Elon Musk: "All of the 'conspiracy theories' about Twitter turned out to be even more true than people thought"

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The moronic way that so many people throw around the phrase 'conspiracy theory' has become such a signal of their low intelligence that it is absurd. For future reference, I will bookmark today's post and show it to everyone who tries to discredit ideas by calling them 'conspiracy theories'.

A recent video shows Elon Musk, now owner of Twitter, stating that:

"To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true... if not more true than people thought”

The extent to which most people are being subtly manipulated by mainstream media organisations and governments has reached the point where not only have they bought into the notion that an idea and certain people can be brushed aside by the mantra 'conspiracy theory', but that they don't even need to understand what the words 'conspiracy' and 'theory' even mean!

It is not uncommon to hear people say 'Oh, that's a conspiracy' about an idea, to try to discredit the idea - without even realising that what they are actually trying to say (repeat) is that the idea is of no value because they have decided it is a 'conspiracy theory' and so can be ignored/denied. More than that, they are also failing to realise that in doing so they are denying the very existence of conspiracy itself!

A conspiracy is defined as two or more people planning a harmful act in secret. A 'conspiracy theory' is created by other people joining dots together and theorising that certain people are colluding/conspiring in secret. Real conspiracies can be theorised about by anyone and, indeed, this is part of the role of professional police and secret service agents.

It is interesting, is it not, that the government agents that so many people like to think of as 'trustworthy' are actually employed to theorise about conspiracies and then investigate them - yet when anyone else does it, they are extremist or crazy/paranoid!?

It doesn't take more than two brain cells rubbing together to realise that this situation benefits criminals within government. If the public is duped into thinking that only government agents can legitimately 'theorise' about conspiracies, then inevitably then that means that government agents have free reign to conspire and commit massive crime.

The fact that I am having to point this out is terrifying enough, but the reality is that a high percentage of people are so dim witted that they continue to repeat the ad hominem attack of 'conspiracy theorist' ad nauseum against anyone saying anything that they don't like the sound of and that threatens their chosen form of authoritarian power structure.

Think JFK wasn't killed by a lone gunman pulling off an impossible shot with a terrible rifle? Oh, you must be a conspiracy theorist...

Go away now!

Think the perfectly symmetrical and unprecedented internal collapse of 3 buildings in the World Trade Center complex, when only two were hit by planes and when the buildings were built to withstand such impacts WASN'T the result of a dude in a cave on a dialysis machine?

Get in the sea you dirty conspiracy theorist!!

The amusing irony of the use of the phrase 'conspiracy theorist' to try to discredit someone is that the inference is that the person in question is incompetent in their thinking and is jumping to false conclusions - hence they can be ignored and their message can be denied forever... Yet, in reality it is the one hurling the accusation of 'conspiracy theorist' as a way to deflect away from the discussion and to avoid going into the actual details, that is more often than not incompetent, lazy and even idiotic in their failure to use coherent logic and reason.

So, despite what you or I may think about Elon Musk - the fact remains that he, as the world's richest man (for a while) and considered to be a genius by many, has openly agreed that just about every theory about crimes and bad practice taking place at Twitter by the world's population - were actually correct. That's how bad an operation Twitter was and is probably equally true for Facebook and Youtube.

Perhaps I should create a website so that all of the 'great thinkers' who have accused others of being 'conspiracy theorists' over the years can apologise en masse? lol


Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Q: What's the difference between a conspiracy theory and fact?

A: About six months

just about every theory about crimes and bad practice taking place at Twitter by the world's population - were actually correct. That's how bad an operation Twitter was and is probably equally true for Facebook and Youtube.

I'm wondering if letting that come out might have been worth every penny he paid, ignoring the other benefits he's received? It's certainly given even more traction to the idea of decentralization in social media!


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I find it ironic that for someone who doesn't seem to understand the difference from prejudice and judgment as they relate judgement as nothing but prejudice you make value judgements about people who seemingly trust the various mainstream media, calling them idiots and morons, unable to think logically. I would examine how to get their attention as you're over here preaching to the choir, which is neither productive or insightful and revealing, as you imply that they somehow have the benefit of observing the inconsistencies of 'impossible shot' and 'buildings falling on their own footprint' and gleaming the 'truth' as you have. Most people, overwhelming majority, 78% or more, claim the media is the enemy of the people, and the remaining are either the naive, work in/for the media, or are stooges who responded despite their lack of trust in the media institutions that they trust it, so how does any of this "Stoopid people" rhetoric help anyone bridge the gap between the naive minority to the majority, or better yet, how does the silent majority find it's voice to respond in resounding unison so that such dissonance, division and defeatism as 'Stoopid people' doesn't take the stage?

