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With the recent move to Hive I would like to share the @ecoTrain mission statement. We are here not only to support you and posts that cover topics relating to sustainability and off-grid living, but are also supporting the creation of real world ecoVillages in Portugal and beyond. The time has never been more ripe for us to attain real security and to become self sufficient.


Sustainability, ecoVillages, Community, Self-sufficiency, Off-grid Living, Homesteading, Permaculture, Alternative Energy, Alternative Lifestyle, Natural Health, Cooking, Eco-Building (esp. earthships), Recycling, Esoteric, Inner Transformation, Spiritual, Nature - in short, all the topics relating to the eco-paradigm shift.

ecoTrain are curating with around 60,000 Steem Power, and we are busy every day looking at our community to curate, engage, and connect with you. Since we love the Comnmunity view of Hive, we are prioritising most of our up-votes to people who post to our community page. When you post TO our community page it goes on the community feed and our community can all easily see it. This is a great improvement and so we want to encourage you to post and engage there.


Our mission is to first create our own micro ecoVillage and then help many other people to make the shift to a location initially nearby. We will be facilitating every aspect of eco building from helping people to get land to planning and building code, and helping people through the actual build process with our crew of volunteers and helpers. That crew will grow as we build as training and education are an integral part of this approach to viral eco-building and community living. We have just last week secured a second plot of 8 acres, along with two other plots that total around 15 acres that are being used for land regeneration and permaculture. The future is looking bright for ecoVillages, and it all starts in Portugal!

The idea of the ecoTrain birthed with the founding principle of Service To Mankind and the world around us. The full name of this ecoTrain is "ecoTrain Seva"

"Selfless service or Seva in Sanskrit (Punjabi: ਸੇਵਾ) is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it. Such services can be performed to benefit other human beings or society."

This name is used to highlight the idea of working without any expectation of reward Our primary goal on Hive is to give service to the world and the people in the form our our posts and up votes to support causes that help make this world a better place.

ecoTrain is a keen supporter of eco building, off-grid living, earthship biotecture, and most things natural and holistic. Ultimately we want you to be free to live in a way that supports our deepest human nature and desires. To do this we need to shift to a new paradigm, and we are currently on the precipice of great change owing to the massive upheavels caused by COVID19. I believe we must come back to our roots, and fulfil our most primal needs. Most important of these is to live in a supportive community that fosters healthy relationships and dynamics, and be self sufficient!

For this to happen we must remove the need for money wherever possible. This starts with the most important part, which is having a home without going into debt to buy it, and being able to live in that home without the pressures of bills and taxes. It is those financial burdens that cause most communities to fail, and usually result in many compromises that ultimately creates a disconnect within the people of the community.

The gift that keeps on giving! The Gift Economy.

Relieving people of the burden of being forced to work to pay bills in a job they may not even like, living in a home they cannot afford, in a location they may not even want to be in... is the ultimate gift! Giving people their lives back is an amazing form of service and is a gift that keeps on giving. A community based on the gift economy starts with the purchase of land. This initial purchase is what the ecoTrain has already helped to secure! Now the land has been acquired, it is only a matter of starting the builds using the gift economy approach. When a community comes together and helps to build a home for each other without any money needing to being exchanged, we enter into the realms of great potential and creativity. Nothing brings greater results then when we feel gifted, and we want to return that gift with our time and positive energy. Who wouldn't want to live in a home that provides a lifetime of power, water, food and comfort and security at almost no cost!

No Bills, No Mortgage, No Rent means more time for inspiration, creativity and deep nurturing friendships.

What would a community look like that lived like this? I believe we would see a great abundance of creativity, inspiration, joy, happiness and abundance in all its forms. People would get on with each other in new and beautiful ways, because no one is busy trying to acquire things, or get something from each other. Some money would of course be needed, but the importance of money would take many steps down in the priority ladder. When a community works together, I'm sure there could be no end of ideas for everyone to create many products such as organic produce, arts, crafts etc... that could be sold to others. Right now I am working on a micro community approach, whereby we will have many smaller plots within a 20 km radius.

Micro Communities!

The ecoVIllages approach is truly decentralized, and allows for each person to be in control of their lives, and not feel pressured or burdened by a community that ALL share the same large plot of land. People can choose how large their plot is, and can also live alone in their own land but very much a part of the community. We will all share our resources, time and skill and use trade and exchange as much as possible. In this way we really can remove the need for money as much as possible, especially for basic things like food.

