Built Roof Extension, Installed A/C, Boys Learned To Split Wood, Grilling - Sunday

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Yesterday was a really nice day with the sun out and nearly 70 degrees. A far cry from the parade of storms that have been streaming through this month. First thing I got the sheep a new bale of hay since every time they saw me they yelled at me. One day and they think they are starving.


The middle of the day was taken up with building the roof extension to extend past the end of the A/C unit. First was to remove the bottom 3 rows of screws from the metal roofing to allow me access beneath it.


I then had to pull the drip edge off which was a bit difficult to get the nails pulled but I managed without destroying the flashing.


I cut the one piece down then was able to cut the other piece and remove them for use later.


This exposed the rafter ends and also showed me that there was a 2 inch fill between the metal roofing and the top of the rafter.


I prepped the extensions with screws and guide lines before installing them. It was handy to have 4 pieces of 2x6 pressure treated from building the deck that were 2 feet long. They were the perfect length for what I needed.


Next I scrounged up a couple pieces of OSB that were exactly the right depth and just had to be cut to length before I installed them on the extensions.


Tyvek went down over the OSB to help protect it for longevity.


I used a 2x4 and 1.5" firring to make up the space and get the 2 inches that the roof has of spacing. When the metal roofing was installed they just laid it over the shingles which I had not known until now.


I have lengths of flashing and I cut 2 pieces for the sides and then used the drip edge that I had removed earlier.


It took 3 pieces of roofing to fit correctly with the roofing and I had to cut 2 pieces down a bit. The pieces were 27" long which meant I had a good amount that was under the roofing so the overlap will keep moisture out for sure.


The house has a 3.5" overhang on the roofing and I gave my extension a 3" overhang.


With the roof done I turned my attention to the A/C unit. I was feeling really leery about using the small support brackets since the unit is so heavy. I rummaged in my metals bin and found these 2 brackets that came with our bed frame. I stuck them in the vise and broke the t ends off then pounded the break flat again.


They fit the brackets perfectly and gave me a nice extension to give a lot more support.


The unit has a sleeve which makes the install rather nice compared to hefting a whole unit into place and trying to get it mounted.


The extension is more than long enough and easily covers the entire unit.


The brackets got bolted to the sleeve in two places and I had to shim behind the brackets against the 2x4 to make the level correct.


It needs a half inch drop from front to back for drainage and I hit it right on the nose.


@stryeyz helped me slide the thing into the sleeve and after putting in the rest of the screws I was able to put the front on.


I still have to run power from the attic and into a box on the wall. I am moving an existing 220 line that is empty right now but will wait a while to get it done.


Mid afternoon I got a fire going in the pit again for the evening.


I was splitting some wood for the fire and J asked if he could help. I showed him how to swing the splitting maul instead of holding it in the air above him and he eventually got the hang of it. It still takes him a number of swings to get a split but he is getting the motion down.


@stryeyz had her loom out by the pit as she worked to finish the tassels on her weaving.


R wanted in on the splitting as well but he could only use the smaller axe but that didn't deter him.


He was extremely proud to split his first piece of wood.


While the boys split wood I had the steaks on the grill. Mine was already done at this point and I was just searing @stryeyz.


Soaked for far too long as it was way late when we went to bed.


My drip tubing delivers today and I need to get the lines run in the garden. I have to get chicken feed and order a one ton tote to get through the summer, boys have school, the peppers will be getting planted tomorrow after the sub 40 F low tonight, and I want to get the car topper out of my old truck and ready for Wednesday.

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I hated splitting wood as a kid

I suppose at some point I will need to get the AC into my window, but I'll put it off as long as I can. It looks like R has had a growth spurt! He's much taller, I think...

Yeah he hit his mid 5 year old growth spurt and popped a bit. It helps having our measuring boards on the wall to see their constant growth.

New follower here. I just love seeing this movement to homesteading. Hind sight being 20/20 I wish I had done just this with my family when we first moved to Costa Rica. My plan is to do a homestead/eco-tourism business in the north of Nicaragua by the end of 2023. I look forward to following you homestead life adventures on Hive.