Waking the Lions and Understanding their Grief

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The world is a mess. The last 2 years have been particularly hard, but the truth is that things have been getting messier for a good while now. Particularly in the West our societies seem to be more divided and dysfunctional then they’ve been in many decades. Here in Australia a historic protest movement has exploded and we can see similar movements blowing up all around the world. More and more people are starting to wake up and question things that once were taken for granted. Many call this phenomena The Great Awakening and while I could write about this topic for hours, I want to hone in on something specific so if you don’t know what I’m talking about then this post is probably not for you. It’s for those who have already begun and have had a taste of the grief that comes with Awakening.


Awakening is a process. It’s not like Neo in the Matrix where he just takes a red pill, “unplugs” and it’s just a physical thing. It is a deeply psychological and perhaps even spiritual process that is incredibly painful, upsetting, confusing and difficult for any normal person. It also takes time and anyone who is going through this awakening process will likely be suffering and could really use some help and compassion. That’s what this post is about – Helping others who are starting to wake up. Having been through it myself I found it very much like a grieving process and looking back I can see what would have helped me so, by extension, what might be of help to others.

1. Denial


I would confidently say that most of the world is still in some form of denial. Many people deep down know that something is horribly wrong and the way things are going is not good, but they don’t want to face the truth because it’s painful. Facing the truth means having to actually do something about it so many just prefer to put their head in the sand and pretend everything is ok. The want to hope that we will soon “Go back to Normal” and they won’t have to do anything. However the mainstream narrative is cracking and getting more ridiculous day by day so when you see people with that puzzled look and starting to ask basic questions they might be ready to take the next step. We can help these people by focusing on sharing the facts with them. Not speculation, theory or anything subjective – Just facts that contradict the narrative and prompt those questions to get them thinking for themselves.

2. Anger


It might sound like the most painful stage, but it isn’t. When people start asking questions and thinking for themselves they start to figure out that they’ve been lied to and deceived by people they’ve trusted. Most normal people get really pissed off when they get taken for a fool and this can be a very volatile, even dangerous stage of awakening so it’s important that we try and help people through this stage. Some people will just want to “burn it all down” and if we don’t handle things well, we may see a lot of violence in the world if a lot of people hit this stage together and our protest movements (and the government response) start to get violent. We can help these people by showing them understanding and compassion. Maybe even facilitating them to be able to vent in a safe and non-destructive way. While it might be tempting, I would suggest that we should NOT be bringing them to any rally or protest when they are in this stage - They are not ready.

3. Bargaining


For some people this could be on a spiritual level and they will pray. I am not normally a religious person but I found myself praying. It might have been just pure desperation, but I was also relatively alone so I needed a confidant. Others may start trying to fight within the systems. Writing letters, seeking legal advice, calling local politicians – All things that probably should work, but probably won’t. We can help these people by hooking them into resources that will make this stage easier for them. Take them to church if they are religious. Introduce them to a new union or share some template letters that others have used in similar circumstances. Most importantly, be there for them to show compassion and support if they get knocked back so you can be on high alert for the next stage…

4. Depression


For me and many others, this is the hardest and most painful stage. I would not even call it depression because for me it was like utter despair. This is the stage where people can get suicidal and so, like the Anger stage, it is also very dangerous but in a different way. The feeling of defeat when all that Bargaining has failed and the hopelessness of the situation can be overwhelming. Sadly we have lost many good people who did not make it through. We can help these people by once again showing them compassion but also solidarity. This is a great time to bring them to a rally or protest to make sure they know that they are not alone. There are many, many people who have shared experience and there ARE good things happening. Get them out into nature to enjoy the sun, the beach, the wildlife – all those things that are STILL beautiful in this world. It is really important to focus on HOPE at this stage and try to nurse people through the despair to get to the other side because they are almost there!

5. Acceptance


Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel. Acceptance is not throwing hands in the air and exasperating “Whatever!” to the world. Acceptance is being able to look into the abyss, see it for what it is and not flinch. For me it came with a strong resolve and determination that this is not OK and no matter how hopeless things might seem, I’m not going down without a fight. These people are the young Lions who are now forming the strong core of our protest movements. When you realise what you’re fighting for, and alongside, you realise that none of those other petty differences between people matter – We’re all on the same side of Humanity. We can help these people by getting them involved in building the parallel systems that we ALL are going to need to get through this. Everyone has different skills, talents and interests so whether it be building Local Supply Chains, Support Networks, Alternate Economies, Decentralised Technologies….I don’t have all the answers, but people ARE working on them so find out where you can contribute and get involved.

If you have made it through Acceptance and are still reading this post then I would like to take this opportunity to salute you. Always remember that you are not alone and you CAN make a difference. Even if you only help 1 person through the grieving process then you have done a good thing.


Good stuff @buggedout. It can be really difficult to let go of long held beliefs and though the light at the end is there, it is not always easily recognizable.

Could I recommend music as a way to help move through these stages, it has helped me through much and in so many ways.

As I read your post a song I have not heard in a while came to my head, it's one that was in my face as I came to some realizations about how things really work back in the 90s and I still get the chills as I listen to it now.

