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RE: 📣Getting 'Funktacular' @ The Block Party II! 😎

in The Alliance6 months ago

This is going to be a whole lot of awsomeness music at that block party 😜 amazing. Something for everyone.
Will YOU do anything yourself boss?
Sing, rap?
Wish I lived in USA, it's where it all happens... Lol

Again you kicked butt on making People come and join in for a crazy fun cause. 🤗❤️


Will be totally fun, lots of faces seeing real faces and connecting what only the physical world can! Wish you did too. 🤗💖

Best thing ever, RL connection, RL hugs 🤗🍑🤗 my biggest wish

As for me doing anything? I suppose if the mood hits right and the music grabs my soul I might. 😁