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Hey there,

So today I'll be reacting to the question which says,


Well, I've never been an activist before, so I don't know what it feels like to be in that position but I'm part of the general public so I'll be speaking from that position.

In 2020 in my country, we experienced a protest which started small but with time, it excavated to every part of the country. The protest started for a good reason but with time it got out of hand and at this point, people are already experiencing the effect of the protest but they were still okay with it because they knew it was for a greater good but the government was not willing to comply and the activist also refused to end the protest and the whole had to end in a very wrong way.

This situation that happened affected the whole country for some while before it relaxed.

It's not really bad to be an activist or to engage in a protest but the ability to know when to start and also to stop is a problem. When something is not going well in a country or even an institution and there seems to be no way forward, we can choose protest but is that really the right approach? I've come to realize that we as humans, we like making things difficult and complicated for ourselves.


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For a protest not to inconvenience the general public, it has to involve the general public at least 90% of the public. But if it involves let's say only 30-60% of the general public, it causes inconvenience to the rest and thereby it can't be justified.


Let's take a scenario of an organization that refuses to pay its workers their salary on time and the workers came together to discuss on the issue and they all agreed that all of them are affected by the situation. Now, the next step they take matters a lot. Some might be of the suggestion that they should go on a strike or a protest, others might say they should keep working, maybe someday they will pay them their salaries, while others might say other things. But what is the right approach to this matter?

For me, I'll say they should meet with the manager, explain things to him, get to know why there is delay in the payment of their salaries and if after that discussion he refuses to do something about it, you go to meet someone that is more superior to the manager and if nothing is done, you can go and lay your complaints to the CEO of the organization and if nothing is done also, then the workers can resolve to protest. But, it should not be a violent protest but a peaceful one.At this point, if the protest holds, no one will have an excuse of being ignorant that the workers have not been paid, so I believe such a protest is justified.

So I will say, if the actions of activists affect the general public then, it is going the wrong way, so for the acts of activists to be justified, it has to involve everyone that is affected by the situation that they are protesting for if not, I don't think that their actions is justified.

These is my reaction to the question, my opinion though, so please do well to leave your comment on this.

See you at my next blog ❣️❣️.

Hmm well said, for a protest to disturb the public it means it isn't going the right way... That means there's the good protest and the wrong one that should begin at all.

What if a protest started well but turned out to cause more harm than good? Too bad, the reason won't be justified at that point.

Well done with the answer you gave to the question ❤️

Yeah well said Sist.

I really appreciate your comment Sist. Thank you for stopping by.

Knowing when to start and knowing the right time to stop is very important in protests but you have to know that this involves human and there is always a sense of pride in it.

It's just like the situation we usually see in Nigeria;

When two drivers from opposite direction meet at a narrow juncture, the only thing it will take is for one of them to move back so that the other will pass and each of them will continue their journey.

In most cases, the two drivers will refuse to clear for the other person and they will end up causing a whole lot of commotion at that juncture.

It is also that way for these kinda activist movement. Once things start going wrong, mamy of them often find it hard to call it quits because pride is already in display. They carry on with their action and tag every death and destruction of property a 'collateral damage'.

Thanks for sharing this on DreemPort.

I love that explanation you gave, it explains it all, pride is a major factor why I think this activist movement might not be justified because it most times comes into play.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your amazing comment..

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Understanding when things have gone to far is, obviously, really important if you want to protest successfully. You take a very reasonable and sensible approach.
Thank you for posting in the EcoTrain community ❤️🤗💕

I really appreciate your comment @itsostylish, thank you for stopping by.

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Interesting! I love the approach of an organization you used. The activists should inform the public so they can be aware of how things are going and even if it would inconvenience them, it would be justified because everyone was aware of it. Thank yu for sharing your thought.

Yeah @princessbusayo,I really appreciate you reading and leaving your comment. Thanks, hope to see you soon 😁🥰.

I have heard of a peaceful protest that didn't escalate into something else and in the end, the activists got what they wanted but that's on a rare occasion.
They say when two elephants fight, the grass suffers So before fighting for what you think or feel is right, think about who will suffer more.
Lovely answer to that question I must say.

Thank you for stopping by and that beautiful illustration 🥰🥰.

Well i agree to most of your notions except the part of salary payment. Before any protest in that area, the workers must have deliberately gone to find out a couple of times why things are that way. The reaction of the management however either soothe or provoke the workers into action.

Okay, if you say so.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment.

Thanks, I can understand your point of view here. Protests can be annoying to the general public if they have no interest in the subject.

Yeah, that is the point. Thank you for stopping by @mypathtofire.

I Like the way of approach you wrote down, workers are not supposed to take laws into there hands immediately certain processes needs to be followed which after they can carry on with there plans.
Nice write up my dear friend 🌹
reading from @dreemport

Thanks for your contribution Sommy. I really appreciate you stopping by 🤗🤗😝.

You are welcome My darling 🌹