Actually I think this is an excellent article.

Thank you very much and definitely the freedom of people is highly important and absolutely the government can slip whatever they want including nano chips into human bodies with mandatory vaccination programs and on top of it we're not exactly sure what's in all those vaccines yet.

Let alone all the health repercussions.

I have a feeling that freedom in the future will be an extremely rare and valuable commodity.

Thank you again for your excellent contribution and hard work.

appreciate your words.

That's a very long and detailed article but it doesn't contain newer information on the random parasites, bacteriophages and metals like bismuth which have been found in them.

I also didn't mention anything about the mRNA gene technologies in this article, it's all about tracking technologies (slave-tech)

ID2020 is a partnership between the United Nations, the private sector, and NGOs that is working to provide a digital ID for every person on the planet. By giving everyone a digital ID, ID2020 aims to provide individuals with greater control over their personal data. It will also help to reduce fraud and identity theft, and make it easier for people to access essential services.

While ID2020 has the potential to do a lot of good, there are also some negative aspects to this initiative. One of the biggest concerns is the potential for abuse. If ID2020 is not properly implemented, it could give governments and corporations too much power over individuals. There is also the potential for ID2020 to be used as a tool for discrimination. For example, people who are unable to get ID2020 could be excluded from certain services or opportunities.

You've got an alternative viewpoint that reads like it is copypasted directly out of the ID2020 sales and press literature. I believe EVERYTHING related to new wave 4th Industrial technology functions on principles of Technocracy. This means that all technological advancements introduced, mandated and managed are done so as a system for facilitating centralized political controls.

ID2020 only exists to give governments and corporations more power over the individual. I'm eager to hear of any use case scenarios you can float for ID2020 having potential to do a lot of good and if you can relate these scenarios to your individual circumstances that'd be great!

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Indeed, I don't think there's too much awareness surrounding the other nefarious kinds of technologies being rolled out at the same time as covid-19 shit.