Harvesting, Sunflower Takedown, Order Prep, The Ram - Monday

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The chilly mornings are a surely showing we are in Fall. Yesterday morning were at 39F but my mid day had warmed up over 80F. I was seriously dragging ass in the morning trying to get my body aches and pains to subside.


After my Ibuprophen dose I made my way out to the garden and got the cucumbers picked. 48 of them were ready with a couple rather large. There are still more on the plants but the plants are looking rather peeked.


The squash will do better now that I am culling the trashed plants, it's opening up the space between them and allowing them to dry out easier. The moisture has lead to a lot of molds growing quickly. Still 16.5 pounds of squash for the day was not too bad given the state of the plants.


After noon I wanted to make myself a sandwich for lunch so I grabbed a Nardello and a stalk of celery. The celery leaves went on the sandwich with the pepper and the stalk got dipped in peanut butter.


Mid afternoon I spent about half an hour cutting down all the tall sunflowers. The heads all got tossed to the 20 gallon planting pot with some over 12" across down to just 4" ones. The smallest don't have big enough seeds to really worry about so they went to the sheep.


All the stalks got tossed over the fence into their pen where they were happily browsing the still green leaves on the stalk. The turkeys ended up in the pen and the teenagers all milled about the stalks for a while.


In the evening I had to get a tub of beans picked so I could bag for today's delivery. I got 10.5 pounds of them rather quickly and got the 5 pounds bagged and in the box for this morning.


@stryeyz needed to meet a woman about Tupperware and we headed up to the Ram drivethru in Riverside. We got dinner and the boys and I ate while she took care of business. We have a number of pieces that are cracked or missing lids from.


The Ram is right across the street from the high school and has been a constant employer of students over the years. Only in the last few years have they modernized the place.


Once home we watched the new Bob's Burgers and the new Rick and Morty before heading out. I managed to stay out until a bit before 9pm but was inside and out pretty soon after.


This morning I have my co-op delivery, then I have to pick tomatoes, beans, and then get the freeze dryer going again with more cucumbers or melons.

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