The dawn of a new age: AI text prompts and what it means for us

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All of the images I am going to show you in this post were created today with the help of an AI text prompt software called midjourney and aside from having my mind blown by what is unquestionably the most exciting artistic tool I have ever come across, I am wondering now if we don't perhaps live in a simulation after all.

The image above was created in 60 seconds using the following words:

hive network world computer connectivity forest city ideas fractals thoughts

To be fair it wasn't quite that simple. The AI gave me these four options to choose from based on those words.


I chose number 4 (bottom right) and asked for further variations after which it gave me these.


I chose number 4 again for upscaling and that's the final image at the top of this post.

After a few further variations I also produced this one which I quite like.

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 16.53.03.png

More like an awesome futuristic city of blockchain bloggers reaching our influence out into the world.

Finally I created this one before moving on.


What does this mean for us?

Personally speaking this is big news because now I can create awesome powerful images which fit perfectly the theme of my posts. Like this one I used in my last post to sum up my current journey into free energy and electroculture.


I can get it done quickly and I own the copyright to the images.

Beyond this there are literally endless applications, some of which I will go into now.

One year ago Esteban & I started writing a book for children about the covid scam entitled 'The dragon who tricked the world to be afraid of the dark'. We have the first five chapters in place but were struggling to find the right copyright free images online to fit with our words. Now all we have to do is type.

baby dragon looking at his mother in a jungle

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 22.45.40.png

The more specific one is with their words, the more specific the image will be and it is important to note here that the midjourney AI is tailored to a more fantasy type reality as its default mode but can in fact be adjusted to fit any style you like.

A little "original" @samstonehill M C Escher style for you here.

reaching for thoughts in the style of escher

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 22.48.00.png

You can combine artist styles, use the faces of your favourite TV stars, locations or even vehicles or costumes from your favourite films. If it's online the AI will find it. You can instruct it to favour certain attributes or fade others out with each new render.

It was Luna's sixth birthday today so I made her a few cakes.

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 19.38.03.png

She was happy.

I mean really. She was seriously happy.


Esteban wanted to see what happened if we put "cat tree with elephant and dinosaur"

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 22.58.27.png

While Luna wanted "fairy sharks"

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 23.11.26.png

What about Luke Skywalker having tea with Sonic?



Even single words like "Earthship" will give us amazing results:


Though apparently this AI has not been doing its homework because it has no idea what "Electroculture" is, giving me these weird looking images which have nothing to do with it.


Just thinking about my desire to design our future home I realise now this AI may be able to help inspire ideas. It will cost me very little to look at 100 potential designs within very specific parameters, from which I can develop the aspects I like the look of.

Sabrina makes clothes pretty regularly now so she will be using it to suggest dress designs for her based on certain key words (elegant, backless, dinner party etc) combined with famous designer's styles she likes.

Beyond this I actually feel inspired to restart my Abraham-hicks series because now I can create an original image to go with every single post which visually represents words like these ones:

"Reach for the thought that feels better" - Abraham

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 23.57.25.png

I made the image with the following words:

reaching for thoughts dmt fractals jungle

You can also upload existing photos and merge them together or drop them into themes of your choice.

I tried it out with this picture of Luna.


Asking for it to merge her face with a "fantasy fairy land".


A bit freaky-looking with just the single image but it is possible to upload five images, so I am hoping this makes the face look more like the actually person. If not now, you can be sure this upgrade is coming.

The craziest part of all of this is that I own the rights to these images and can legally make the claim that I created them. Sure doesn't feel that way from where I am standing but why not?

It does take some skill to figure out how it all works at first (on Discord using a bot) and to learn the limitations and strong points of the AI.

It takes some life experience too, to know what certain words like DMT, opium, LSD or weed will do to your images (based on popular descriptions online of what effects these drugs have on humans).

Those who have a better understanding of art history will find it easier to create a style of their own by merging the styles of all their favourite artists.

Those who have a stronger imagination, better understanding of words, language or even poetry will also be able to produce more interesting variations than those whose have a less developed vocabulary or imagination. So certainly this is a skill and it is not for everyone, but ultimately it could be.

