Mastery Learning, a Learning Model to Make Students Understand the Lesson Thoroughly

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Today we will again discuss about one learning model, namely mastery learning. Check out my explanation of the mastery learning model, and I hope it's fun.

Get to know the mastery learning model.

Mastery learning is a learning model that requires students to completely master each lesson. Complete control can be done individually or in groups. And others by submitting some evidence that they really mastered the subject matter well or completely. The proof process is carried out by applying several special methods that have become a reference in the mastery learning model.

Mastery learning learning model is a model developed by John B Carroll and Benjamin Bloom. both developed this system to enable students to achieve educational goals. Initially this learning model outlines several main factors that can affect the success of the learning process.

The learning model has five basic elements, namely:

  • principles of reaction, describing how teachers should perceive, treat, and respond to students,
  • support system, all facilities, materials, tools, or learning environment that supports learning, and
  • syntax, namely the operational steps of learning,
  • The social system is the atmosphere and norms that apply in learning,
  • Instructional and nurturant effects which are learning outcomes obtained directly based on learning outcomes outside the set (nurturant effects) and the set goals (instructional effects).

Mastery Learning Variables

There are several variables that must be considered in implementing a complete learning system or mastery learning, namely:

  • Persistence of learning (perseverance).
    This persistence is closely related
    with the impulse that arises in students to learn and process information effectively and efficiently.

  • Student talent (aptitude).
    The results showed that there was a fairly high correlation between talent and learning outcomes.

  • Available time opportunities (time allowed for learning).
    Provision of sufficient time for learning in order to achieve the instructional goals set in a subject.

  • Quality of learning (quality of instruction).
    The quality of learning is determined by the quality of the presentation, explanation, and arrangement of the elements of the learning task. The quality of learning is a condition that encourages students to actively learn and maintain their condition so that they are ready to receive lessons.

The steps of the complete learning model or mastery learning are orientation, presentation, structured exercises, guided exercises, independent exercises.