Unity Consciousness

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In the infographic, the green triangle represents consciousness, psyche, “soul”, “spirit”, self, the fifth element quintessence. As our internal generative manifestations are united and create a unified external action in the world, so too are we then engaging in a unity consciousness where our thoughts, emotions and actions do not contradict.

Green is the color between red and blue. It’s in the middle, and symbolically represents the unity between the blue and red. When were united in consciousness, we’re embodying the green trinity triangle. The triangle is composed of three parts. The base in is the blue and the top is in red. When we unite them together we get the green. The blue is the internal aspects, the unseen, symbolically the “spirit” which is unseen and immaterial. That's the internal expressions of consciousness. Our thoughts and emotions are internal and unseen, the symbolism for the “spirit" or “soul” which is consciousness, the psyche, the “breath”.

When we unite those capacities together, then we can act in unison. The actions are our external and visible expressions of our consciousness from the internal. Our internal thoughts and emotions lead to our external actions and those actions in turn can feedback and create more stimulus in reality that then we receive as a potential stimulus back for us to consume and be influenced by.

We create effects in the world through causal actions/behaviors. Our actions produce effects into the world. Effects/events affect us and others. We are all manifesting, generating and creating into reality. All of us together collectively co-create the human world around us. As we all act and create effects and events, the world around us moves, and in turn we are affected by what happens in reality.

Cause and effect are central in life. Thoughts and emotions alone get nothing done in the manifested reality, although they are the axiomatic causal foundations that establish and motivate our actions in the world. If we want to engage in right-action, we have to understand and care to know right from wrong, truth from falsity, in order to have the wisdom to engage in right-action. We are to optimally think, feel and act in unison within ourselves internally, and not be in internal opposition or conflict. But we must also think, feel and act based on the existence of what is currently in reality and what has come before. The present is created from the past, and leads us into the future.

Others act as well, and then that action affects reality and we can be influenced in our consciousness where we then process with our thoughts and emotions and then we output actions again. This is how reality functions as a continual feedback of what we put out and what we receive. It’s reciprocal. It's not a one-to-one direct relationship between our actions and others or their actions and us, but its reciprocal, we output and we input.

Internally we can represent the thoughts as the “mind” and emotions as the “heart”. These are symbolic representations of aspects and qualities of consciousness. It's all consciousness though. It's not the literal heart and not the literal brain that is your consciousness. The consciousness is an emergent phenomenon as I see it. The functionality comes from certain areas of the brain, but as a whole is not your brain that is consciousness itself. It's the brain that produces consciousness. Consciousness is an emergence of that bio electrochemical processing of the brain.

But just because your united in consciousness, that you think and feel a certain way, and then you act, that doesn't mean you're doing good or bad. People can think to do wrongs, care to do wrongs, and do those wrongs. To think to do evil, love doing evil, and then they do evil. Just because your united doesn’t mean you’re united with moral truth.

Unity consciousness is just the first step, where you need to be united within yourself and how you process things within yourself. Then you can honestly evaluate reality since you’re honestly evaluating yourself. Self-knowledge is definitely required in order to progress in a greater understanding of how everything works in reality, how we will we cooperate together and live together, and many aspects of our behavior and how our conduct affect others.

It a complex issue, but more the more you think about it, the more you get into it and the more you can uncover to understand these complex dynamics that we go through in our lives. We are already intuitively and automatically learning what to do and what not to do in our social situations. But we can become more consciously aware of how this functions and an actively direct how were going to behave. Rather than more passively and intuitively responding to things, we can have more of an active awareness of what is happening and what is processing within us to stimulate responses.

Sometimes we react. We don't think before acting and we just react. Gaining control through an understanding of these processes within us, through self-knowledge. We can better control ourselves, which is part of this path towards greater self-knowledge, towards, self-betterment, self-control, self-governance, self-mastery and “enlightenment”. These are all words to refer to the improvement of ourselves, by understanding ourselves.

I'm not just talking about our individual personal lives and our ego-personality-identity construct of who we individually are. That's a part of it, ourselves as unique experiences from the time we’re born to the time we die is all unique to us. But I’m talking about knowing ourselves as human consciousness, because we are all human consciousness, and we all have this emergence of consciousness and the core functionality that we share in common.

It can vary in people, and some have brain damage, or have congenital or brain defects when they are born with problems in the brain. Then consciousness can have problems, like being mentally challenged, or be predisposed to psychopathy. But we all have this emergence of consciousness, and it requires a properly functioning brain. If you damage your brain, such as people who engage in boxing and other contact events, well you can damage your ability for your consciousness to process information and to be self-aware.

The brain is a very unique aspect of reality. It's the most complex organic creation in nature. There is nothing more complex than the brain. It's an amazing thing we have. We aren't (as a whole) developing it enough, especially our self-knowledge to understand ourselves so that we can better understand reality. A lot of the intellectuals in academia go into the sciences and try to understand reality, but they're not doing the deeper philosophical and psychological understanding to break through the conditioning of our society. Even psychologists are stuck in the conditioning of society and don't see things as accurately as they are. The same can be true of philosophers.

It takes a lot of time to break through these barriers of self-knowledge that prevent us from recognizing things as they are. Unity consciousness is one way we can understand how we ourselves are preventing ourselves from moving forward. We are our own worst enemies. We fool ourselves, and we lie to ourselves the most easily, which allows us to lie to others easily.

A lot of behavior doesn’t change, and actions aren’t aligned with what is right, because we are stuck in wrong thinking with false knowledge.


Excellent philosophy.

We could always use a little bit more positivity in our lives as well as to spread that among others and see an enormous change ignite upon the world.

Thanks. Not doing wrongs more than positivity, but its all welcome ;)

You are welcome.

I can't wait to see the wonderful changes that are in store for us this winter here on the blockchain

This is what I’m talking about!
Love , good intentions & integrity!

We need more integrity in the world.

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The brain is indeed a work of art. Its mysteries are yet to be revealed. I think we need more awareness and people need to learn to go inward more than outward.