If you already make a living from your design work you may want to look at this before you become obsolete. Trust me, that clock is ticking.


Final thoughts

Any kind of visual arts designer you can think of will benefit from this. Book illustrators, furniture designers, architects, photographers, website designers, comic book artists, the list is endless. But one of the most obvious down-sides however is that it creates a world in which we all stay at home and do everything on a computer or a phone. We will ultimately forget how to paint glorious works of art, how to take photographs, how to compose music or how tell wonderful stories without the assistance of AI.

In time it will replace the need for University graduates who are much more expensive than an AI which is 1000 times more creative and less forgetful. Let us not forget, the goal of the elite is exactly this. We are to be made redundant, replaced by robots, crippled and reliant on the system. So we should resist it with all our might and opt always for nature & intuition over computers & data!

But it isn't as simple as that is it.

Technology evolves quickly these days and you either take advantage or you get left behind. Crypto I would say is a pretty good example of that. So once the masses know about this it will be too late to benefit from it.

Technology does in fact have a place in our lives but only when the heart of the user is true. Like it or lump it, AI is here and it is here to stay so you might as well use it to your advantage. When the time comes I will be ready to disconnect myself from the system.

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 22.55.29.png

I mentioned in my opening statement the idea of living in a simulation and your mind likely pushed back against it. Understandably so. The notion is absurd right?

Yet the technology to bypass a keyboard and think those prompt words instead of type them is already in existence. So too is the technology which replaces our screens with a direct feed to our neural cortex and while the rise of processing power and internet speed shows no sign of slowing down it won't be long before these images can be replaced with animations which play like a film before our eyes, interacting with our every thought.

Needless to say it will be difficult at this stage to tell the difference between reality and digital. So is it really that hard to imagine a world in which we are actually asleep in our cryopods (aged 1,360 years) busy living our 17th simulated life?


You can try to distance yourself from AI (which will ultimately become impossible while living in the modern world) or you can embrace it in moderation and see where it takes you. In a few years from now you may as a creative have no choice.

I believe we are already very close to the point where the person once known as a film-maker will open his device and say "make me an award winning film with a woman who resembles ... with a man who resembles ... with a story which resembles ... in a style which resembles ..."

And it will.

And people won't care who made the film.

They will only care that the film was awesome.


While my instinct tells me that used in the right hands this tool could be of great benefit to humanity I am conscious too that technology like this only reaches us the public when the wrong hands are done with it and our digital destiny has already been mapped out for us.

So my end goal with all of this (no more than ten years from now) is therefore to throw every single digital device I have in a hole and bury them (for electroculture purposes!) in order that I may attend fully to my land, to my family, to my friends, to nature and to the non physical aspects of my life, away from the prying eyes of the digital beast which will only grow and grow until we completely disconnect from it.

Until then I intend to use this new toy to the best of my ability to bring Love & Light to everyone, in a world where my imagination is my only limitation 🌱


Earth battery vs Lithium battery experiment update


Number of days experiment has been running: 6

Number of lithium batteries consumed: 0

To learn more about this experiment please check this post.



The value of real human created art and text is going to sky rocket! This is a bonus for all creative types that put in the effort.

exactly that. Only jobs that are without real value will be replaced by this tools. Those with value will gain value, also by value those tools ADD to human creativity.

The tricky part is that we won't know the difference between original human art and AI created art. I suppose in time we will have labels to go with our products like "made by humans" which will make them more expensive. Eventually however even here on hive people will be able to set up accounts and become completely fictional digital characters who post pictures of their lives every day and no one will know the difference.

Interestingly a friend of mine is selling furniture designs and he observed how his buyer doesn't actually care how the designs were made. Only that they look good and people will buy them. So, I hope you are right about our authentic creativity increasing in value over time but I'm not so sure about that...

