Restarting the Manipulation Station community!

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I've been thinking for a while to start some new fun communities that may not require a lot of effort and not be similar to other things we curate over at @ocd. I've talked about it in the past but have yet to find a dev willing to put the bot that will help the communities to work, until then and while this community is new I'm willing to try doing this manually and I think the idea behind this community is a good one to let die.

[Banner by @derangedvisions] (not an actual contest in this post)

Here are the basic rules and idea behind it:

  • Post a short post with an original unedited image.

This image can be from anywhere on the internet but please include a source as to where you found it from or preferably from the original owner's page. If it's someone on Hive then tag the user and place a beneficiary % (5-10%) to their account in the post.

  • Send the rest of the beneficiary rewards of the post to @manipulationstat. Leave max 10% of the post rewards going to yourself.

  • Participants can then take the original image and edit it at their heart's content and post it in the comments where they will receive upvotes and at payout of the original post get the rewards distributed as tips on the comments.

If you want a more concrete example, check out one of the first contests we ran with the community that turned out pretty great.

Some more examples and inspiration (warning, asks to disable adblock):

Now you may have some questions such as:

Why give away most of our post rewards when submitting an image?

Because there is not a lot of effort behind just sharing an image, the effort here is in the editing out the image into something different from the original and that's what we want to see rewarded in the community. Submitter can still leave up to 5% for themselves of the post as a small effort to go out and look for images that could be good to be edited but it is up to the community to decide on which posts they want to participate in.

How are the beneficiary rewards distributed?

A majority of the rewards will go to participants in the comments in the form of tips through @peakd. A small part of them will be distributed to moderators and curators of the community. Other readers and upvoters can participate in curating which edits they liked the best by curating the comments which will determine how the rewards are distributed, just know that curators will keep an eye on that activity as well to avoid any kind of abuse.

Why participate in the comments rather than making a new post?

Well, similar to the original post of sharing an image, some of these may be low effort and we wouldn't want people to attempt to abuse both the community and their autovoters, since a majority of accounts don't have autovoters on their comments and voters don't usually have many trailing their comment votes this should work better. Aside from that for readers being able to get to the fun edits easily by just scrolling down the comments makes for a much better user experience!

The main idea is to have fun

You don't have to be a pro photoshopper or that skilled in editing images to participate, the thought, idea and context behind it can be worth a lot more than editing things realistically or beautifully. r/photoshopbattles is a subreddit with millions of subscribers and countless of participants and engagement in the posts, this is a similar idea but here on Hive people can also earn some rewards for their efforts and humor rather than just worthless awards which only shareholders and employees profit off of. The community is also meant as a way for people to be a bit less serious, more engaging and have some fun with it without having to read lengthy posts beforehand.

Let's see how it goes! Feel free to ask questions here in the comments!

We will be pinning this post to the community and adding in the rules so everyone is aware of what to do with the post rewards. If you fail to abide by the rules your post will be muted, repeated breaking of rules will get your account muted from the community altogether.


Sounds like fun!

I'm sure there are many LMACians who would like to throw their contributions into the ring. I will share this announcement with our community on our Discord. Also, feel invited to join us there (or send a liaison) where you can reach out directly to the members of our community. We would be happy to arrange you a dedicated community channel where you can share future announcements.

Curious to see what comes up!

So, if I get this right, it means that...

I make a post with a title, image, and source. That's all.
Then I manipulate that same photo from my post (after posting, of course), and enter my result for the contest on my post as a comment.

And I can as well manipulate other authors' posted images and enter the results in their comments.
And, of course, follow the rules properly.

I am really excited about this and can not wait to get my hands to work. 😂💪👍

Yes you got it right :)

Isn't that fantastic...😁

This would be so much fun for the photo editors on Hive and I know just the right one to see this and put in an entry with his creative hands 😊

Hey @olujay get in here, I think you'll love it and that app you taught me on... Hope you still have it in your phone? 😅 I'm sure you do.

The rules aren't so difficult to follow, just be sure to follow them.

Not sure about my editing skill but I would see what I can do to put in an entry too 🙈

@merit.ahama, like you knew I would be so pumped to see this. I'm so excited to join!😂

that app you taught me on...

Remind me of the app please...🤔

Not sure about my editing skill but I would see what I can do to put in an entry too 🙈

Let's do this jare. 💪💪

Hahaha I knew it!

Remind me of the app please

Snapseed 😁

No way I'm going to dump Snapseed like that.😂

Hahaha great! That means you still have it and you're ready to explore this opportunity presented 😊

Yes o😂


It sounds so good to have fun. If there's fun, I'm in. As far as I understand, I will share a photo with a short caption and in the comments people will shop it and share it again. Or someone will post it and I will shop it. Am I correct ? If so, it will be very enjoyable and I will participate. Thank you for bringing such a community to me and supporting it.

Yeah, just a title, image and source is enough. The important part here is to make sure you set beneficiaries correctly as mentioned in the post before submitting the post into the community.

Then depending on activity in the comments, curators will decide on how much to upvote the post so that the rewards of the post get distributed to the participants in the comments depending on the votes they have received and other factors.

Thanks for explaining. I will try to participate.

This sounds super cool. If it turns out anywhere close to the examples you shared in the link then it will be hilarious. I look forward to seeing what people come up with.

LMAO. This is going to be so much fun. :') I am ready with my photoshop skills. Haha!

Just checked the link for the first contest from two years ago. Haha that is funny af. Some cracking entries, and I can see as the community bio is spot on, fun and humour. What a cool idea,

Looking forward!!! I love photo manipulations. I'm excited to join the contest.

So this is kind of similar to LMAC contests

PS! As you can see from the old posts in the community this idea is over 2 years old.

As far as I see, LMAC came a long way through. Reminds me of the rabbit and tortoise race.

Could be, not too familiar with them other than the collage entries I've seen, but I guess this is more on the funny side and probably a different setup of reward sharing.

It'll be nice to see something funny because I'm not feeling so happy these days.

That would be pretty cool 😎🤩

Amazing, in fact. 😁

We could create something fun… hahaha 🤣

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @acidyo, @cre47iv3 ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Cool! sounds like one of those 'duet' vids they do on tik tok and i seen em on youtube.. people just add to them and it's funny. ;)

More fun for Hive! Another opportunity to be creative, to network. I am eager to see the many ways in which members of our Hive community will surprise us as they participate in this initiative.

Great idea ! That sounds fun alas I hate editing, I'll probably follow along

Waw. Am here at last.
From the audio of @shaka, LMACians won't be left behind nor sleep on this.
Btw, what a re the necessary tags when posting an original image or those from other sources?

I published my photo post today in the Community. However, I forgot to set the Community as a 90% beneficiary. Will this error on my part affect the participants? If so, how can I correct my mistake?