The Liararchy: How Power To Create World Peace Is Lost By Belief In Hierarchy.

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Would war be possible without subordination to hierarchy? Would the massive tragedy of trauma and destruction left by thousands of years of improper human relations exist if people simply did what they personally wanted instead of following orders? We are told that it is ‘order following’ that prevents our destruction, but history and facts tell a very different story.

Order following only protects the hierarchy itself and does little for the majority. Sadly, vast numbers of people lack the courage needed to face actual reality and are simply following psychological tramlines that form the building blocks of the tragic and ancient ‘lie of hierarchy’.

Virtually from birth we are told that we must conform and that we are part of hierarchies, within which we hold positions that are both right and necessary for our survival. Such information can be passed on non-verbally from parents and even received through vibration by children while still in their Mother’s womb.

Whether we are pressured and coerced into conforming to the dictations of parents and others ‘for our own good’ or whether it be the continual impressions ‘gifted’ to us from religious figures and broadcast media, we agree to lose personal power all the same.

We are bombarded by words and images which claim that there are others, both physical and non physical, who are wiser, smarter, more beautiful, more valuable, more experienced, more powerful, more caring and more respected than we are – the reality is that all of this denies reality and the truth of who we are.

There are many reasons why this has come to be the case, despite every individual uniquely embodying capacity and potential that no-one else can either measure or necessarily understand in advance.

As soon as the will of an individual feels threatened and judged to be other than how they really are, internal conflict can arise in the unprepared mind/heart/feelings.

Commonly, the resulting emotions that seek to express the truth will be overruled by limiting beliefs which declare that we couldn’t possibly be good enough to be free enough and valued enough to be right to be empowered sufficiently to overcome the claims of us as being subordinate and inferior in an uncounted number of ways.

Continual reinforcement at school and elsewhere of our own subordination, grinds the majority of us down to the point where we start to agree on all levels.

Accurate Definition of Reality Prevents Suffering

The great lie of hierarchy is not one, but many small lies tied together that have combined over the aeons and generations to result in a huge loss of power and the continued allowance of suffering on a massive scale.

‘Suffering’ can be defined as ‘the experiencing of events and states of being which you do not feel right/comfortable experiencing, nor want to experience’. Having experiences that you do not want to have is the result of your own personal will having been overcome by the self doubt, guilt, shame and pressure placed on you, while simultaneously not having been able to go through the necessary process to find balance and liberation.

A strong enough will is able to create preferred experiences in all situations. Personal power can be reclaimed and balance can be found, but not while continuing to capitulate to subconscious and unconscious patterns that declare us to be inferior to others or unworthy of shaping our own destiny to our preference.

Often, the reasoning for our alleged inferiority is never even explained, it is simply assumed and believed to be the case - meaning that we need to conform and accept our lower position. How exactly did any of this come to be? Does anyone really know?

Upon examination it is often the case that, in reality, those assumed to be ‘higher’ are arguably and objectively less capable of the qualities that they are assumed to have than the majority of other people are.

The twisting of perception is held in place by the presence of an unfelt and often large amount of denial. Such denial is the only way for such dysfunction to take place. Denial makes it possible for vast numbers of us to wrongly assume places in imaginary hierarchies. The scale and scope of the denials are so vast that the majority of people have very little ability to think clearly and to find their way out of what should be a simple problem to resolve.

“But nature is full of hierarchies, we need hierarchy and we can never end it!” they say. Can they even define ‘nature’ accurately? Do they know that the word ‘nature’ has it’s roots in the French word natir, which means only ‘birth’? The claim of the ‘naturality’ of hierarchy seems reasonable at face value, at least until we actually begin to think.

In truth, the idea that hierarchy is unavoidable and ‘natural’ is a limiting belief that itself is seeded within the unconsciousness that holds hierarchy in place. This is circular reasoning at best.

This kind of thinking is akin to an addict who says “I need to smoke cigarettes because without them I don’t feel good”, without ever noticing that you cannot know how you will feel once you really clear the toxic chemicals from your system and that actually a large part of not feeling good is a result of the dependence on chemicals that are poisoning your body.

You cannot know if hierarchy is inevitable as long as you are unwavering in your belief that it is. You will continue to create it and never discover an alternative way to experience life and how you would feel as a result.

Addiction to Hierarchy Leads to War

Addiction to hierarchy is rooted in fear and mistaken beliefs that seem to make life simple and seem to resolve conflicts, yet which actually mostly crush potential and result in unconscious people holding far more power than they should or that it is safe for them to hold.

‘Survival of the fittest’ is an idea that numerous people believe to be a necessary driver for human security because life is terrifyingly dangerous somehow and ‘inevitably’ those who survive adversity are the ‘best’ to survive into the future.

