Using a Deductive Approach to Educate Students in Problem Solving

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After discussing the inductive approach, We will now continue our discussion today of one of the other approaches, namely the inductive learning approach. This approach is different from the inductive approach, so please see my explanation below.


Definition of deductive approach.

Deductive approach is one approach in learning that puts forward a way of thinking. The pattern of thinking in this approach begins with general things to a specific conclusion. This approach pattern is often used by investigators or detectives in working on the cases they are getting.

Although often used by detectives, this approach can also be taught to students in schools. The deductive approach at school remains the same, namely prioritizing the thought process to see a variety of questions and general statements to condense to a specific matter or conclusion through the use of appropriate and correct logic of thinking.

Characteristics of a deductive approach.

As I described earlier, in this approach the teacher will explain a general thing as in the book according to the opinion of experts, becomes something that can be consumed by special students. The general explanation is included by explaining real examples and of course directly related to theory.

The deductive approach has one special characteristic, namely, a learning process that transfers information by teachers to their students. The transfer of knowledge can be done in any form, such as explanation of definitions, presentation of abstractions. But still oriented to the acquisition of material for students.

In addition, this approach is also based on the idea that learning will run well and smoothly if students can understand complexly about the problem and also the basic concepts of the explanations made by the teacher. In addition to the two characteristics above, one type of this approach is to place more emphasis on student interest in learning activities.

In the process,
the steps that must be taken by the teacher before starting learning using a deductive approach are, choose the concept to be presented. Also prepare specific examples that are relevant to the theory, so that students can make connections between special circumstances and general principles.

In addition, the presentation of evidence is also important. This is useful for accepting or rejecting the conclusion that the particular thing or the conclusion obtained is a description of the general thing.

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