July HPUD Guessing Contest - what is this room for?


June has been a rather lazy month for me, I only made 10 posts. To be fair blame I was on a little road trip for a week and didn't poar, but I made up by making 4 posts this week, 5 if I count this July HPUD post. That said, my HP has continued to grow steadily, and with my 200 HP power up today, my HP is now 78003.

I had considered powering up more, but Hive's biggest event this year was just announced, and Hivefest will be happening in September. I need to keep more liquidity to fund my trip as there's a 90% chance I should be going🤞 Are you planning to go? Would love to meet you!!

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July HPUD Guessing Contest

Ok everyone, this month's HPUD Guessing Contest is going to be difficult!! Yes, I know I said that as well last month, but then I had a change of heart, and a lot of you guessed correctly. This month there will be no mercy from me!! It will be Living vs Hive!!! Let's see how you guys do 😈👻

As I said earlier on, last month I did a little road trip to the Team UK meet up in the north of England. En route I visited a castle, we have many of them, some which are very very old. This particular one, which shall remain nameless for the time being for obvious reasons, dates back to the Norman times. Inside the castle, was a room, and in the 17th century, this room had a very specific purpose. This is the room. The photo was taken from the doorway/entrance to give you an idea of how big it is (the room, not the castle).

What is this room for?

Ha ha! I told you it's going to be difficult didn't I? Now I bet you're panicking and scratching your head thinking what this room is for😁. To help you out, here's another photo of the room and the area that matters most for its purpose. That's it guys and girls, no more clues from me!! Over to you!!


This month I'm going to double the prize pool to 20 HBD. 15 HBD will go to the person who guessed correctly, and if more than one person guessed the correct answer you will share the 15 HBD. And as always, if you HPUD today, I will double your prize if you guessed correctly. The other 5 HBD will go to the person with the most creative, whackiest, funniest answer/comment. You can do both if you want.

The contest will close in 7 days time so get your answers in now! Good luck everyone!

By the way, some of you say you often miss my HPUD Guessing Contest. If you would like to be notified in future when I make the contest post, please let me know and I will tag you in my HPUD post starting from next month.


Forgive if I am wrong but is that not the abbatoir that @albuslucimus slaughters the unicorns in? Rumour has it that his fluting sounded like an elk bugling until he started to dine on the flesh of the magical creatures.

No wonder I could hear hear faint eerie sounds of crying thru the walls

The guardsmen spent a lot of time defending the castle from the Zombie hordes, during the year of 1215. Simon Pegg, take note as this would make a good comedy film, medieval battle meets Zombies, you get the gist..... anyway back to the actual history (I am not making this up, not honestly), they'd need to take a pee every now and again whilst actively still shooting arrows at the invaders. This won't be the actual answer so I thought I'd go for absurdity instead!

Truly multi tasking!

Not easy lol

I was thinking prisoner at first which seem like quite a common choice but why give a window to the prisoner. The drainage thing does seems like a toilet of some kind which is also a common choice. So it seems like a place for someone to spend and the window a long time enough they have to do the business there.
So, I believe it's some kind of sentry post/guard post/observation post.

That's a lot of observation and thoughts 👍

I'm pretty sure it's partly or fully a toilet but I'm going with partly. 😎

I guess, it should be the prison room :)

Thanks for entering and good luck!

It looks like a bathroom??

Is that your answer? 🙃

I'm also going with toilet, bathroom, restroom, call it as you like, but it looks like it's been used for 💩😂

It didn't smell 😂🤣

I'm waiting for the right answer to be revealed 👀 😏

My first thought was a bathroom or a loo, but I'm going with bathroom.
PS I purposefully did not read the comments but see that's what most of us are saying, although there's no space to swing your arms and do acrobatics to reach your back! I wonder what tool they used for that! 👀

Or to swing a cat 😸 !

Thank you so much for the prize @livinguktaiwan 😍 It must have been quite a task getting all those layers of clothing off in such a confined space 😀

Visiting Clifford's Castle have you?

Toilet of grand design fit for a king to flush his pandemonium down at the end of days errands, long before these actually came to town.

Having visited, this was fun reminder, how lucky they were..., in London town they flushed straight onto the streets, watch where you walk!

@LUV - The history mystery.