I pledge to gift my time and my life to creating a new paradigm for living.

My role in this community would be initially be to manifest it, and facilitate anyone who wanted to join us. I have a lot of experience with eco building and have managed to build both large and tiny eco homes in the most difficult circumstances you can imagine, and often on tiny budgets of just a few thousand dollars.. and on one occasion we built with no money at all.. relying solely on donations! I have learned so much over the past 20 years that I am very confident that I could lead the way for many of people to successfully build a very beautiful home even on a shoe string budget. I would probably end up dedicating years of my life to helping others build in this community without any money or payment.

Non Violent Communication (NVC).

This world is based on a dominating culture, that enjoys violence in all it forms. Conflict is perpetuated all our interactions. It is bred into us, and is the general psychological make-up of much of the world. The way this world operates is by congratulating or punishing. If we make a mistake, we think that we deserve to suffer. Conversely, when we do good things we thing it is OK and even good to bestow great praise and even rewards to encourage such behaviours. Its all a game, a part of the who's right game. This game has created so much violence on this planet, and permeates every moment an interaction in our lives.

So when I speak of non violent communication I am speaking of a new paradigm in thinking, parenting, and connecting with others. The details of the community structure, power structure, decision making, etc .. are things that I have strong feelings on, but I don't want to get into those details just yet. The general premise is that we run by the law of least effort when it comes to decision making, and through consensus. Non-violent Communication would be the bedrock of this community, it would be the glue that binds us! The concepts of non violent communication would be taught, discussed, and embedded as a natural part of community life.

How To Support This Vision

1. Delegate or donate to @ecotrain to support this project.

I would be very happy to hear your comments, and any enthusiasm you might have for such a project! When I ask for people to delegate to the @ecoTrain, THIS is the ultimate goal of your delegation. Yes we support the amazing people that are on Hive with it, but there is so much more.. Who knows... some of you may well end up living in this very community, wouldn’t that make the perfect ending!

2. Donate some of your post rewards or Hive to @ecotrain

If you post using the #ecotrain tag and receive our up-votes then please consider donating something to @ecoTrain once the post has paid out. In this way we can make Hive more quickly and secure the land sooner rather than later! Of course you can always just donate without posting using our tag, and we will use it to keep empowering the @ecoTrain and the people who support us.

3. Share this post, and tell people about this vision!

The re-blog button is only a click away and could change someone life! If you love this vision, please share this post and share this message with someone who might appreciate it!

I leave you with a smile, and HOPE! Sometimes people let hope become a reason to keep doing nothing, but other times once we have done everything we can, we can then only hope!

4. Donate Bitcoin:

If you want to donate any amount of BTC to the cause please send it to the following address. Any donations will be used to ensure this project moves at high speed!


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Great mission. Good activities. Good to see you on hive blockchain 💯

 3 years ago  

thanks matt! it feels a bit nicer here huh!

Obviously count me in, feels fresh being on a new chain too! I might just up my delegation!

 3 years ago  

ooooh!@ very nice. always appreciated thank you! Hope to see u in Portugal one day!!

Always soooo good to clarify core purpose and enable people to revisit. Thank you. It's good to see your dream coming together for you.

 3 years ago  

thanks! yes right now SO many of my network are now BUSTING to get safe and build and live off grid.. WIth so much land available so cheap around there i think we will be able to help so many people get going, .. <3

Very worthy project, this community is going to blow up (in interest).

A technical question, does anyone know how I can undelegate and then delegate to @ecotrain? I delegated a very modest amount to another organization on steem which did not cross over to Hive. I don't know how to undelegate. Thanks

I love this project and the values. Thank you for your work.
My place in Bulgaria may well move in this direction too.

I am seeking a visionary community to adopt a revolutionary system of governance. I wrote about it yesterday: https://peakd.com/hive-139531/@atma.love/seeking-visionary-developer-s-and-a-hive-community-for-developing-and-testing-matrix-8

I would be grateful if you would consider becoming the first community to help test a Matrix-8 Platform.


ReHiving and Delegating

This mission and the beautiful ecovillages that it is manifesting gladdens my heart and gives me hope too!
Resteemed and off to redelegate with HIVE