2022 One Hell Of A Ride Already!

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These past two weeks, I have been feeling somewhat unbalanced. I have tripped at least twice, once was off the steps of my truck, resulting in me slamming the right side of my back against the metal frame of the steps, including my shoulder and hip. This left me feeling quite stiff and sore for a few days.


On top of that, I smashed my 25L water butt. After filling it up with water at a friends place, I lifted it up, to begin the short walk back to my truck, but the handle broke and as it hit the ground and smashed into lots of pieces, I got completely soaked. Which on a cold winters morning is not really what you want.

I also managed to smash the screen on my girls I Pad ( which was left to them, by my sister). This happened when we were parked up, on the slope. I was trying to light the lamp, but instead pulled it down and it landed on top of the I Pad. Luckily it still works, but I have had to tape over the screen, so that my girls do not end up with glass splinters in their hands when they use it. ( I am not really keen for my girls to send their time on screen's, so this is perhaps not so bad really).

I have lost count of the amount of things that I have dropped or spilled. I even went so far as to top up my water bottle with Olive Oil instead of Water. So many other incidents have slipped my mind, because yes, things have been slipping my mind a lot lately.

Perhaps, it is because I have not yet fully recovered and the universe is sending me signs to slow down. But I also know that their are others, that have been experiencing some unfortunate incidents and accidents lately.


There is a huge shift happening in the world right now. We all know that the world has been out of balance for a long long time and as we go through this process of to righting itself, it is only natural that we would experience some turbulence along the way.

I have certainly, been feeling a huge shift in energy these last few weeks, I have had moments where I have felt so emotional, with the smallest things having me in tears. And then there is those moments where I feel completely overwhelmed.

I remember writing at the end of 2020, that we were going through a birthing process, individually and collectively. Things were certainly difficult back then and it felt like we were entering the final stages of birth, where things begin to get more intense. This is usually when we begin to question our own abilities.

But now, now I feel like, perhaps that was just the build up and that now we are really in the thick of it. I know that I have had moments where I have questioned everything I am doing, because things have certainly not been flowing for me for a while.


It's so easy, to get lost in this me mentality and forget that we are all in this together. That so many of us are experiencing these feelings of uncertainty. I still believe though, that I am meant to be where I am, and also that things will get a bit more full on, before we get to the other side.

Right now it is important that we look after ourselves and one another. That we take the time to reach out to others and begin to create the things that we really need, in order to thrive.

There is nothing wrong with taking time for oneself, I know I certainly need to. But it is our connection to one another that will carry us through these times.

I would love to know, if anyone else has been experiencing similar things. Who feel, that we are in, for one hell of a ride this year! Of course this can be both exciting and terrifying, all at once, it will definitely be life changing, that's for sure. But whatever awaits us, lets focus on lifting one another up, instead of putting one another down!







I'm sorry you are feeling unbalanced, but you've gone through some change so it's perhaps not that weird. Don't forget it's the full moon tomorrow, it's always very noticeable here in our household where at least one of us three is on edge (or REALLY on edge) this time it was my boyfriend while my daughter and myself were pretty relaxed.

I would love to know, if anyone else has been experiencing similar things. Who feel, that we are in, for one hell of a ride this year! Of course this can be both exciting and terrifying, all at once, it will definitely be life changing, that's for sure. But whatever awaits us, lets focus on lifting one another up, instead of putting one another down!

This is something that I also feel though. I can have these days like you describe several days in a row. And I only can let go listening to some subliminal tracks on youtube that bring me in a relaxed state of mind.

Take care <3 Maybe after the moon turned full, you'll find some more zen :)

Thank you @thisismylife, yes the moon, wow it always does have an affect on me and my girls as well. Been feeling this for a while now. I usually see the good in most things, but this shift has turned a few things on its head I feel. It is interesting to see it all play out, I just need to trust and perhaps surrender more xxxxx

The year 2022 is going to do this for all of us, make us trip and then show us paths to balance. That's what the number is all about. Grounding, Grounding, Grounding....is all that will help us stay in balance. You are a strong lady, you will soon find the balance my dear

Thank you, yes I have been finding it hard to stay grounded, I am currently parked on a space that does not really allow me the freedoms of roaming barefoot, which of course is my no.1 way of grounding myself. I really do hope to move soon. xxxxx

You're having a right bad run of it by the sounds of things, I really hope that turns around for you soon and you get that flow and easiness back again. These things can often come in a litany like this, before subsiding again, so hopefully you've had your full litany by now. Sending you a virtual hug and good vibes.

Thank you @ablaze, it does feel like I am having a bad run of it. Trying to stay positive, but it does get to me at times, I just want to settle into the new space. Sending a hug back xxxx

I don't know you at all obviously in the non-Hive sense, but from our interactions here, you are resilient and strong, so I have no doubt that you will come out of this stronger than ever for you and your girls, keep that positivity going and things will come back into balance for you.

I would love to know, if anyone else has been experiencing similar things.

Oh yes, definitely! Interesting times for sure! And super challenging in all levels...

(I was off for a few days and I enjoyed so much reading all your posts in a row!!!)

Thank you, I am happy to read that you have enjoyed my writing, it is such a wonderful way for me to process what is going on in my life, it has always been a huge part of my healing xxxx

I love that you are sharing all this knowledge, thoughts, feelings...
And you are right, I didn't expect writing to be so healing and liberating, but it certainly is. The "solution" is almost always quite simple , isn't it? xxx

I will also advise you to take a break and rest because your body needs it so you don't break down when you are not supposed to.

Indeed, focusing on building each other is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Rest is not so easy as a solo mama of 3, but I do try at times. Thanks @carlynn xx

Sorry about the fall ! I hope you are healing already? The year sure will sail smooth eventually I believe 🙂
Best Wishes!!

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oh gosh! glad u havent destroyed your laptop! Hopefully you wont either :) i also can be like that when im ungrounded .. can be really bad sometimes! ugh.. now im ok luckily as im feeling less intense! much love, hope you get through this with minimal collateral damage. x