Wasting time and value of Life: Food for thought.

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There can be a debate on how we define wasting time. Keeping aside our different understanding of this, I believe there's no argument that we can't recycle wasted time. And I guess we all have been there where we feel useless even doing daily things, or sometimes do nothing but waste the time. Feeling guilty about it at the end of the day is also pretty common.

I was thinking the other day while taking a look at a friend's chat group, about how we waste our time on nothing! People love to argue, share, and talk about things that don't add any value to their life. Or maybe we think there's some value. And I need to make it clear that, I do the same and I question myself about it thousands of times.

And what I found is-

What pisses me off can be entertaining for somebody.

And vice versa.

So this is a debatable topic. What I came to realize is, there can be differences in how we see things, what we define as entertainment, and how we prioritize our things but there will always be something that we will call 'waste'. Let's narrate down there.


“Wasted time means wasted lives.”

Do you believe that?

To me, how we live our life has a huge impact on our well-being. So what we 'tag' as 'waste' sure makes an impact on our process. If it doesn't hunt you down, it will at least make you feel somehow uncomfortable about the way you are living. And that's when the 'value of life' does down.

Another thing is, what we are wasting is taking away the time which we can use for other things. You will notice, how your brain will remind you of the thing that you can do in the meanwhile. I believe it's a system engraved in our brains so we can make better decisions. Don't tell me, it's just me.

So if we take the argument backward, it will simply mean we need to make better choices to make our life more valuable, to us as well as to others. Again I'm saying, what you think 'waste' and 'quality' is nothing my business. But whatever you think these two words are, take a look if my words are true.

The human brain is designed in such a way that we can add value (in general). The peace of kind will only come when we can do so, that's my thought.

What do you think?

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Wasted time in the eyes of another just might be the "break" and relaxation that someone else was looking forward to all day long.

Yes, there are "productive" ways of wasting time, but we really don't have to be productive 24/7. Sometimes you just have to go "f**k it" and do whatever the hell you want and go with however you want to do it.

For example, I have friends who are as we say a "bad influence", I also have a ton of hardworking friends, a lot more of them actually, but I still make the time to hangout or at least chat with the mischievous bunch as well. Because life isn't all about working hard, making "wise decisions" and hanging out with the "right crowd"; sometimes we require a bit of trouble and excitement, a bit of chaos.

Our job is to stay in control of our actions and to never go overboard, balance is the key here.

umm...I wouldn't call that 'wasted' about what example you gave. Because if they are part of your happiness then they are not wasting at all, no matter if they are tagged as 'bad' by society.
What I meant to say is mostly doing unnecessary stuff like gossiping/backbiting, scrolling on social media for hours without anything specific, etc.
Again, what I call 'waste' can be contradictory to others. So let's not argue on this as I have said in my post too. Rather focus on what you call 'waste' and how you can get over that so as to add more value to life. That's it.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts :) :)

mostly doing unnecessary stuff like gossiping/backbiting, scrolling on social media for hours without anything specific, etc.

Oh, that's a whole different thing, a waste of time indeed. I think almost anyone would categorize these as a waste of time. No arguments there. 😂

I like how you weren't biased in your sense of judgment on what seems to be waste and value.

And like it is always said that what seems like treasure to us may be poison to another. So yes, what we assume to be a waste or waste of time could mean something to another.

And we can always strive to add value to ourselves while we live and not waste our time on earth on things that don't matter or don't really add value.
Good food for the thought @rem-steem 💯

Thanks for saying so. I do try to observe things objectively as much as I can. It gives a clear idea.
Thanks for sharing your words. Have a good day :)

That's good then.
Have a great day!

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