In reality, intense adversity and conflict would not exist at all if we were to address the core causes of it within ourselves and to heal, balance and evolve. Until we do this, we will continue to operate on extremely low level IQ and potentiality as compared to what is ultimately possible for us, yet we will also continue to reel off excuses (presented as facts) as to why this is not only the best option, but the only way things can be.

It could be argued that the most capable psychopathic killer would be the ultimate survivor if mass violence erupted. Would this lead us to a sustainable future? Or would this lead to a future where humanity dies completely? If the average person subordinates themselves to hierarchic pressures then maybe there wouldn’t be enough power left to defend against a highly charged psychopathic killer.

This has, in fact, almost happened during World War 2 and at other times. The masses of humans have not yet healed sufficiently to prevent this from happening again at any moment. In truth. survival requires compassion, adaptability and enough love to respond to real needs - none of which are possible for a psychopath and those who value killing.

Being born into a large society with an uncounted number of people, each vying for resources is a daunting prospect, but that is largely only a problem because of a lack of care and wisdom within the people involved. If all beings are compassionate, considerate, receptive and open to each other’s needs, then there is no problem finding balance.

The reality on Earth at present is far from this and it is common for people to be so confused that they even ridicule these true and sacred survival skills which ensure life continues. These abilities ensure survival far more than violence and exploitation ever have done, but many people actively seek to crush compassion and open heartedness to try to replace them with their own heartlessness and disassociation from real feelings/needs.

World Peace Depends on Emotional Health

This unconscious resistance to the truth of human emotion and thus to the truth of the human condition(ing) is also resistance to evolution and balance. These patterns of reducing reality to a tiny version of itself that is now more manageable by those of limited capacity have even been seen as normal and ‘intelligent’, while also being framed as being signs of wisdom.

How many times have people invoked 'Occam's razor' as a way to over simplify a situation and simply hand waive away important information because 'truth is simple'?

The degree of damage this has done is immeasurable and is akin to painting over the warning lights on a car dashboard and claiming that the paint is actually only a sign of how great a driver you are.

Clearly, without access to the full information about a given situation, we are not able to fully understand it and to relate to what we are feeling about the present moment.

If we pre-determine that something is impossible for us then we will not be receptive to information about it and to new ideas or understandings that relate to it. We will limit our potential as a result and we will never open the doors that we could have opened which, in truth, we needed to open in order live freely and in the ways that we need/prefer.

Human hierarchy tends to be made of unquestioned assumptions, ground into people’s thinking and souls over the generations - but it can be undone.

The most ‘friendly’ and open sales pitch for hierarchy explains that hierarchy is actually just part of a true meritocracy, where the ‘worthy’ hold positions that ensure society performs well. We are told that people can be accurately measured through contests, examinations and monetary means - such that we can justify them holding power over the way that others think and behave.

In other words, your own free will is less valuable or necessary because other people have already 'proven' that they can live up to the expectations of yet other people that you have never met. This essentially says ‘you aren’t needed because our friends and heroes are already great’.

Is that a feeling or idea that you recognise? Unless you live in one of the very few of the more enlightened cultural groups, you have probably been in situations where this unspoken vibration and feeling has been commonplace.

These words themselves are rarely spoken because it is understood that they will trigger others to view the speaker with disdain – yet their essence is undercurrent nonetheless. While we are heavily programmed to believe in hierarchy, we naturally don’t like to think that we are being devalued unfairly.

Recognising that there is a vast gap here between what we prefer and what we have been living, is a first step towards significant improvement in the human condition and towards real liberation.

Masters of Limitation!

Those who buy into hierarchy without challenging it and without deep allowance of their own capabilities to emerge/express in life, will never know who they really are.

In doing so, they feed into hugely limiting patterns that reinforce the idea that there is no point in challenging imaginary hierarchies and that, actually, common justifications for the existence of artificial hierarchies are correct. It is so common for people to never question any of this that the artificial hierarchies have taken on the form of being unshakeable fact for many (but not all) people.

Such a situation requires individuals with courage and diligent application of the right intentions to create sufficient change to open the space for others to drastically change the future in a way that liberates life on Earth once and for all.

The challenge is made more complicated due to the large number of people who are not doing this work and who will emerge at every turn to present reasons as to why it is a waste of energy. However, even the smallest amount of diligence, courage and investigation will lead you to discover the denials in their reasoning and the important reality that their limited thinking is obscuring.

Reality here is that every single person who holds a position in an imaginary hierarchy is there due to a combination of perception and belief held by themselves and the others that agree to make themselves subordinate to something or someone. Often, the beliefs are completely nonsensical and yet remain due to never being examined.

Sometimes these beliefs are voluntarily taken on as a result of real world measurements, but even then it is common for them to be insufficiently measured and assessed to have any real meaning over time. In the majority of cases, however, such beliefs are created as a way to pass responsibility on to others and to try to make life easier for self.

The belief in an unsolvable lack of personal power often results in people delegating what power they do have to others who they think are more capable, but in a way that is accompanied by a story that they tell themselves which makes it all seem more acceptable to them than they are truly comfortable with.

