Santa's little helper creates free energy just in time for Christmas! (how to charge infinite car batteries for free)

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Two weeks ago I claimed that free energy can be created using earth batteries (a combination of copper, zinc & soil) and in this post I am going to back up my claim with evidence.

My goal with this experiment is twofold.

Firstly I am going to demonstrate how your voltage can be increased endlessly using earth batteries and secondly I am going to power this Peppa Pig night light which needs 4.5volts.


It did have x3 1.5v batteries (small round ones) but these are dead.


And this will I suspect become the first ever Peppa Pig to be powered by an earth battery!

What is free energy?

Before we begin I want first to address the definition of free energy, which seems to be a block for some people. To do this let's look at the materials I am using for this project.


1m copper tube (22mm diameter)
1m aluminium rod (5mm diameter)
x12 zinc plated steel bolts
metal saw
25m electrical cable
Interrupter (on/off switch)

Needless to say these items used up a fair bit of energy on their journey from the earth to their current form on my floor. But when combined in a certain way, what they make is a machine that produces a non-stop electrical current. It doesn't need fuel (other than a little water) and it doesn't run out. So, in this situation a point will always be reached beyond which the energy being produced by the machine exceeds the energy used to create it. And at this point we can (in my opinion) call it free energy.

If someone has a better way to define free energy I would love to hear it!

The Earth Battery

For a more detailed breakdown of what is an earth battery please refer to my free energy post. But what we are basically talking about here is a copper cathode and an aluminium or zinc anode between which a flow of electrons is created in a moist solution of dirt or water.

In my energy post I showed you a cool guy I respect and his earth battery experiment on YouTube in which he was able to collect around 0.3v per cell using little strips of metal pushed into the earth in his garden.

After reading further it became evident that when we increase the surface area of the cathode & anode we also increase our voltage (up to a certain point). And so, I bought a copper tube (to act as the cathode) and an aluminium rod (to act as the anode).


When the anode is placed inside the cathode and there is a medium present (like damp soil or water) the electrons should move in all directions outward from the anode to the cathode, giving us our electrical current.

I also bought these steel bots as they are zinc plated and I was interested to make a comparison between the effectiveness of zinc & aluminium.


Getting started now I cut a 10cm piece of copper & aluminium.


While my eventual goal is to set this up in the garden with permanent soldered components, all enclosed in a box of some kind to keep it safe, for now I am experimenting on the kitchen table, just to see what kind of results I can get here in this much warmer location. (Important note: my readings will be higher when it is in the ground because here on the kitchen table I am not able to capture the flow of telluric earth currents)


Rather than fill my 'cell' with damp soil straight away I wanted first to try the experiment with water. Sabrina is a qualified electrician and I have been reviewing her French study manuals in which I can see numerous experiments using water as a conductive medium.


Straight away the voltmeter was picking up a reading of 0.5v, as you can see.


Wanting now to make a comparison with the zinc plated bolts I attached two together like this (making it 10cms).


And repeated the experiment with water. Now I am getting 0.9v which is good to see.


The amperage was coming in at 0.8A. Remember this number as I will be coming back to it later.

The aluminium was put to one side knowing the zinc was more effective and I began to create a row of cells, wired in series.


It turns out I don't have any solder to go with my soldering iron so I am using a glue gun instead which is far from ideal, but just about working for the purposes of this demonstration.

A connection is made between the copper cathode of one cell and the zinc anode of the other. I was hoping to see 1.8v (2x 0.9v) but I appear to be losing energy somewhere. Regardless, what this shows us is that the voltage output is increasing with the number of cells.


And so the experiment continues (right through Luna's tea time!) with a total of six cells.

IMG_8204 2.jpeg

It was extremely hard to make the connections solid with the glue gun and after a while the water started to leak out of the play-doh bases but I was able to get a reading of 3.1v from these four cells. Again proving that output increases with number of cells.


The following day I decided to have a go at using damp earth instead.


I made the same comparison between aluminium & zinc plated steel and again the zinc performed better.


Giving me the same reading of 0.9v.


At this point I was joined by Santa's little helper who was keen to see the Peppa Pig working!


Here you can see we are getting a respectable 3.2v from four of our earth filled cells, which is 0.8v per cell and a little closer to their actual output of 0.9v per cell. Still losing energy somewhere though.


