Pointless work and the most important things in life


I can imagine that my roommates, the spiders in my room, are very angry with me. I hope they don't hate me, after all we got along so well so far. But they are angry with me. I'm sure.
They put in so much work over the days and weeks to build their traps/their habitats actually, to build and fortify them. And then the day comes when I go through with the cobweb brush and destroy it all.


But the thing is, as much as I don't want to do that, and as much as I respect their work, there comes a point where I just have to put an end on it and start all over again. Otherwise, they will make the whole room into cobwebs.


I hope you are aware that the garden spider I am showing you here is not a spider from my room 😆. And that I'm not some freaky recluse who keeps spiders at home. I've written about this before!


No one bothers the spiders and their huge, thick and sturdy webs in the garden (although this lovely specimen here looks injured - do spiders grow extra limbs when they lose a leg? 🤔 Just like lizards when they lose their tails.)


(But it was probably precisely because it looked injured that I had the opportunity to get so close to it before it ran away.)


Well, it was about cobwebs today and my roommates - the absolutely harmless house spiders.
I destroyed some of their webs yesterday and now they look kind of down to me. 😔 Poor guys!


A few days ago, my boyfriend and I were sitting in the outdoor garden of a restaurant when we saw a small spider getting ready to make a web on one of the chairs at the table. "What senseless labor is boiling here," he exclaimed. "But isn't it the same with humans!" he immediately added.
And really, it's not just with the poor spiders. I observe the same in my own life.
I have wasted so much work, effort and time to build various things - to be perfect in my job, to create an interesting blog, to have a FB page, Instagram profile, to have stock portfolios in multiple agencies, etc. etc. None of this currently exists (I'm surprised this blog here even exists 😎). So I shouldn't feel sorry for the spiders. At least they know what they're doing. They are born with this knowledge. Cobwebs are the most important thing in their lives. And they are occupied with them all their lives.
And we humans on the other hand, do we know what are the most important things in our lives and are we constantly occupied only with them?

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Hive.jpgSoul's Detour is a project started by me years ago when I had a blog about historical and not so popular tourist destinations in Eastern Belgium, West Germany and Luxembourg. Nowadays, this blog no longer exists, but I'm still here - passionate about architecture, art and mysteries and eager to share my discoveries and point of view with you.

I love that you added some life philosophy to your awesome photos! The spider is a funnel-web spider in the family Ageleniidae. And indeed, harmless! But they'll web up everything if they get the chance.

On your points, I agree that we often mess around and fiddle with seemingly pointless and meaningless matters and actions without asking ourselves what purpose they serve. A purpose-driven life is something that doesn't seem to be taught or encouraged in society anymore. It's just work and more work and making money. But there's more to life than that.

Thanks for sharing!

I love that you added some life philosophy

I often try to do that here. This community was first supposed to be called Nature and Philosophy 🤭. Then I was thinking about the name Nature and Life.
Thank you very much for the specie's information. These guys really really tried this year to entangle a lot of bushes and hedges in their cobwebs. But like I said, I respect their work and don't interfere with them for now.

work and more work and making money

That might as well be a set goal, right? I kind of even admire people who have a set goal and follow it (because they will achieve it). Even if it is like that. As immoral as it may sound. And in today's world, no matter what we talk about, there is no more room for other things than work and money. If one does not admit it, one will simply perish.

Recently, I almost gave my bathroom spider a name, but it was gone all of a sudden. Before that, it kept crawling out while I was taking a bath. Too bad, it would have been my first tame spider friend. 😅!LOLZ

Ha ha, I can imagine 😅 They are real friends. I once even managed to stroke the leg of a spider that stood for a long time on the wall next to me 😄
I'm sorry for the loss of your pal. I hope you find a new one!


My friend got a heart transplant but regretted it immediately.
You could say he had a change of heart.

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I think that's what usually people says that just working hard in a wrong place, environment and peers. Then effort is just wasted as we weren't recognized.

So I shouldn't feel sorry for the spiders. At least they know what they're doing.

agree, they only have one goal, build their web, oh another one, got their prey.

By the way, those spiders ( don't know what specie) helps me in earning money before. Been collecting them and sold to my schoolmates back then. haha

I know, you told me about that before. Very funny 😃 I couldn't do that. And I can't imagine what your classmates did with them. I don't even want to know, actually. Don't tell me.
I know people, as well as see such people on TV, who also have one or two goals in life, pursue them hard, and in most cases actually succeed in achieving them. Therefore, I can admire the spiders, as well as the people who follow them - they are not many. We, humans, are often distracted by too many insignificant things that divert us from the ultimate goal.

I already told you before? MY bad, seems I am getting forgetfull already😂.
Agree, and as sometimes those challenges drives us away from our goals..

Happy weekend

Have a wonderful weekend you too 😊

This is interesting, funny and fun to read.
At first I wanted to ask.
Why show us a spider in a garden?
Don't tell me that's your room?
Hope the spiders didn't fight you as you destroyed their web?
Who likes cobwebs?

