thanks so much for mentioning my post and artwork. I appreciate it and the support of the Community.

Also congratulations to @marybellrg and @inthenow for your work being hightlighted in this issue.

Take care everyone and have a good rest of your week.