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Hi, friends. may the almighty always bestow grace and guidance to us. And I continue to hope that health is with you.
I am @latifah1 who is here to greet friends who like to talk about education.


I firmly believe that everyone has hope to work according to the education and abilities that have been taken. However, in reality it is not that easy to get a job that matches your passion, education and abilities. If you choose a job according to your education, you will be able to enjoy every work process you do. And it will be easier for us to do every job because this is where our abilities are. . ..Working for what we are good at and according to our abilities and knowledge makes us consistent in our work. We can master our work well so that the work results are optimal according to the company's demands. Of course, this will also make our performance and performance in the office optimal. you can see in this photo. those who work here are so comfortable that they really enjoy it, this is because those who work here are in accordance with their educational background.



on the other hand. Many factors are the reason why today so many people work that are not in accordance with their education and expertise. One reason is because of the many dependents and demands of life. So it doesn't matter what kind of work you want, as long as your income is sufficient for daily life. However, if we don't work according to our passion, it doesn't mean we're not happy. We can even use this job as a means to gain new knowledge. Likewise with jobs that you don't like at first, if you get used to it, you will gradually like it too. Choosing a good job is not only a matter of passion, you know, friends, but also based on educational background. Working according to the educational background that has been taken is everyone's dream. However, if in the end you have to work that doesn't match your educational background, friends can take the positives


but what should be kept in mind, education is the first step towards success. People who acquire knowledge properly will go faster than those who do not.


How about friends here? Do you feel burdened by work that contradicts your interests and passions? If friends have tips or suggestions about the world of work, don't hesitate to share them here! Hopefully this article is useful.



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