The Pork Pile Quarter Mile

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Kat absence of explanatory-explainingness: The last seventy-two hours have been some of the most trying in my entire life. Seriously my friends, I asked more of myself than I ever have before, and thankfully was able to get through it. On the plus side, my adventure has left me with all manner of anecdotes to share with you all, just please bear with me, it's hard to type with a dislocated thumb....

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Most years we raise a few hogs. Ethically I have a huge problem with commercially raised meat, so being a person who tries to put my actions where my principles are, I raise almost all of it myself.

And with that thought in mind, I jumped into my friend Cam's truck Saturday morning as he and his wife M came to take me to get the weaner pigs I was picking up down the road since my husband had our truck a state away since he was off in the wilds haying (more about that later).

Cam and M are amazing people, and part of why I was picking up pigs in the plural is because 1) pigs are social animals and you shouldn't raise one by itself, 2) I always raise one and sell once so I get my meat for free (besides labor which I would do anyway), and 3) I like my friends and if you are feeding two hogs, feeding a couple more is no bigger, so four piglets were being picked up.


Now, I have raised a lot of pigs over the years. The hubs and I even raised them commercially on a small scale (50 weaner pigs a farrowing), and I have a pretty fantastic pig barn, complete with a nippled on demand water system and automatic feeders. Plus, a nice concrete floor that I keep cooled down with our ice cold well water on hot days because the piggies don't like it too hot.

The pig procural should have been pieces of cake.

And really, the pig pickup was. I went in the nice lady's barn, picked out the four I wanted and handed them to Cam to put in the giant dog crate I use to pick up piglets. We got them home and I put them in their pen. It was a pretty low stress operation.

That's when things went sideways.

My hubs had built new doors for the pig pen as the old ones were in pretty rough shape and he had told me the pen was all ready to go before he left up north to hay. This is where I made dumb mistake number one. You should always check a pen before you put animals in it.

There was a small hole in one side.

And the hole was just big enough for all four of the pigs to squeeze out of. So as I was walking away to get a wheelbarrow load of bedding for the little bacon seeds, I heard my daughter screaming.


This is what I saw as I turned around, four little pigs were barreling across the barnyard in a Flying V squadron with my 1400lb cow right on their heels trying to stomp them to death. My Isa was screaming CHLOE at the top of her lungs, but Chloe, being the lead cow, was just trying to protect her herd, us, and the barnyard from animals that as far as she was concerned, weren't supposed to be there.

I ran up and smacked Chloe right on top top of her skull with my open palm while yelling NO in my most intimidating, dominant voice. If you have ever seen a charging mammal of a large size, it's a bit of an intimidating (and awesome) thing to behold. Chloe paused for a sec because I am Mom and she knows that when I put pressure on her it's a serious thing. I kept myself between her and the pigs and frantically dialed my son (who was still asleep as he had worked late the night before to come help us) as I was trying to keep the cows from the pigs so Isa could get some grain and we could herd the cows in the corral.


For the next few minutes I had to basically bull fight my cow and heifer off of the pigs, while trying to dial the phone. The piglets got divided into two groups of two, I focused on the group Chloe wanted to stomp while our hound dog kept pressure on the other group so they didn't escape the barnyard. Isa lured the cattle into the corral with crack, er, I mean grain, and while she was locking them up I ran to the house, burst in the door and yelled at my sleeping son, I NEED HELP.

Bless him, he ran out right away, from a dead sleep and with no shoes on. We herded the piglets into the barn and down the hall way. One bolted out, but I just focused on the three I had in the barn. I had the kids watch them as I went to grab a piece of plywood so my son and I could plug the hole.


As I went to jerk the plywood free, I didn't realize that an opposite force of pressure was on it, and it shot the opposite way I was yarding on it, dislocating my right thumb.

Yep, that hurt.

I howled a bit, popped my thumb back into socket and yarded the board to my kids. Isa had went to look for the other pig, and while I was dragging the board into the pen I heard her screaming LANI NO! and a pig screaming. I didn't focus on that, figuring I better get the three secured and I would then deal with the lone ranger.


My son took the plywood, hammered it in, and started checking the pen for any other issues. By the time I got in with the board he had already got the three piglets in the pen and they were crashed in the corner panting.

Did I mention we are in the middle of a heat wave yet? It was already in the mid 90's while this was all going down.

