Psychological operations: fear construct

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I've written several articles across different platforms on what I call "the fear construct". I base this concept off of The Matrix, specifically the beginning of the first installment when Morpheus introduces Neo to "The construct" which of course was the blank slate which they could bring anything they wanted into the Matrix itself.


This scene exemplifies exactly what is going on in this world, much as the entire movie itself and the symbolism employed does.

We're born into this world and, barring religious beliefs about genetic memory and reincarnation and past souls etc, we have a blank construct which is immediately bombarded by the matrix itself in myriad ways, which continue to get more sinister by the day it seems.

These are the psychological operations that tyrants and psychopaths employ.


Fear is the lowest vibration and these emotions have been measured in labs before. After all everything is vibration, one of the defining characteristics of the matrix itself and something still hidden from us in school these days, where the immensely outdated and erroneous "atomic model" of Newtonian physics is still taught as if patentable fact. Of course anyone who looks at quantum physics must be well aware that there is no such thing as an atom it is merely a symbol of what we think is there.

Looking close enough at any material down to the atomic structure reveals waveform probabilities where there is empty space and the "probability" that a wave or particle will appear. The Heisenburg principle states that you cannot know the speed and location of any particle at the same time, but more importantly it reveals that everything is simply vibrating energy which seems to oscillate in and out (of what?) at certain frequencies and matter is essentially frozen light i.e. low vibrational frequencies.

That being said, fear is on the opposite side of the spectrum as love. Many people think that anger is the opposite of love, but anger and love are actually more similar than we see and they can be employed to lead us into can channel anger into productivity.

Fear is the complete opposite and simply paralyzes the poor victim and propagandists are well aware that people that are in a state of chronic fear will act exceedingly irrationally, as we see today with the masses running around literally doing crazy shit left and right. Wearing masks over their faces for hours on end, afraid of perfectly healthy people, all because the television talking heads and mainstream media told them to.

More acutely, they were not told they were programmed. Much as we are all programmed by government indoctrination camps called public schools which are cleverly designed by propagandist institutions such as the Tavistock and Brookings institute, along with various other sub-tentacles of these institutes, to dumb people down and instill control.

Think of the Matrix "construct". 15,000 hours of indoctrination at school, followed by mindless television watching, very low I.Q. entertainments, and of course garbage rags such as the New York Times, and you have the fear construct in action.

The beauty though is like the construct in the movie, we can change what's in ours and replace the fear with higher vibrations.

The Psy-op

What the end game is for the controlling entities currently attempting a world takeover (using fear and subjugation as primary weapons) is up for grabs and there are many theories.

I believe personally that there is a much larger and more sinister agenda at work involving global elites that view themselves as morally and intellectually superior to the rest of mankind, who they view as "useless eaters". Frankly they view as us too stupid to govern ourselves and that's why they try to call all the shots.

The psychological operation is fragmentation of sectors of humanity. The more groups that can be created, the more cohorts, the more that people find reasons to hate and badger each other. In this regard we are collectively quite stupid because due to indoctrination many of us have been trained like monkeys to react emotionally, which is of course the goal.

Masks have a very important facet here because it creates more sub-groups: the maskers and the anti-maskers both of which are ridiculous terms especially anti-maskers. They are attempting to group "anti-maskers" with "anti-vaxxers" and throw the whole bunch into one garbage bin called "conspiracy theorists" and "alt-right". Soon, there will be further subgroups in terms of those that are vaccinated and the rest of us will be seen as the infected. In the end, those that rebel against authority will be vilified by the masses of people.

Its pretty simple because those that comply with all of these ludicrous mandates such as masks and social distancing, or not having Thanksgiving, are the ones that have fear deeply embedded inside of their souls, although they will not admit it.

Its like a cult. No one in a cult is going to admit that they are in a cult, that would be stupid. Those in the cult see themselves in some sort of superior class that needs to lecture those "on the outside".

Now we have the covid cult, along with the scientific cult. In fact most major industries have been cults themselves because of the amount of influence they have.

The mainstream medicine cult sees natural cures and old-style remedies such as homeopathy, naturopathy and herbalism as "quackery". That's the cult word, that's the subgroup that they polarize against.

We have the climate change cult that dismisses anyone who doesn't buy into the global warming scam (a sub-cult) and their cult word is "climate deniers". Just like the covidiots are calling their opponents "covid-deniers" or even "lockdown deniers", possibly the stupidest term currently in existence.

The key is that anyone that goes against the cult has their name include either "anti" or "denier", extremely cultist and even somewhat religious terms.

The science cult is one of the worst because they use emotional charged and vague terms such as "trust the science" or simply "its science", both of which are as empty as the hospitals here in Denver. They use these terms because they have no argument against their detractors so they send out loaded terms that can't really be argued. If someone says "its science" there is really no logical response to be had because asking them to explain the science is futile.

All of this is based in fear. These people are taught from a very young age to fear not only rebellious types but even perfect healthy people, such as myself. Didn't get your vaccines? Then you're a danger. Not really, but they have internalized the fear so they fear you because you didn't follow "the science". Don't wear a mask? They fear you. Get too close, or have big family gatherings, or refuse to take the nasal swab test? Again, they fear you.

Much of it is a fear of change and of outsiders. Its the old lobsters-in-a-pot analogy. You try to escape and they try to pull you back in. Because if you successfully escape it might mean that they were wrong all along, and its natural for people to evade that feeling. Except of course if you are a naturally inquisitive person who enjoys having their mind changed and flexible...then you welcome change.

Soon, we will have the biggest psy-op challenge of all: the mRNA vaccination, which appears to be looking to be pushed to everyone possible, even by force. Then the freedom-fighters like we have here on #hive will be in for a real tough decision which will be fight, flight or give in. There is nothing wrong with flight in this situation! I'll drive my happy ass straight into the Rocky mountains if I have to, I'm not falling into the vaccination / covid cult tactics. Of course the best course of action would be to fight back. Maybe not physically, although it might come to that, but resist with impunity, regardless of who is left in the dust. Friends and family might just up and evaporate for failure to comply.

In the end, one of the best things to do right now is to raise your individual vibration as far from fear as possible, which would be love and gratitude, which I admittedly struggle at in these times because I often have anger brewing due to the insanity unfolding all around.

But that's the psy-op in a nutshell: break us down psychologically as well as financially, to shatter the will of the masses so that they beg for the vaccination and lock-downs...because when large groups of people are living entrenched in fear, they will do anything to "make the bad man go away".