Why Do We Suffer? - EcoTrain Question Of The Week

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If there is a God, why is there so much suffering in the world?
Well this sure is a big question, one that I think many people have thought long and hard about. I think it is best to break it down. So lets look at the first part. Is there actually a God?


If you are religious then that part is easy. If perchance you are not, like me, well you may not like the idea of God, that is promoted within the world.

We tend to have different ideas, about what God actually represents. The idea of a man in the sky looking down on us, never sat well with me, even though I was raised in a catholic country. I was far more connected with nature, to believe what was being preached to me!

I do however believe that there is a divine and that this divine is within us all. It really is the essence of who we are. And instead of looking outwards, on focusing our attention on a deity that is without, we really need to start looking within.

Once we begin to do that, then we really begin to tap into our power and begin a path that will led to us, reaching our full potential. However most of our lives, we have been told to put our focus outwards, to look to others to help and guide us.


I have my own opinions about why that is and if you do follow my blog, chances are you know the answer to that already, so I will not dive into that right now.

What I will focus on though, is the importance of taking responsibility for your own life. So that you can really begin to empower yourself and connect with the light within, which is really needed in the world right now.

So why is their so much suffering in the world?

From a young age, I was all too aware of the dark that resides in our world. Indeed we can not have the light without it, it is the natural order of things. This can be a very hard thing to accept, as so many of us would only like to focus on the light. But then we end up ignoring a part of ourselves. Just because their is a darkness within us, that does not mean that we will allow it to dictate our lives.


That is something that we chose to do and that choice can be affected by so many different things. Sometimes we are born into cycles of abuse and we find it really difficult to break those cycles, so instead we repeat them.

For some violence is all that they know and for others they feel great power, in exerting themselves over others. It really is hard to understand why humans behave the way they do, most things an be traced back to our ancestors or to the moment of our birth. But suffering seems to be a part of human nature, as much as it is, in the natural world.

I think most of us have suffered in one way or another during our lives, some, in far worst ways than others. Why that is, is it circumstantial, I don't know, what I do know is that it is not fair.

I also know, that it is through my suffering that I have gained an greater understanding of the world and of myself. It is not easy to be in pain, to suffer, but it was during those moments that I experienced the most growth. So in some ways, suffering is a necessary part of life.

But there are of course varying degrees of suffering and so that statement would not always hold true.


As we have advanced within the world (well some like to see it in that way), we have really begun to take advantage of mother nature. With many large corporations have little regard for her well being, resulting in our waters and our air being polluted and poisoned. So when it comes to the suffering that comes with dis ease, so much can be tied into that. As well as our lack of self care.

This is such a huge question and the easy way out would be to always look for someone else to blame.So perhaps it is time to look at what we can do as a individual, to lessen the suffering in the world, instead of spending too much time focusing on why it is happening.

Change is needed right now and that change must come from us first. Suffering, usually has to happen in order for change to occur, bringing us back to how it can be a necessary part of life. The change that is needed right now, can begin as simply, as changing the way in which we see things and from there to the way in which we live. It can mean spreading more awareness or devoting our life, to help others in need,both human and non human.







Good write and with meaning attached, 💗👍..

Welcome and my pleasure to have interacted with you...

Once again, what a beautiful post @trucklife-family! Light and darkness co-exist and it's in the deepest darkness where you can find the brightest light.

It really is hard to understand why humans behave the way they do, most things an be traced back to our ancestors or to the moment of our birth.

I had never thought of the moment of our birth as a factor. It sounds so interesting and it actually makes absolute sense...

Thank you @traisto.
Yes how we are birthed into this world has a huge affect on us, yet many do not make the connection. I am passion about birth and the importance of honouring both the mother and the baby xxx

Oh, now I get it! I guess you speak about the environment during birth, the support and the state of the mother, right? Cause I thought you meant sth else...I couldn't agree more! A new life should be welcomed in a safe, warm, calm and full of love place. And a mother should be able to experience this moment as a magic one, not as a medical situation... Oh yes! Thank you @trucklife-family!