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Knowing when to start and knowing the right time to stop is very important in protests but you have to know that this involves human and there is always a sense of pride in it.

It's just like the situation we usually see in Nigeria;

When two drivers from opposite direction meet at a narrow juncture, the only thing it will take is for one of them to move back so that the other will pass and each of them will continue their journey.

In most cases, the two drivers will refuse to clear for the other person and they will end up causing a whole lot of commotion at that juncture.

It is also that way for these kinda activist movement. Once things start going wrong, mamy of them often find it hard to call it quits because pride is already in display. They carry on with their action and tag every death and destruction of property a 'collateral damage'.

Thanks for sharing this on DreemPort.


I love that explanation you gave, it explains it all, pride is a major factor why I think this activist movement might not be justified because it most times comes into play.

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