Pretty view, cold seating...
Definitely no lingering there!

my 1st thought was it is a room in church... but after looking at the 2nd foto, I changed my mind. I guess it is a room in a castle, and that space actually is an ancient shithouse the knights used to have in their castles. ofc IMBW... 🤔

Happy HPUD day to you, lazy bee! 🤩 I'd love to see you (and many other friends as well) in Amsterdam, but absolutely no chances I will be going outside, beyond my fairy motherland... ehehe 😨

Oh dear! Is travel restricted so they can keep your thoughts pure and simple? Thank goodness there is Hive!!

Que éxito tener tanto HP en su cuenta, felicidades.

Si se lo propone claro que irá a ese evento, que por lo que veo es una gran inversión la que va hacer.

Viendo esta habitación concuerdo con mucho de los comentarios, que es el lugar en donde personalidades importantes del castillo iban hacer sus necesidades fisiológicas.

Las reglas para que se fueran los desechos que salen del cuerpo y la ventana que se hacía alargada y hacia afuera de la habitación, para que se fueran los malos olores y no ahogarse con ellos.

What a success to have so much HP in your account, congratulations.

If you put your mind to it, of course you will go to this event, which from what I see is a great investment you are going to make.

Seeing this room I agree with many of the comments, that it is the place where important personalities of the castle were going to do their physiological needs.

The rules to get rid of the waste coming out of the body and the window that was made elongated and out of the room, so that the bad smells would go away and not drown with them.

And I wish you luck with your Hive journey as well!

It's a bathroom, lavatory, gaderobe. Used as toilet or bath.
If that is what it is then it's too easy 🌚

Easy or difficult, we shall know soon 😁

Firstly, thank you for your last gift, it's much appreciated.

Secondly, to my guess: it's a dungeon. I'm late to the party because, well, life happens! Hopefully, better late than never!

Thanks as always for poppy by Fiona, never too late ( unless it's passed post reward of course 😄)

I believe this should be a bathroom because i can see the drainage where the water will pass through and then you need a window for sunlight to enter

Thanks for your entry, good luck

Because of the grate on the floor, my first thought was that it is a bathroom and the window is just above a bathtub that is no longer there.

Although it could also be a cell with a bath for the prisoner because of the bars on the window which I am not sure is from the time when the castle was used as such.

In conclusion it is a cell with a bathroom.

I hope you can go to the hivefest, I want to see the event from your point of view 😁.

Congrats on all your achievements @livinguktaiwan I'm pulling for you to be a whale soon.

Thanks for your kind words @soyunasantacruz, you never know, maybe one day you will also attend Hivefest yourself!

That would be wonderful, I have to learn English first otherwise it will be very frustrating 😆.

I’m here… and didn’t forget 😎👋🏻
It’s a bathroom… primitive toilet 🚽

Happy power up day and congratulations on your growth!

Yes you're here! Thanks for dropping by Jackie!

Yay… me… hehehe 🤭
You are welcome @livinguktaiwan 😎😁
Have a wonderful day today, enjoy it 👋🏻☀️

I think it should be a men's bathroom. If it were for women they would have to add a lid for the ladies to sit on.

That's very thoughtful of you!

Steam room

That's a really nice suggestion


I hope you can go to the HiveFest and I hope to be able to go to one someday, but it won't be this one.

As for the question of the contest, I'll say the room is a bath and the picture is about what was used as a toilet. It has a drain, and I guess next to the window to mitigate the odors;)

Happy weekend!

I'm sure there are many more Hivefest to come, maybe in Latin America one day as well and you can go

I hope so :)

This's probably a bathroom or a shower of some sorts hahaha

I saw similar rooms in some medieval castles when I travelled across Eastern Europe. They probably had some kind of water system back in the days, and then the ...hm... "dirty water" went throught the metal grille.

"dirty water " 😅😅

This room was maybe called garderobe - actually a primitive toilet? :D

So many new terms cropping up this month!

new terms for a new badge :D

can't wait to see the badge for this month hahaha and would I be in da club 😅

I think it's the latrine, privy, toilet. I don't know what they called it back then but you get the idea. That's my guess 😁

That would be a bog in modern day English slang for your answer 🙃

We have a lot of these medieval castles here in the Czech Republic too and I think these rooms served as the bathrooms / toilets back then :) You said it would be difficult this time so I´m a bit confused but still sticking to the toilet as my answer! :D

Thanks for hosting this fun challenge and congrats on your impressive growth here on Hive!

ah!! I see I was not the 1st one who came up with this idea. 👍 well, lets see. I am pretty sure about this.

Is this not difficult?🤓🤔🤨👻

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Wow! This contest is amazing and it drives engagement with HPUD, would you be up for making a similar one for LPUD @livinguktaiwan?