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It doesn't stop until the tanks hits front lines.

Russia prepares for its offensive.

Ukrainian battle plans leaked.



Logistical supply issues continue to dominate the Russian front lines with soldiers refusing to attack and I can obviously hear the commander cussing people out demanding that they attack with shovels. Yep that's right in the Russian revolutionary doctrine you don't need to reload a shovel and you can keep killing with it so the Russian assault shovel is actually a very well-known weapon. It's solid and capable of doubling as an ax has a saw on the other side and is sharp on three sides. Basically it is a pretty person weapon that has never left the Soviet service. World war II exploits of the Soviet shovel and it's resulting brutality have absolutely scared Western and European nations.

However the situation still remains that you are seeing a fracture within Russian forces. I noticed a lot of different ethnicities and none of them looked European Russian and most of them look like they were from Siberia.

Biggest situation is Russian forces being out of ammunition at the times they need to be pressing forward with what looks to be a lot of these units that rebel being forced to attack despite protests. Easiest way to get sent to the front line is to something. And apparently the Russian military is throwing the squeaky Wheels into the wood chipper and then it all goes into the meat grinder together with everything else.

Ukrainian forces start another mobilization in response to massive Russian forces being reconstituted on its borders once again.

Bakhmut struggle.

I really like the mapping that he does here with you getting to see the satellite image of the front lines and kind of a sense of what is going on however Russia isn't able to circle behind it and actually cut it off. This projection is making for an excellent Target and I can only imagine the meat grinder that is currently going on as we speak.

Also on the Northern front is pretty incredible video of groups of vehicles getting hit anything with more than five vehicles gets hit. Making this extremely costly for the pretend Soviet forces and more like a bunch of combat demoralized whipped dogs. While Russian forces still do have the numbers to feed into the meat grinder the amount of destruction that is going on in this conflict is insane..

Retaking Mariupol and Russian buildup.
Russia really doesn't have the ability to do this big huge offensive motion with the complete and total degradation of its combatives Force. The liquidation of the Red army has changed the situation and we are going to directly watch Russian forces trying to swarm and protect the games that they've got. And the biggest one would be not letting this historic Alamo in Ukraine be retaken even though it is a pile of rebel. And that Russian forces burned and melted the entire steel plant. However I have a feeling that Ukraine is going to be the Texas of the European Union and NATO from now on. That's right they've got their own Alamo and they're about ready to go on the offensive here in a minute and this is the shortest point and it will completely destabilize and set up the entire South front to be cut off.

In fact right in this section Russian forces are getting destroyed by everything in the Ukrainian precision arsenal. Making all these soldiers extremely vulnerable and anytime you see Russian forces having a command post within this area it is wrecked. Making this actually a command post and officer dead zone. That's right you can't have a command post or officers in these areas without incurring direct strikes. Dispersed infantry may be on the ground. However there is no guarantees on their survival and attacks are prioritized with a large troop aggregation areas being targeted more than just somebody in a voxel.

With Russia getting its Air Force smashed and complete air dominance being in terms of Ukrainian forces it just looks like that's settled. Ukraine owns the sky.

Ukrainian mobilization

Watching you created forces put out the call for even more forces means that we are going to see some incredibly efficient fighting on the front lines. With additional training and equipment even more valuable specialist within the world's military are going to be brought to the front lines. Just imagine some of the most incredible European tank Cruise teaching Ukrainian forces how to operate the different extremely capable weapon systems that were just handed over. In fact Ukraine doesn't even have to train at soldiers it could just recruit military veterans and skip the entire training process.

Russian military setup and makeup.

Russian front lines actually are populated by a bunch of interesting characters and it's pretty amazing that you have non-russians in charge of protecting the rear like The tick tock battalion. But it definitely makes sense now.

I listed this video somewhere else here in my post however a better translation really shows that Russian forces really don't care and if you lose your equipment they aren't going to replace it and you can just perish on the front lines without that proper equipment. Absolutely incredible video.


Kersh bridge hit again?

Russia is having problems as a huge oil storage facility caught fire in another sabotage attack by Ukrainian forces. Pretty incredible video of that shows some phenomenal fires going down. Absolutely destroying the Russian fuel Network to supply the front lines in Ukraine once again. In fact this factory is the one doing the repairs to the bridge.