At that point enough adrenaline had worn off that I realized my thumb was a bit of a mess, but I was more worried about the pork pile, pigs don't handle stress well, so I sent my son to help with the escapee and I watered down the three in the pen.


After making sure there was absolutely no way they could get out, I went to help the kids with the loose piglet. I found them out on our gigantic hill with the dogs. Apparently they were herding the little piglet back towards the barn when it went wild and bit my son and our hound dog and bolted 200 feet straight up the hill.

My daughter needed to get to work and was pretty upset about the poor little pig. I told her not to worry, that we'd find it and to just take a breather, change, and go to work. She had been a rock star during the ordeal and I didn't want her to feel bad about it.


My son and I were exhausted and sweating, and I didn't want to push the piglet too hard in the heat, so we went back down the hill to hydrate and wait for our friends Cam and M to come back to help us track the pig down, as the more hands the better when herding and tracking things.

They arrived and we went back out. I'm telling ya guys, the all-stars of the great pig escape were my hound dog, my son, and Cam. We found the piglet quickly thanks to my big dog's most excellent tracking skills. It was laying under a giant shrub on the side of the road that went up the hill. Cam lay down, hanging off the steep side of the road and went to grab it. That little fungus bolted down the hill.

Now might be the time to mention that our weather, the record breaking rainfall, has turned our hillsides into a jungle that is very Congo-like. The brush is so thick you can't see through it, and Cam, Ian, the dogs, and I baled off into that mess looking for the pig. Three days later I am still pulling thorns and sticks out of my legs and arms.


After tracking it with the dog for about twenty minutes, Ian hollered he had found it at the BOTTOM of the hill. Not about to lose that pork rind again, Cam, M, and I RAN down the hill. It's a very steep grade!

We got to the bottom to see my son dancing around and in the middle of stripping his shirt off. The pig was hiding under a tree that also had a wasp nest in the ground next to it. My boy had stepped on the nest and had gotten stung in the back. After making sure he was bee free we all circled the tree and closed in.

Well, by then the temp out was around 97 or so, and the little pig had had enough, so Cam was able to reach down and pluck the pig off the ground. We all marched back to the barn triumphant and put our little escapee in with its siblings.


I was so happy that the saga had ended well, and after getting my friends (and myself) some ice water, spent a bunch of time in the barn making sure my new little friends were comfy and cool.

If I had only known that my day was just beginning I probably would have went and taken a nap.....

To be continued...

And as most of the time, all of the images in this post were taken on the author's still vibrating from the incredible amount of traveling over the last couple of days that it did iPhone. The text divider image was made in Canva.


I've heard that pigs and goats are some of the best escape artists! Glad you managed to find the last one up eventually. I wonder how long the little porker could have kept you running around for it it hadn't been so hot!

Oh I will so take pigs over goats everyday, I still haven't had a pig open the front door or jump on top of my car and poop on it😉

And you are right about the heat being perhaps a boon, he was a crafty little fella lol!

Hope you are having a glorious day!


Sounds like the goats mix in a good dose of mischievousness too! 🤣

How's your thumb today?

Oh I had about two dozen goats for fifteen years, the tales I could tale because of those mischievous caprines lol!

The thumb is slowly improving, which I really appreciate, I need to do some weeding and mulching tomorrow lol! Thanks so much for asking😊

Sounds like there might be a few entertaining posts there for us. 😁

Hope the weeding and mulching goes smoothly and doesn't cause you any more pain.

Oh, woman! It was a little quiet, so I thought, "I need some Kat time."

Hello? This is too much to not be real life. People cannot think these things up!! I thought I would completely lose it on the four little piggies. Darn it, you messed with my head. It should be three little piggies for ease!

I'm sorry about your thumb, but, I swear to God if you are not keeping track of these for your book, I will report you for abusing great thoughts.

❤️ You have the best neighbors. And kids. Love you! Take good care of your digits.

Ah, there is no finer way to disrupt one's serenity than by paying a visit to and reading of one of my exploits.

This past weekend was a real banger😆

And hello my dear friend, I have missed you, and am so glad you decided to drop by. Summer is a bit of a challenge for me to keep up with it all, but no excuses here, I just keep telling myself, one more thing!

