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What have you noticed today? I noticed that if you outline the eyes, nose, and mouth on your face with your finger, you make an "I" which makes perfect sense, but is something I never noticed before. What have you noticed today?
It was a good idea. At least, they all thought it was a good idea at the time. Hindsight would reveal that in reality, it was an unbelievably terrible idea, but it would take another week for them to understand that. Right now, at this very moment. they all agreed that it was the perfect course of action for the current situation.
Dave found joy in the daily routine of life. He awoke at the same time, ate the same breakfast and drove the same commute. He worked at a job that never seemed to change and he got home at 6 pm sharp every night. It was who he had been for the last ten years and he had no idea that was all about to change.

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This is a topic I began studying about 15 years ago. I still don't have 100% certainty about some aspects of it. If I search people's legal fiction names in companies house or GMEI, I don't see any of them listed. I only see LTD. companies, partnerships and related business entities listed in companies house (as we would 'expect'). How do I use GMEI to find the legal fiction entities for human beings?

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