Grain and Co-op Run, Harvests, Glass Studio Lights, Yard Work, Grilling - Friday

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The weather had moved on but there were still clouds in the morning yesterday and the doppler showed no rain locally. I went with that notion and was out of the house and on the road to town to get the grain a little after light.


Choices had to be made and with the bed of the truck full of 3 empty barrels and boxes of produce I did not have room for a partial barrel of grain. The two barrels were rather full and there was a partial for each. I shoveled one out atop the two barrels then with the ramp laid down I poured the other barrel out on the trailer and mashed it down as well as I could. I've done this before but just not with this much grain. I wasn't sure it would make it all the way back to the farm.


I stopped and dropped the 3 empty barrels at the Steam Plant before heading out to the valley.


Rather happy to have the melons sold and now I have a bit better understanding of how and when to pick and store them. I can say for sure I will be happy when I am not having to make the trips to the co-op for the winter as the drive is a pain in the ass.


The two barrels on the trailer got shoveled out against the fence in the sheep pen. Lack of enthusiasm by the sheep shows the amount of grain they have had recently.


I backed the trailer up to the bird area and before I was even stopped the birds were on the trailer. I had to push them out of the way to get the trailer shoveled off.


I finally got myself a proper scale for the farm and it works wonderfully. So much easier than the hanging scale I had and the trouble it would give me fitting boxes onto the platform. Now I just set them on without any obstructions. I mounted the display on the wall now and have bucket weights written on the bench.


I went picking tomatoes and found one of them had grown around the fence. It is full on grown to it as I pulled the green tomato that was mashed against its side and tried to pull it free but it won't move. Once it is riper I will break it off the wire.


6.25 pounds of tomatoes with a lot of them being ground fall.


I now have light in my glass studio. I got two of the LED lights installed over the bench and wow is it so much nicer. With the ceiling in place it is a dark little cave without the lights.


I was out picking cabbage when I noticed the marigolds were looking all amazing with their sheen of water coating them. The muted gray sky made the reflection really cool in the water.


The cabbage have had a shit show of a season and I am astounded to even be getting any heads from the row after the infestation that has ravaged them all summer. I had hit them all with a healthy dose of NEEM at one point which may have given them the boost they needed to keep the bugs at bay. There are a few smaller ones in the row still but I got 5 nice heads which weigh 8.75 pounds together.


I got a full large planting pot of the remnants of the plants which all went in to the sheep who pounced on it.


I gave the heads a good rinsing and have a few leaves left that will have to be removed.


Another ultra easy trench was from the junction at the gate to the tool shed. Sand was about all it is and it was super easy to dig in. I disconnected the wiring in the junction box and pulled the wires out so I could sleeve the run to the shed. I then hooked the power back up out of the box so I can easily disconnect when I make the final runs.


Hawthorne are a dangerous plant to have in a yard. The spines are well over an inch long and sharp as a needle. I lopped off most of the branches that hung down low enough to hit us as we walk by.


There is an area on the end of the garden by the chickens that I had them fenced from and I moved my fence panels and ran a length of fence to give them access. They were in heaven pipping and chirping around as they nibbled all the tall greenery.


Late afternoon I went out to pick up the package that delivered and stopped at the apple tree by the big creek. I got a long pocket on my kilt filled with apples that the boys then ended up devouring most of over the evening.


The last rounds got split up and the wood tossed to the pile.


R gave me a hand with the maul and wedge. He has remarkably good aim already and is able to hit the wedge more often than not, and with good force too.


Grilling for dinner and I grabbed one of the golden California wonder bell peppers and cut it up and put it on the grill.


I installed a 3rd light in my studio and have it on a plug. In the package with the lights was one extra bracket. I installed the 3 brackets on the cross bar so that I wave one on either end and one in the middle. This way I can spin the light around and mount it on either side of the studio. mostly it will be behind my station on the right but I can always put it on the left.


After dinner and watching the recent Star Trek lower decks episode we were out soaking.


More harvesting today and with the warm weather for the foreseeable future I should keep getting bounty from the gardens. The house is in drastic need of cleaning so I am thinking that will be the bulk of the weekend.

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The cabbages and apples looked pretty good. Studio's really coming together.