Lyrics are on point...and that guitar solo!!!

This one pairs well with stage 2 ;)

Yes!! Of course. That was a big omission from me and I'd edit the post to put it in if it wasn't poor form. I used a lot of music (and workout exercise) to channel my anger stage. RATM is in my playlist too! I think music would also be really helpful to deal with the depression stage but maybe a more mellow genre.

Ha! I was looking through my feed (for once) to see if my autovote was working and I see your post. Very nicely written Bugged. Regarding, spiritualism and religion, they are not the same thing. This is another layer of the deceptive programming that many of have to work through and undo. When I started my journey of untangling God from the old, white, bearded guy in the sky, a lot of resistance came up. It's taken me about 2 years to de-program myself from my Catholic childhood (which luckily didn't stick but obviously the imprinting was still done). Through meditation and prayer (which is more or less the same thing) I become clearer on what God is and what God means TO ME, and it's beautiful and continuously expanding. So keep going!

Thanks @choogirl it's good to see you here. I know there is a difference but I am not well informed about either spirituality OR religion. I'm more of a science and logic guy but I know enough about spirituality to know that I don't know enough :)

Would love to see you posting again. Maybe spirituality vs religion is a topic for your next post?

Unfortunately most people are easily brainwashed and no longer have the ability to think on there own to see what is really happening out there. I do have a core of friends that get it, unfortunately we are all over the country and not near each other to surround the wagons if needed. Great post, you ever need ANYTHING you let me know brother. I’ll do whatever i can.

I am in the same situation.

Thanks mate. Really appreciate it. You are right - The lack of critical thinking is the reason things have even got this far.

I am still in anger and flee modus. I will read it once more today.Thx.

I hear you. I was in anger for many months and while the anger is still there I have at least processed (tamed) it.

As @summertooth reminded me, music and exercise was very helpful to me in channeling my anger into something positive. I know in your part of the world things are getting a bit extreme so I hope you have some people around you who can help you through. Reach out on discord if I can help.

Great post! Thanks for writing this and using the deepdives tag.

Here in Australia a historic protest movement has exploded and we can see similar movements blowing up all around the world. More and more people are starting to wake up and question things that once were taken for granted. Many call this phenomena The Great Awakening

It is good to see many others are saying this phrase and living it. We will triumph long term!

We will definitely triumph long term. The real questions are - How long will it take? How painful will it be? How many will survive the journey?

We can all play a part to try and make sure the answers to those questions are better than they might otherwise be.

nice to see you both met already without the need of an introduction. WOOT, synchronize to realize!!!!


Great way to refine friendships though. Old ones show themselves the door, new ones arrive. Painful in the moment, but really helpful long term.

Very true. I have let a lot of friendships go and, yes, I am a bit bitter. But I still like to think that I can be there for them if/when they come around. If they don't then it really is going to be their loss...

I keep forgetting there's supposed to be an order to this thing, but I did read somewhere that sometimes there is no order and people bounce phases sometimes multiple times, which would explain me violently pingponging between Anger and Depression XD

Sometimes just helping one more person is enough.

Thanks for sharing your experience @ryivhnn

I am sure that the journey is a bit different for everyone. You sound like you are almost through it, but please reach out if you need. The Aussies on Discord have been great support to me any many others.

Sometimes just helping one more person is enough.

This really is the essence of it. We can all feel powerless and helpless at times but the act of helping another is therapeutic in itself.

I have bounced through Acceptance a lot so there is backsliding involved and I guess it would be the same for other people (even if they path through things normally unlike yours truly).

like I'm in that stage right now but can feel that it won't take much to shoot me back into Anger (where I'm closer to atm) or Depression (which is never far away to begin with)

If self-possessed enough, I think people who feel helpless and powerless should get angry about it, but control the anger into clarity so you can use the energy to do things with. Even if it is just say "orly" to someone because it might make them think a bit XD

Well said and I ain't going down without a fight, already not working as I will not subject myself not any testing.

Good for you mate. Let us know if you need anything. The Aussies on discord are pretty awake too so here to help and there is bound to be someone nearby.

Appreciate the opportunity for help if needed thank very much, we have to help each other as much as we are able when needed. I'm all good for now I have no dept and have some savings to get along for a decent time. New things were going to get bad sometime in my future and been sorting life accordingly. Now it's paying off.

Glad to hear it.

when i first went it to my 'spiritual awakening' it was hopeful, I was connecting to nature and the dreamscape but over time depression started to kick in and yea like you said thats one of the hardest stages because you are aware and feel helpless

now im at the stage of acceptance but im not a protestor in a tradational sense, like on the street fighting the police, but more just sharing my perspective and for others to take it as they will. I accept we are not all going to agree and that many people hate what I say, thats all part of it.

It's a common misconception that protestors are violent. Sometimes they do get violent but I sincerely hope that our movements can remain peaceful. I have been attending Reclaim The Line in Australia and there are very strong underlying themes of unity, peace and love. It is very empowering.

Blessed be you & expressing a way through what we are facing.

It is so beautiful to see both together

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