For me, "AI" art in particular is the modern abstract art that does not have any of that beauty aspect that you get say when visiting true art at a gallery in Italy for example, and I think it never will have either. A hand painted or drawn piece of art has unique aspects of beauty that cannot be replicated.

The taste in art I believe is supposed to reflect the morality of a society...

Totally get that. Remember standing in the Van Gough Museum in Amsterdam literally crying at the scale and intensity of it all. Struggle to see how an AI could do that. In fact it can't create on its own, only impersonate the beauty of human artists. So without us it is useless and really just represents an extension of our current creativity.

The taste in art I believe is supposed to reflect the morality of a society...

One only has to look at NFTs to see what is happening on that front.

It seems the adoption of the philosophy of Nietzsche is where we are at.

Yes yes and yes. particularly that the human is still needed... Literate in many ways from art to history as well. This is needed to CO produce or Co create with the AI. Love your efforts and the kids must have been thrilled. The kids are certainly good at imaginative prompts.. fairy sharks Luna? Love it!

Yes indeed, I felt this strongly. It is a co creation and the richer our life experience the richer the imagery can potentially be.

Hence the fairy sharks and Luke Skywalker having tea with sonic ;)

I did art history at university so I'm excited to finally put some of that knowledge to use by combining styes and having some fun with it...

great! :)
I enjoyed reading the whole post and I share 99% of your thoughts and observations...
We do have the natural ability to lucid dream all of this "outside" the simulation, but we're still not completely evolved (trained) to share the results with each other :) Let's remember the word "block∞chain", which clearly states what it is doing to our NATURAL networking... I can translate it to "being slaves to the tech with blocked original abilities"

On the other hand the DEEP FAKE hype was there even before the AI~art was released to the public, where machine learning can switch faces in a movie...
and here i say cheers to you and everybody with this one:

Hello again! Sorry for my delayed response here. To all of your messages. Have been in a strange head-space for the last few days, since discovering this tool. Feel like I live in a box sometimes and only come out periodically, so when I do come out the world can appear strange and different. On this occasion I feel pretty shocked and find myself questioning the nature of reality.

Seven years ago I made this time-lapse film at the end of which I say "I know now that my mind is my only limitation" and I happened to write almost exactly the same words at the end of this article, because that's where we are at now. So, either this is my request being manifested or there is some kind of connection between Law of Attraction and the way this AI works. And I am genuinely suspicious now about so called reality. Even here on hive I am wondering if some of the accounts which have guided me over the years may not actually be AI, all part of the same game to learn and control us. I mean how can any of us say with certainty we are not AI ourselves? A few clicks of a button could program out our ability to see what we truly are. I sat inside my big pyramid for two hours yesterday but even this didn't seem to help. The thoughts were still there. So I went for a walk to try and shake it but then found a dead cat in a ditch. I knew the owner so had to go and tell him. It was pretty horrible to be honest as he was upset. He lives on his own and loves his cats very much. The point I want to make here is that my internal prompt words have changed in the last few days so my reality responded accordingly. But am I the operator of this simulation or am I just one of many avatars?

I will concede that the moon is full and it has been a particularly intense one. Evidently felt by all the male cats around here who scream all night long. Today I am awake again at 4am when my rules state clearly that I must stay in bed till 5.30am! Was having nightmares of past lives or my future? Can't tell.

Had not considered the word block-chain till now. But now that I am, this makes total sense. Ultimately our creativity will be tied to the internet and the internet will be fully controlled, so all creations will be within a strict set of parameters. And the chain of authentic human creativity will be blocked forever. Our DNA also resembles a chain. And we know in what way that is now being augmented. All part of the same chain-blocking game I suppose.

Strawberry flavour red pill! Oh that is excellent. Really enjoyed that one. Thank you.

The FB film is excellent. As a film maker I cannot help but feel excited. As a father I cannot help but feel scared. Almost threw the TV in the dustbin yesterday when I saw it draining them like usual!

Think I'm going to start writing a book. Something about our future. Or is it our past?

I would go back to bed if I knew it would be nightmare free.