I also love how you related this to human beings, and the life we live.
Putting endless effort.

I used these pictures because I find garden spiders more attractive than house spiders. Also, shooting them against a plant background makes the photos more beautiful. But I have also shown photos of my domestic friends before.
No, they don't attack people. They are absolutely harmless.
I wouldn't say I like spider webs. But I don't pay much attention to them.
Have a beautiful weekend!

Well explained.
Have a blessed new month dear.

You too! Thank you! 😊

Thank you very much

Yes, it's the same in humans too. I do many pointless things and later feel guilty about it. Now I try to remind myself before doing anything stupid though.

What is the definition of "stupid" in that case? I'm sure nothing was stupid at the time we were doing it. If at another point in life, it already looks like this, it doesn't mean anything.
My explanation of things is that everything that happened/we did was meant to happen/be done. Nothing is ever completely meaningless because it has always given us things - some life experience. Or it was just meant to be. I, on the other hand, am learning not to feel guilty and not to regret - whatever happened, happened 😊

I agree with you. After guilt shaming myself millions of times, I came to the conclusion that those unnecessary things are part of life and they add up in other ways.
Have a good day :)

Exactly 👍
Have a wonderful weekend 😊

Spiders can regrow legs if they are still growing and moulting but not after the final moult. The loss of a leg or two is no major handicap for them though.
I only get rid of spider webs in the house when they have gotten totally out of hand

Spiders are moulting? Gosh, I know nothing about these friends of mine 😄
So there is hope for this guy here after all.
I usually don't even notice the cobwebs - I don't feel the need to remove them, but I don't live alone in this house. As well as from time to time guests come in. That's why I'm forced to remove them.

Oh man, I'm not keen on spiders at all! I think people take life too seriously sometimes and we should more focus on having fun and enjoying ourselves.

Basically yes, this is the best possible strategy for living. 😃 Difficult to implement, however. At least in my opinion.
In general, I didn't like these animals either, but that was only until I paid enough attention to them and realized what amazing creatures they are.

And we humans on the other hand, do we know what are the most important things in our lives and are we constantly occupied only with them?

This is indeed a million dollar question. Most of us don't really know the most important things in our lives. That's why most people misplace priorities and all that.

I guess the most important things in life are different for each person. But most of the time we're just wandering around (necessarily in a hurry), running around like we're crazy. I'm sure if someone were to watch us, someone who wasn't human, would judge that we've lost our minds, or never had one. 😃

You are definitely right.

Incredible pictures of the spiders and the web and a good point to reflect on what one is doing and how or if it is important. Thank you for sharing.

Glad you liked all this. I admit, my posts sometimes look a bit weird. Especially when I include pictures of spiders 😄 But I'm happy some people can look beyond 😊

Nice capture.
I clean spider webs often.
I do pity them at times.
Well the struggle is real.

And they are probably proud animals and don't want to be pitied. 😁
Sometimes I wish I could look inside an animal's head and find out what it thinks about us reckless humans.

Funny we can't lol.
They are really proud animals.

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Some philosophers say that everything is in vain :) Sometimes I agree with that.
Have a great day! :)

This post is actually 'inspired' by our discussion about the stock photography - it's been such a pointless exercise for me for the last 4 years of building portfolios and then deleting them that I don't even see the point in getting mad about it anymore. Yes, it's all in vain. Everything is a lesson in this life. But everything is pointless if you look at it from a certain point of view...

I'm pretty sure it was not all in vain, as you say. Stock teaches a lot of things - to be very careful, even picky about focusing, composition, exposure, all the sides required for good photographs. In terms of personal lessons - persistence, long-term investments, etc... :)

I do not know. A little above, I actually wrote that everything that happened in life was meant to happen, and that nothing is in vain. But going back to stock photography, I'm starting to argue the opposite again. And that's because quite recently I realized the following thing - when I was dealing with stock, I photographed certain things - those that I thought were suitable for stock. Today I shoot completely different things - things that I really like and make an impression on me. Sometimes I really think that these 4 years of my life are just lost. 🤔

I always take photos of what I want to "freeze" in time.
Then I try selling some of them on stock. If that works... great. If not... well, I always can do something else for a living :)

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Wow amazing pictures and interesting insights into life my friend have the greatest weekend @soulsdetour 😎
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Thank you very much! I first thought people would be scared of the spider pictures 😄 But that didn't happen.
Have an awesome weekend too!

Personally i love spiders amazing creatures
It made your post stick out from the crowd for me 😉
Have an awesome weekend @soulsdetour

😊 I'm really glad!
Have a great new week!

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Nature can be a good teacher if we take the time observe and contemplate.

That's absolutely true 😊 I have a tendency to judge all people based on myself, so I think that nowadays everyone can take this time and attention to observe and contemplate. And this is absolutely necessary in order to realize ourselves as humans and to continue living a little more meaningfully. But of course, this is only in the realm of probability. Most likely, this is not the case at all. The majority of people are not the least bit interested in nature.