The first leopard two tanks are being delivered and have landed on Ukrainian soil by European nations. And incredibly we're seeing them flown directly in. Thank you very much Canada for flying those directly to Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces absolutely are getting the best technology from across the world. Command and control technology improvements are now being shared with Ukraine and integrating all these units onto a digital Network allows them to coordinate.

Germany is going to send $160 leopard one tanks to ukraine. Wow this is Cold war era technology these are actually NATO standard and as well able to be upgraded. Ukraine absolutely does have to pay for all the upgrades and they are not cheap however you are getting a massive amount of tanks for cost Plus upgrades in an incredible deal for Ukrainian forces. Tracking down a bunch of shells for the leopard one tanks might be a little bit of problem however that's pretty easily solved as there is most likely a massive amount of stored munitions somewhere for these tanks let alone having companies worldwide being able to contract to provide ammunition.

Belgian businessman actually scored big by buying a bunch of these tanks and on top of it apparently he is going to resell them to the Ukrainian military. A pretty steep discount as well as the ability to upgrade these before they ship out to the front lines means that Ukrainian forces absolutely are going to get more tanks and equipment.


While back there was a Russian soldier that had a human skull that he took back from the war zone and was showing it off. The guy in the above picture. Well that guy ended up getting a bullet to the Head with Ukrainian forces reporting that they had been able to get a hold of him. Terrible piece of karma that however I think that is kind of just what the world needed. Ironically this actually happened behind enemy lines and apparently he was executed by a pistol bullet meaning that most likely this was not a combative death and more of a military execution. Which does make sense with what we know of Russian relapse into 1940s 1950s Soviet tactics rhetoric and behavior.

Across the front we continue seeing Rush of push forward in small tactical games at a huge continuing cost and we see more attempts at consolidation of a few meters over any attempt at coordination and combined asset mobile armored formations making any kind of maneuvers. The entire idea of the Russian military can put together a tank battalion and drive through the Ukrainian front lines has now been proven to be wrong. Russian forces are not inspiring anymore.

Russian generals are demoting themselves to sergeants and then running away from the front lines. Apparently life in the Russian military really isn't as awesome when you're an officer as it was during peacetime. Seems like the paper tiger is ending up getting folded into a paper bag that It can't find itself out of.

Frontline forces of Russian army are admitting water shortages as well as foods shortages and incredibly and incredible lack of morale.

Brushing troops are getting hammered by Ukrainian artillery and the shrapnel that causes massive amounts of injuries.

They even admit that the commander and his deputy are all injured making this quite a large issue with Russian soldiers and command structures taking phenomenal amounts of casualties.

While you're listening to this audio you can hear the mortar shells and pack them in the background which are clearly identified by the soldier himself.

Half of the front line is prisoners with these individuals being forced to be on the very front lines. Literally it is described as a massacre. Apparently even Russian artillery hits them quite often by accident. Which absolutely makes sense with Russian forces being highly inaccurate.

Reports of 60% losses really show how incredible the loss of life and the destruction of the Red army is getting out of hand here however Russian forces think that they can maintain these losses indefinitely. Reported standstill on the front lines in the northern sector really is very telling. There is no Red army morale left with these poor soldiers being abandoned by their leadership.

Dugouts with tents means that these soldiers are surviving in Holes living in the mud as well as prepared positions that are absolutely accessible too Ukrainian prones as well as Ukrainian supported artillery strikes.

Apparently all the new mobilized reinforcements are alcoholics and taking two drinking a massive amount on the front lines just to be able to cope with the insanity. They are barely alive they drink everyday they blow all their money most likely on trying to scavenge equipment to be properly protected. Let alone these soldiers are going to spend absolutely every time they have on any substance to remove them from the war.

If the caller returns they will have military rank and the record will be cleared. However it's not like there's any opportunities back home especially with massive crushing sanctions from the entire world being pointed at the Russian military industrial complex which is the entirety of Russia.

Incredibly the soldier hasn't been paid at all.

30,000 Ukrainian soldiers are going to get trained on NATO equipment. In a huge capability achievement we are going to see Ukrainian forces get a massive amount of training on NATO standard weapon systems. Most of these weapons systems are going to be shipped to the front lines.

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