I put those two Peppa Pig batteries in the above shot to demonstrate the power I am producing here. Each one of those batteries is 1.5v and so, with my four earth battery cells I am producing more output than these two batteries. The difference of course is that my earth batteries can be made at home and they don't run out!

In the end it took a total of nine cells (some of which were using the less effective aluminium because I ran out of zinc plated bolts) to produce our desired output.

Here is the money shot in which we are producing a total of 5.2 volts!


And that my friends is enough to power our 4.5v Peppa Pig.

When I touched those two cables onto the positive & negative elements of the Peppa Pig battery area, the light came on!

Unfortunately this light is designed to be very low and without the sufficient amperage it was even lower than normal and my camera was not able to pick it up. I realise now I should have chosen something brighter for this first test, like a collection of LEDs or perhaps something with movement, like a small motor?

So you are just going to have to trust me for now when I tell you that it worked! Sabrina & Esteban both witnessed it and that's good enough for me.

My next goal is to improve these connections. Just need to go buy some solder really. I also considered using little crocodile clips for these experiments but they didn't sell them at the local hardware store. Have ordered online.


I feel like I am making history here yet what I am doing is so very basic and can only imagine how many people before me must have reached these same conclusions based on these same experiments. (Any amount of voltage or amperage can be achieved with earth batteries).

What I am not understanding is how this has been kept a secret? Am I to expect now the men in black to turn up and shoot me with their heart attack gun? My body is in top shape by the way so if I do suddenly keel over you will know why! But jokes aside, why can't I find any evidence of people running their homes or their businesses in this manner?

It should I hope be obvious to you by now that if I can produce over 5v on my kitchen table in a few hours with a set-up which resembles a child's toy, a company with money behind it could quickly be producing a whole bunch more.

You may perhaps be wondering how one increases their amperage with a configuration of earth batteries?

Let's assume I have been able to create 1v cells and the amp reading on each of these cells is 0.8A (not much different to my actual readings). Let's also assume I am using metal solder in place of a glue gun, so all my connections are 100% conductive.

I then wire three sets of 12v in parallel, as shown here.

IMG_8287 2.jpeg

The final output will still be 12v but the amperage will increase by three times, giving me a total of 2.4A.

I don't know much about these things so I asked google how long it takes to charge a 12v car battery with a current of around 2 amps:

A 2 amp battery charger takes about 12 – 30 hours to fully charge a 12V car battery, depending on the battery’s capacity, depth of discharge, and battery temperature. source

And so, the earth battery configuration seen above should charge a standard car battery in under a day. But increasing the number of rows will increase your amps and therefore decrease your charging time. 30A they say will charge a 12v car battery in just over 3h.

Perhaps, as I am new to this subject, there is something I am misunderstanding here, but to me it seems clear & pretty damn amazing! And way better than solar not only because earth batteries last forever and you can build them at home, but also because you can charge your battery at night while you sleep.

And why have one battery when you can have a bank of batteries from which you can power every single application in your home (once you introduce an inverter to turn the DC to AC).

So, guess what my next investment is?

That's right. Car battery & inverter.

Free energy is real my friends and I hope this post has served as a decent Christmas present to you all!

Now get out there and set this up for yourselves so that you may never again pay for electricity at a time when it is only going to get more and more expensive.

Love & Light everyone 💡



This is feckin amazing Sam, I have bookmarked this so that I can try it out later. Thank you for putting this on their and for getting your kids involved also, just by getting to grow up around this and see you experimenting like this. This is what the world needs xxxxxx

Hey Aishlinn! Hold fire on trying this out for yourself. I am just getting warmed up here and am yet to show you a few other tricks which will help improve the efficiency of your system and create a whole new application for this. Once the copper pipes are painted in a particular way and I have set it up in the garden (utilising the natural energy flowing between north & south) you will see something even cooler than this. Electricity can triple the size of our vegetables! xxx

You have let the cat out of the bag on this one Sam!!

I guess this is similar to how a car battery works although it is surrounded by some toxic water/chemical solution.

I have seen some experiments with free energy with antennas that take energy from the atmosphere, but not from the earth like this. Fantastic work!!

Our world is electromagnetic and there is unlimited energy available. I look forward to your next update.

Yes, I would say this is exactly how batteries work in general. This one just happens to last forever and is also eco friendly! And beyond 'friendly' it is actually super great for your soil & plants, potentially increasing your yield by many times! Am currently looking into electroculture (which has been demonstrating this clearly for over 100 years) and will be making a post on this subject next. It's funny to me really. Feel as if I have found not only a way to make free energy but also a way to put an end to global famine! Yet how many people will ever actually learn about these things? Yep. No need to answer that. I am pleased at least to have you & a few other special people with me on this most awesome journey.

