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The Gobble Gobble Giggidy Gump

It's the time of year, here in America, where we all get together and smash food into our faces until we can't walk. Then we expand our stomachs even more with yummy desserts! In honor of 'Fat Thursday', @thealliance is having a challenge called the Gobble Gobble Giggidy Gump. All you gotta do, is post a favorite meal and use a few tags.

Omnivorous Carnivore

I will eat almost anything, but prefer meat. Steak, chicken, rabbit, venison, water bugs, shark, alligator, you name it - I'm not opposed to eating it. Hell, I'd probably even eat you, seasoned properly. 😈🤣 So, tonight, I cheffed up one of my favorite dishes.







First, had to unthaw them a bit. I grilled the steak on one of those Foreman bits, boiled the snow crab legs and dropped a few pats of honey butter in with the lobster tails I wrapped and baked. So good. So good.

Now, you may have noticed something photobombing a few of my mouth watering food shots. You see, I rescued a critter from the deadly playful clutches of a strange orange tabby cat earlier. Or maybe the dogs scared it away, but didn't get a chance to steal the feline's meal because I snatched it up.


No name for the little squirmy thing, but it was thankful and seemed to cling to me more willingly than the princesses' arms. Hope everyone has a safe weekend! REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when sharing meals with snakes.

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Oh, yum. There's nothing quite like a good steak, and lobster is usually quite divine. That looks sooooo good.

Dude, I'm still full.


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Yummy yummy, can I have some please? 😁 good food is good to eat, it's quiet expensive here to eat good food , one has to manage and then you end up not getting a balance diet.
I could use some real meal now
P.s such a tiny snake, hope it's not dangerous to the girls?

Na, snake is harmless. Ring-neck snake. Make good pets as they don't get too big or eat much, but they're pretty rare to catch. Let it go on the late dog walk this evening 😇


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving sweets!

We do the traditional turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. Xmas eve we do the steak, crab and lobster. It's our family tradition.

Looks delicious. Enjoy!

We do venison mostly on Christmas. Here's our traditional Today




Wow! The food😍 yum! Thanks for sharing this, it made me feel hungry 😁

Happy Thanksgiving @enginewitty

And to you sweet thing! 🤗🤗😘🥰🥰

Looks like great feast. I’m sure your tore that shit up. I’ve seen you eat….

That little critter is definitely happy you save it.

Ya man, I think he may have wanted some crab too. 😁

That steak is looking really great man ! my mouth watered... you did a good combination on that plate.

That snake is looking cute! i'm glad you didnt let it die..

I love steak man. The way it squishes and all the juices just explode on the tongue? Yum

Anyone who rescues squirrels and snakes has my vote 👍

Just not together, not sure they're the greatest cell mates 🤣


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Thanks for hittin' me up. I do love PIMP so. :D

Missed it in the busy-ness. 🙏

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