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Peter always saw the world in black and white. There were two choices for every situation and you had to choose one of them. It was therefore terribly uncomfortable for him to spend time with Ashley. She saw the world in shades of gray with hundreds of choices to choose from in every situation.
The headache wouldn't go away. She's taken medicine but even that didn't help. The monstrous throbbing in her head continued. She had this happen to her only once before in her life and she realized that only one thing could be happening.
The song came from the bathroom belting over the sound of the shower's running water. It was the same way each day began since he could remember. It listened intently and concluded that the singing today was as terrible as it had ever been.

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I'm going to town to find a pipe and accessories tomorrow. I hope someone there sells them. I'm going to check the thrift stores as well because you never know.

Thrift stores often sell what is known as estate pipes (pipes that were owned by previous smokers) and often they require extra work to clean them. It may be something you'd like to get into as it's a crafty hobby...

check this blog for more details this man cleans and restores estate pipes for a living.

If you can find yourself a tobacconist or a place that sells cigars, you'll often find them selling pipes too.

Regarding Falcon Pipes, you can often order from their main website. These guys give top notch service if your pipe and bowl has defects.

Not sure if you're from the BC Vancouver area but check these shops out

If you are going to buy a second pipe, like a Briar, then choose one you can clench, maybe something like a Peterson's Sherlock Holmes style, or the Liscanor - these are full bent pipes.

Or you can try getting a Louvat style (pop-eye the sailorman) style pipe. Short. Robust. Light. Easy to carry.

We're about 12 hours north of Vancouver so it's going to be a while before I get down there but I am planning on it before February as I have to renew a course by then.

I wouldn't mind a secondhand pipe if I can get it for a couple of bucks, even if it needs some work, it would be a cool project to work on over the winter. There are a few stones in town that call themselves tobacconists but it looks like mostly vapes and cigarettes when I checked online. Hopefully they will have some pipes as well.

I'll definitely check out a new Falcon pipe. I found a set for $119 that looks like a good starter. If I don't find something that I can get from a real store, I will go that route

You dont need to be spending that much my friend.

A falcon pipe in England is £30 approx including bowl. A tin of 50g tobacco is £17. Get some falcon pipe cleaners for a few bucks and some grain alcohol or Bacardi White Rum, which is what i use to clean my pipes.

Thing with a second hand pipe is often times it has some sort of ghosting goin on, from the previous owner's handling and smoking...the tobacco odors seep into the briar wood, and will take some time to get out. Check out that blog i sent and read a few articles and see if its your thang.

The problem with ordering from England is that the exchange and customs fees often are more than any savings, plus the shipping costs are usually horrendous. I believe it's also illegal to buy tobacco from outside of our province because they want their taxes. I will check it out though and see if there is a way.

I will check out the blog if I find some estate pipes today, but from what I've seen from all of the research, it would be smart to snap any up from the thrift stores, even if it's just to hold onto them until I learn more.

Nah man i was just letting you know the English pricing because it should be the same everywhere round the world.

Make sure you dont spend a fortune on a $40 pipe.

I wish that were true but because Falcon pipes are made in England they ding us in Canada for all the fees to get them here. Maybe I will make a friend there though that would mail them to me and mark it as a gift so there are no duties and customs fees. 😉

The cheap Backwoods tobacco is over $40 for 50 grams here as well and so far it's all I have seen available in a store.