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RE: A week in the UK to throw out old stuff

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Wow! Quite a relevant piece! I have been trying to throw away my possessions and junks for the whole year with very little success. My old belongings weighed me down and slow my progress. It’s time to be decisive!

Those kittens look very funny!


I guess the reason why we accumulate so many things is because we have the idea that things give us comfort, or that things can act as a sort of padding against the dangers of the world. But when we strip down to the bear essentials, we realize that the inner strength we always had resurfaces, and all the senseless buying or accumulating was a sign of dysfunction.

Hope you get to downsize soon!

Ah yes, I forgot to mention in my list, one of those eight boxes I kept is full of magic! These I will enjoy showing to Esteban & Luna. I actually intend to return to the UK one more time, specifically to pick up that box. It would give me great pleasure to start performing again for young people. Magic has no language barrier!

can act as a sort of padding against the dangers of the world

I think that is a big factor these days. But the main thing I have realised now that I spend most of my time outdoors learning about plants is that knowledge is so much more important than material stuff. If you have the knowledge you can just create whatever it is you want! Even with my skill as a rifle marksman I don't feel as if I need a rifle. Have noticed how the right 'stuff' has a habit of appearing prior to the moments we need them.

Good to see you @jin-out.

If you ever come back to England, let me know, i'll come pay you a visit.

You're so right about knowledge. Once you have the knowledge and you actualize the knowledge, then that is a life skill right there that can always be honed when and wherever.

Keep chillin man!

I will also come say hi! If Id known you were in Norwich this week we could have met for a drink of some description! Maybe next time : )

YAY PARRTAY. I ain't in Norwish, more the West Midlands.

lets do it! meet in the middle maybe?

wheres the middle?

It’s time to be decisive!

Absolutely. For so many reasons now is the time to make our lives lighter.

Good luck with your purge and yes, the kittens are incredibly funny at the moment. Such a great energy to have running around the house causing chaos everywhere ;)