Please don't feel obliged to respond! Only if you feel if ;)

Am sure I'll be alright in a few days...

pls, don't get obsessed :) that's the AI targeting :)
i got the same with the full moon and male cats :)


Hey there!

Many thanks for your words here. Yes, I did some breathing out in nature for the last week and feeling much better now.

Have always struggled with apps like Telegram and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to connect with you there. Do I not need to add you with a telephone number, rather than a name? If this is the case I am happy to DM you the number I am using for telegram and you can connect with me.

you just need the username that i sent you

Okay! I realise how easy it is now.

We all gotta start somewhere ;)

Hey Sam,

Dont want to sound negative but i think this type of software or whatever it is, it will kill human creativity.....
there will be no next Michael Angelo or other guys like that or even H.R Giger will be thing from the past,
This is clearly begging of the end...

BTW thee is another AI software that can create poems and write story for you about anything you like.....

Can you see now where it is going....

Peace and Love!
In Lak'ech!

The poems are shite!!! It takes an intelligent human to correct, reject and add to AI produced writing. I can't see it truly getting better in that regard.

This makes sense. AI can only go so far to trigger the deeper human emotions.

I first saw this... years ago...

Hello there! Yes, I highlighted this exact problem in my final thoughts.

Give it a few decades and the average person won't remember any more how to draw a picture. All by design unfortunately. We are being dumbed down and prepared for a life in which we never leave our homes. Obviously I don't agree with any of it but I also don't believe it can be stopped so I prefer to be one of those people who still knows how to do the creative stuff but also takes advantage of the AI. You can be sure however that no matter how advanced this tool gets my children will still wake up every morning and sit down in front of a piece of paper with a pencil in their hands!

There is also an AI which can write music. Yes indeed, we are being written out of the equation. But perhaps, as @mypathtofire mentioned, the value of original human work will go up as a consequence? Let's see...

Can you see now where it is going....

I can. But I chose that Abraham quote for a reason. When we reach for the thoughts which feel better, all the good stuff just keeps on flowing to us. No matter what is happening in the world.

All the best to you brother!

Im glad we are on the same path, i agree with you, however i still believe we could save same humanity in some way......

Stay strong!
In Lak'ech!

These images are stunning, I'll have to check this out. I do think there are people out there who would rather living in a simulated world for good, with no desire to return to our fractured "reality" if only they could.

No question about it. There are plenty who will jump in and never come out. Humanity has been primed for this moment to ease us into the transition. But there will also be those who just augment their current reality a little by creating settings which tells the AI how to make them look every time they post a picture. Eventually these settings can be applied to live video and no one will ever remember what you used to look like. Until they meet you in person!

It will be used in a million crazy ways but thankfully we all get to choose our own level of involvement. Personally I am excited to have some fun with it and look for ways it can serve my current mission.

I think the ones of cakes for Luna was a nice idea, but the others, not so much. Preferred the last photo at end of post. :))

Really enjoyed making those cakes ;)

Yes, all the images are a bit digital because without sufficient words they are referencing the default mode of the AI. Need to think more about my favourite artists and begin to merge their styles. Need to find my own style by using the styles of others...

Wow those certainly turned out incredible!

Amazing right. Even more amazing when I tell you they were done in a matter of minutes. And I own them!

Every idea is a labor of love, every hope and every dream.
download (33).png

Nice! Did you make that one yourself?

Through many training iterations, yes.

MidJourney blew my mind recently and even fascinated my wife more than I expected, we had a lot of fun creating images until I used up my free credits. I love the fact you can generate images in the style of. I’ll use it more in my posts. This was an amazing post by the way.

Excellent you are ahead of the pack. It really is fun hey and those free credits burn up fast! Felt crazily drawn to it and couldn't help but sign up for the year immediately. Sabrina on the other hand seems tired of my excitement now and says she will use it when the time is right.

Artist style merging I am also super excited to play with.

Let's see where this crazy ride takes us!

While also being conscious of the potential pitfalls...

Yeah there are pitfalls with this whole thing I’m sure but I’ll sign up with a subscription before too long.

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