And I dropped by real quick to upvote some of your posts and I saw wild ponies! My favorite book as a child, I mean dragged with me everywhere book, was a National Geographic Chincoteague ponies kids book. I am going to read those posts with relish!

After a bunch of sleep that is. This Kat is dragging, but I so, so wanted to say hi, love you, and boy oh boy could I use a plate of your amazing lasagna right now!

Night night!


Damn, those little rascals have a way of causing mayhem!

For real! They apparently had enough adventure (And the pen is beyond escape proof, we might have went a little overboard lol!), because they have just been chilling, enjoying laying in their cool water, milk soaked feed, and nice dry straw bedding.


Oh my fracking #@$%.

Good to have back 😀


Fracking awesome sauce positive to have you back 😀😃




Aww! I missed you too!😊

And you are on a road trip? I hope you are having a blast!!



Yes, visiting my new granddaughter 😀

AHH! Congrats! I am so behind and trying to catch up! That's amazing and I hope you are enjoying that little one and everything!😊

Absolutely my friend 😀

Enjoy getting caught up 😀

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Thank you most amazing knitter of things!



Sounds like a massive UFFDA is in order. Bacon bits are among the most diabolical escape artists, aren't they? I dread whatever comes next in your tale...


I still have yet to just stop. Don't think I will get to until maybe Sunday? I am definitely dragging lol!

The next part is even more hardcore, the Bobo and I crushed it!


Aw!! Cute little piggies!!

Thanks! They love scratchies lol!😊


Very cute! Whenever I see pigs, I always think of Bricktop from Lock Stock and how much pigs can eat!

LOL! They really can put it away for sure! Pigs amaze me with their feed to gain ratio (3:1)!

And they are super sweet little things, we've been having fun giving them plenty of pets and scratchies 😊


ahh bless! They look super cute. !PIZZA

I howled a bit, popped my thumb back into socket and yarded the board to my kids.

You didn't take a picture of that dislocated thumb before you popped it back, lol.

The undeniable truth in this situation is that you and your clan are truly "BAD ASS"

I rarely read a post that is this long, but you wrote it with such enthusiasm and emotion that I couldn't stop reading it.

As far as typing with a dislocated thumb goes, It wouldn't slow me down because I only use my index fingers, lol. (yes, I hunt and peck)


Well shoot, I didn't think to do that LOL!

You know, I try to keep my posts under a thousand words for the most part because of people's time and attention spans and such, so that meant a lot that you read the whole thing. I just relived the entire morning through words and couldn't bring myself to edit any of it out.

Holy wow! I admire the hunt and peck method because I would lose my mind typing that way so you have made my day twice with your comment!


Gracious, what a way to start the day! So glad you had capable helpers and were able to catch up with the little piggy. Hope your thumb is feeling better.

I hope your dislocated thumb heals soon . Pork meat actually tastes sumptuous even though I can’t remember the last time I had one. It’s nice to see your hound dog participating in the rescue operation as well, quite intelligent. I hope there’s no escape for the piglets in the nearest future. Stay Safe !!

Thanks so much! It's doing pretty good considering the abuse I heaped upon it for the two days following the pig escape.

I am so proud of Lani (our hound dog), she would find the pig in the brush and then wait for us to get it without stressing or jumping the poor thing. She was awesome!

And I hope not either lol, thanks for stopping by!


Thanks for the pizza! :)

Wow, what an experience you all had with the new piglets and especially the escapee. Your dislocated thumb and all. I hope the next days are not equally as dramatic, wishing you all the best.

Thank you so, so much! I hope the next few days slow down a bit too, so far that's not been the case lol, but maybe this fall?

Hope you are having a dandy day!


Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work


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Oh geez! And it had to be 97 that day too.... Fortunately we never had any escapes with the pigs. Neither of us could run, so we figured if they ever got out, there was only 1 way we'd stop them....

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Oh my god what an adventure! How's your thumb though? I don't have experiences with dislocated thumbs, but I do have experiences with a dislocated knee! I can confirm that stuff hurts like crazy! I could not fix it myself and hospital interference was needed. Did yours get back into place by yourself or did you need to see a doc?

What a hot mess (pun intended!)

I hope the little escape artists are going to behave! I remember when I was young, one of my classmates lived on a farm and they had little piglets. I went there for a bday party and I remember how cute these were when you cuddled them, so sweet!

Anyway, have a drink and take care dear! <3