Thanks Sam, this Earth Ship concept seems very interesting and generating electricity doesnt need a huge investment.

Need to chat with @eco-alex about this one but yes, have been thinking a lot about the earth ship design and how to now incorporate a few new ideas. Electroculture & free energy being the main ones!

Electroculture also talks about copper pyramids & spirals, which on a bigger scale could be built into the design of a house, aiding all organisms living within, humans & plants alike.

I also saw that people can also make their own coal in the soil, I need to refresh how they did that. Similar to the Peat that used to be widely used across the UK and Ireland.

One has to wonder with electricity if there was some sort of reset for this simple knowledge to be lost.

I am finding your experiments fascinating and am also wondering what the block is to everyone knowing and using them.

Looking forward to the next one..

what the block is to everyone knowing and using them

TOTALLY! I really don't get it?

Have shown this to many people in the last week and most of them used the word "interesting" to describe what they saw yet will they ever test this out for themselves? Unlikely I would say.

Their loss.

Hey, I think you're going to find my next post very interesting. Electroculture is a combination of free energy and agriculture. Turns out these two things go together! And our fruit & veg can be bigger than we ever imagined...

Yes, they do. There are cations and anions in the various amendments I use and it was getting well beyond my capabilities to utilize that info. The fact I remembered the words is pretty good for me... So I will be curious to see what you post on this...

Blooming amazing work 🙌🏽. A couple of my mates are engineers and will love this one. I might look to see if I can get a garden setup for my pond pump to start with. Best Christmas present ever 🙏🏽💯🐒

If you get that garden pump going please drop me a link under my latest post! Would love to see that.

Working on it and will do 👌🏽

What I am not understanding is how this has been kept a secret? Am I to expect now the men in black to turn up and shoot me with their heart attack gun?

The best about this (on the technical level) is that they cannot delete the published information. No one can. Because it is published and stored on a blockchain. The information will be available on it as long as the blockchain works. And the blockchain is storing every edit, so it is not possible to censor the content. They would have to shut down the whole blockchain to "hide" any published thing on it.

Probably Tesla and other scientists knew much more about the free energy, but the "man in black" destroyed (or simply hide) many related things. I heard about a water powered car too, and I also heard that its creator misteriously dissapeared with the car. So the authorities can put people away, if they know "too much".

Like I said in my post, I don't think what I am doing here is anything new or amazing. It's actually just old info, still taught at school in some places, but people seem content these days to know the information without ever taking action to see what else they can learn from it. It feels to me like people believe all the great things have been discovered already. And while this may be true that is not to say that they cannot be re-investigated. Sometimes the most amazing things have been left hiding in plain sight.

I also heard about the water powered car. That, it would seem, was too much for the establishment to take. Earth batteries on the other hand they seem okay with us having. Which is great news!

This is SO EXCITING!!! I be home involved the children get, this is way more informative than "school"!!! I also love how you start with play-dough and kitchen table tests. Beginning is 90% of the battle.... ;)

It is pretty exiting isn't it. And to think the answer was right there under our feet all this time! THE EARTH always gives us what we need for free.

What you studied in the traditional schooling system? Engineering? This is my fourth blog of reading you and the more I look into it, the more addicted it gets.

What did I study in school? Funnily enough I wrote a post about that a few months ago:

In a sentence - nothing useful!

Am pleased you are enjoying my blog.

In a sentence - nothing useful!

If a genius like you is saying it, it puts me in doubt too about what I am learning this day in University. To sum up, they taught me to deal with deadlines and work load.

No question about it, university is a waste of time. Education in its modern form is a waste of time. Designed to keep us away from the truth and make us blindly trust authority figures. And so, my advice to you is to be very cautious of the 'facts' you are given and always do your own research which goes beyond the confines of your syllabus. Nothing is as it seems in this world.

Looks like I will be learning more and more from sam's world. Looks like an interesting and curious place for me. !PIZZA !PGM !LUV

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What is it specifically you are doubting?

Apologise for missing those (3) comments

I doubt if they are only (3), I read exactly 8 blogs from top to bottom without feeling bored for a second. Maybe I only comment on 3 then.....

What is it specifically you are doubting?

Nuclear war, as you said.... Maybe it's nothing in reality...


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