They're Alive!

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They're Alive!



For most of these, it's their 3rd year round. One of them is four years old and has been through the 2018 mini drought we had in the UK and the strange 2019 season when the bees didn't show up. This year is looking good so far. There could be a little more rain, that would be nice, but it's way better than 2018-2019 so far.

The tomatoes never survive winter. I'm not sure they're supposed to. They're newly planted every year.

I really need a garden shed and I was supposed to build one this year, but I've become too busy and illiquid to do it. Maybe next year. I need somewhere to keep all the tools I'm acquiring.








The wild berries, planted by the birds not me, are thriving despite having been mowed over. They always outperform the ones that I deliberately planted. My ones produce larger fruits, but the wild ones taste better. I think the squirrels agree too 🍓🐿

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It's nice to see your plants alive. I hope you'll able to make your garden.
These plants are inspiring me to start planting.
I hope to start soon.
Have a great day!

Thank you. Yes I am glad they're growing nicely. The rewards are soon in summer and early autumn 😋

They always outperform the ones that I deliberately planted.

It is amazing, isn't it? How the nature knows to do what it does.

I never thought that winter wouldn't be good for tomatoes. It just came to my mind that tomatoes are expensive during winter. That's perhaps the reason.

Nature is amazing and has millions of years of experience compared to me :)

True. Nature has much more, tremendously more experience than science as well

Good to see some crops there. My berries are starting to appear. Hope to be picking soon. Enjoy!


thank you. I'm almost squirrel-proof now too :)

They don't seem to have found mine, yet.

I have some wild strawberries and the same is true for them. The only problem is they produce lots of stolons so if left unchecked they could easily take over a space. I purged all of them supposedly a few years back. But I'm noticing many now hiding among my domestic ones once again.

They act almost human haha

1 photography strawberry 🍓? Nature cool 😁


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