But don't hurt your only two functioning brain cells, and furthermore I'd say you're not emotionally integrated enough to recognize divisive and diminutive discourse when it leaves your mouth so tough chance at bringing forth a cohesive or comprehensive response.

Minus the ad homenum, I agree that

  1. You may not reach many normies here.
  2. Normies may not be suceptible to an argument that relies on an agreement on the third tower falling being proof that a conspiracy theory is correct. An aside on that, I'm part normy here in that I believe an earthquake can cause a building to collapse. - not just demolition explosives. A better example would be to say the Watergate scandal was a conspiracy theory propagated by Carl Bernstein at the Washington Post.

Glad to have "Conspiracy Theory" used in the way Elon Musk did. More of that will help remove the association of fictional conspiracy theories among the masses.

As the saying goes, most conspiracy theories turn to conspiracy fact. I'd say in regards to WTC7 that an earthquake might make a building collapse but its completely impossible for a reinforced steel building to collapse entirely on its own footprint without the superstructure being compromised SYSTEMATICALLY, as anything less will make the building collapse outside its original boundaries.

I remember when I first saw them fall I told my coworker that I think it might come out that a controlled explosion was triggered to protect the surrounding buildings. Maybe these charges are in place in other buildings, just in case. A secret like that would probably also be covered up. I heard an accepted explanation is that the momentum of the upper floors falling down - having their moorings molten by the aircraft fuel fire - caused every floor below to continue crashing straight downward. The tower that was not hit? Good question. Maybe the shock waves to its foundation affected it like with the hotel in Florida. Do you know where these non-conspiracy theories have been discussed? I have to remind myself that these are not toy or model sized towers whose weight is far outmatched by the strength of the material they are built with. The question is, do the physics formulae involved calculate to cause this result.

having their moorings molten by the aircraft fuel fire

I have to say it. Jet fuel can't melt steel beams. This is why there are oxy-acetylene torches.

You should look into Engineers for WTC. Each floor as it would hypothetically fall down will incur resistance as it hits the floor below it. Even if all floors pancake, the resistance will slow down the descent drastically, so it couldn't be anywhere close to freefall speed. Also that partial collapse you linked is drastically spread outside its footprint. That isn't the case for the WTC7. As for the pre planted demolition charges won't work. Severe Structural Compromise needs to happen ALONG with shape charges. A controlled demolition requires enormous work to cut steel members almost all the way through, on each floor, and to remove the concrete cladding that covers them.

Unless it was built that way. I would need to eliminate more likely causes before digging on this one. I am not sure lasers from the sky would be more likely than this theory.

I don't give any credence to the Judy Wood nonsense, she avoids the overwhelming evidence of molten iron microballs which are a direct result from thermite and nano thermite, residue of which was also found in every dust sample tested along with the molten iron microballs. A controlled demolition also needs to employ large kevlar blankets and jackets that envelop the shape charges. The explosions of the shape charges have a velocity of something like 6 miles/second, such projectiles would pelt and severely damage the facades of all surrounding buildings if such protective measures weren't taken, but there's evidence for that shrapnel damage to surrounding buildings and nothing besides explosives could accomplish such things, falling buildings don't have the horizontal force to eject projectiles or cause such directed damage. There's also a massive chunk of reinforced concrete that flew and landed 200 yards from the tower.

Here's the audio of one of the towers pre collapse which indicates explosions, explosions which were reported by first responders, and they ought to know as a lot of them have served in the military and can recognize explosions.

This is a map of the debris field, which also indicates that the debris was thrown out of the would be post collapse footprint which shouldn't extend more than 100 or so yards from the towers.

Look up either Architects for 911 or Engineers for 911, not WTC.

Here's a good start:

Excellent comment!

Given your lack of integrity and the numerous phony 'good job' comments you make without even voting on the posts you spread your obvious transparent fake praise to, even sometimes without any concern for what the post is about, I doubt you meant it and quiped only because he doesn't agree with me using the same insult that the hack @uradumb used.

The FBI has been known to be corrupted however it is now we see the depths of this corruption going out.

FBI ATF CIA and other organizations have been co-opted.

Co opted? You must not understand history at all.


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Everyone is being manipulated by the Olgino trolls. 🇷🇺 …. So many useful idiots on Twitter.

Yes, Putin is a WEF puppet and Xi too, only Kim is free of the WEF hooks, and Naze-Lensky.

Glory to Canada, second only to Ukraine dictatorship.