Recovering Lost Power & Lost Will

All too often the subordination process is seeded by abuse, violence and coercion that are deliberately inserted into people’s lives in insidious and pre-meditated ways. Just as the spirit/will of a wild animal can be broken by torture and ritual abuse, so too is the will of humanity being broken by rituals inserted into education, religious and other systems on a daily basis.

The greatest lie ever told is that you are not a divine being and that you are not innately capable through your own free will of finding your own right place in life, in the way that feels good to you.

God does not demand conformity and that you compress yourself into a tiny meaningless nothing that barely feels and vibrates – this is a lie that evil people have perpetuated for a long time as they attempt (often successfully) to steal your energy in ways that you agree to ‘voluntarily’.

In truth, there is not much time left to resolve all of this and for us to accelerate our energy to a vibratory state that will ensure our own long term survival. We cannot continue to subjugate ourselves indefinitely and expect to continue living.

There is a famous phrase in computing and systems design that highlights the importance of the quality of information that we receive – ‘garbage in, garbage out’. We cannot keep feeding ourselves and our children low quality information and expect to achieve good health and to be strong into the future.

Failing to develop robust ways of assessing the quality of the thoughts that we hold and failing to allow them to change are the interrelated number one root causes of death, period. In short, our denial must end.

The discernment we need in order to know the deeper truths that will truly sustain us can only be achieved through full integration and unconditional acceptance of felt intuition and our own free will. How can you choose a different path when you don’t accept your own free will to do so? How can you accept your own free will when you don’t accept the emotions that your will expresses in response to situations and potentials? You cannot.

The more that you accept how you really feel, the more you build personal power, self respect and can then find a preferred direction in life. Gradually you will understand and know in the deepest possible ways that you are truly unique in a way that renders the majority of imagined human hierarchy completely meaningless.

Higher Are Key?

You only need to look at the design of a court room, where ’the judge’ has been physically elevated to a higher altitude in the room than others to recognise the degree to which society has been engineered to try to subtly program you to imagine that ‘higher are key’.

While it is true that increased capacity and increased consciousness are valuable, plus essential in determining our right place in life, this has nothing to do with subordination or overpowering in a free will society. Having a job title is not proof of elevated consciousness or capacity either.

Our right place is found naturally as a result of us simply being who we are, but it cannot be found while we deny ourselves in any way, including through false belief in our own low self worth and the placing of others on artificial pedestals.

Being able to jump to a world record breaking height or being the ‘leader’ of a government are both things that are transitory and which may be completely irrelevant to the real survival needs of specific people. ‘Worth’ and position are in many ways subjective and so we need to find absolute value wherever possible.

Through carefully understanding what life itself is and our true origins, we can more accurately understand our own absolute value.

The fact of the matter is that everything that feels, matters – everything that has a will is continually manifesting aspects of physical reality – so if you can feel anything at all then you have a value that cannot be replaced. Your own unique piece of the puzzle is needed or it would not exist.

The more we accept ourselves, the more we build personal power, the more that hierarchies will gradually fall away. As all people reach their potential, the emptiness in their souls will fill in with loving empowered energy in ways that resolve many differences between people and such that people are far more self reliant than they have ever been.

Many of the fears and limiting beliefs that have led us to manufacture and enforce hierarchies will no longer exist when confident understanding of self and reality come to replace the error and limitations that have prevailed in so many for so long.

What remains post-hierarchy is liberation, free will and the ability for each of us to be at peace while also empowered to create harmoniously and in ways that respect the free will of others and self.

If you still think that hierarchy is inevitable and that there can be no other way, you have layers of yourself that are unconscious and unknown to you – plus many hours of diligent enquiry and self reflection to process – you can do it!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Hierarchy is a system of organization, the end. It can be useful and just or abused and wicked, its not automatically evil. You suffer from deranged idiotic notions that are entirely absurd and completely removed from reality. To you, you can judge hierarchy as evil and corrupt, but you don't believe judging, like hierarchy, is simply a tool, much like you believe that Death can be averted, if only we integrate our emotional body, in the same deranged manner you discredit the Buddha as not enlightened, and as you see no use to discern correctly, anything quite frankly, discarding ideas like hierarchy and judgment, you also discarded GB News much like you discredited and discarded a certain witness as satanic, as if you didn't discard and discredit Jesus the same as Buddha. You Discard parents rights over their Children, you also strike me as someone who believes god puts men in women's bodies and vice versa, and in your veganism you discard and discredit the benefits of creatine and b vitamins, and anything that indicates that meat is superior to fiber, but do tell us that we don't have a lot of time and that you have it all figured out, who discarded and discredites the People of Donetsk and Lugansk as fabrication, and when confronted by the Fascism as Is documentary, you are reduced to your habitual inability to deny, as you deny death.